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  1. Thanks for the reply. The link to the wine shop is probably the best option. I like California Chardonnays and would like a few “special” bottles to take on the ship.
  2. We are flying to Seattle (to do some business) and then driving to Vancouver to catch the northbound 7 day Alaskan cruise on Jewel at the end of July. Since we will be crossing the boarder by car, I am wondering of we will have an issue with customs if we try and bring wine for our cruise?
  3. Thanks for the reply. So nice of you. Having a hard time understanding these boards.
  4. Hi, We are booked to go on this cruise 2/21. Should we be worried about Noro and mechanical problems? Some guy said he was going to cancel? Seems like the mechanical/noro happened last week? Does anyone know if the 2/14 cruise left ok?
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