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  1. I called Royal Caribbean today and asked them about their land/sea packages to Alaska. RC has a numbering system based on the package, 1A, 2a, 3A etc. As I am reading through their literature I see that at several of the land stops there is are optional tours. For instance, on tour 7A, day 10 reads "Unleash your inner adventure with a zip-lining excursion, float trip or flightseeing tour of Mt McKinley." This is an exact quote from their guide. According to customer service, there is no way for them to tell me how much those excursions are, or even if they will be available on my actual tour. They told me its all dependent on the "tour operator" and they could not tell me who that operator was! I find if hard to believe that people would book such a package without knowing what the package would ultimately cost! I was further told that even AFTER I booked the cruise, I would still not be able to find out the cost until I was on the land part of the package and could talk to the tour operator! Was I given accurate info?
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