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  1. Just a heads up; you may get a change too. Your cruise is after mine. Maybe you won't but I'll be interested to see.
  2. Just got a change notice that our previously scheduled Labadee stop is now going to be a Coco Cay stop instead. Are they doing that to all Labadee stops from now on? I know they refurbed Coco so I am excited to stop there since I have been to Labadee twice, but I am just wondering why they are doing this? Are there plans to refurb Labadee? Are they going to stop going all together? Anyone have any insight? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, We have decided to stay at the Hampton Inn Brickell for the night before our cruise based on reviews and proximity plus budget. However, we are looking for a "special" hotel for one night post cruise in the Miami area. Doesn't have to be near port; we want to stay in a good location that would allow us to do some beach time as well as shopping and eating areas. We don't know Miami at all. Should we stay in South Beach? Downtown? Is the Fountain Blu overrated? I've just always heard about it growing up. Want something with a resort feel but that also has good proximity to walk around. Is there anything like that? Any info you can provide will be very helpful. We need this for October 2019. Thank you!
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions! I will look into them!
  5. Hello! Looking for a hotel in Miami to stay at that has some eateries and things to do around it. Just staying the night before our cruise. Would like it to have a shuttle (don't mind paying for it) to the cruise port. Not looking for a boutique or small hotel. Chain is fine. Thanks!
  6. Perfect! By my calculations, that's what I thought also but wanted to make sure. Thank you!
  7. I just booked room 10580 on Symphony. I am hoping that the bed is near the balcony, not near the bathroom. I know they stagger them every other. How do I know for sure where the bed will be?
  8. Hello All, We are doing the Avalon Central European experience with Avalon from Prague to Remich (Luxembourg). We are considering adding on a couple nights in Luxembourg after we depart the boat before we head home. Is it worth it to do? How long should we stay? Things to see and do? Should we do it as a post cruise add on through Avalon or should we arrange it ourselves? Just decided on this and know nothing about Luxembourg as it has never been on our radar. Thanks for all help!
  9. Thank you for your reply! Your pictures were fun to see! Was there a zombie day going on while you were there? That was probably pretty funny to see. We are thinking about 3 days as well and just didn't know if that would be enough to get a good grasp of the city. Not even sure what we want to do or see, just want to take the city in and sightsee a bit. We are planning on doing London post cruise so can't really spend too much time in Prague or my husband will veto time in London. Just want to make sure we have enough time for both! BTW, I went to SUNY Albany!
  10. Hello all! We are starting our Avalon cruise in Prague in October 2019. We'd like to spend a few days pre cruise in Prague and my parents may meet us there. Realistically, how many days should we spend there pre cruise to see the city? Not sure how big or how there is to do there. Anything we must see? Just trying to understand how long we need there and any help is much appreciated!
  11. We were deciding between the two and we decided to go with Avalon. I love the idea of the panoramic rooms. I'm sure both are great and we will find out in October!
  12. We are booked on our first river cruise for our 25th anniversary this October. We chose Avalon due to many recommendations and love the idea of their scenic room suites. We wont have anything to compare to and hear really good things so we think we will love it!
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