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  1. I rebooked cancelled March cruise using my FCC, price for new cruise a little less than the cancelled one, but they made me pay $178. For port fees? Was that correct? I thought that would have been incorporated from cancelled cruise? Just curious, thanks for any input.
  2. How do you book this in advance?
  3. I have this booked for March and would love some information as well?
  4. Just wondering if on the first night the dress code is relaxed, we will be eating early and wonder if we don’t get bags can we show up in shorts? Also doing the rest of our nights in specialty restaurants and wonder if jeans and nice shirts are ok? I really don’t want to have to pack sport coat for hubby.
  5. We are going to the Bahamas. We usually do 7 night cruises, but we are going to be in Orlando for 3 nights prior to cruise but plan on packing separately for that. I was wondering if a shorter cruise will be more casual?
  6. Hi, we are leaving in 2 weeks on a 4 night cruise and I am having a hard time realing it in! Just wondering what others pack? # of Outfits, formal/ dinning room attire, swim, shoes, bags, etc? any ideas appreciated
  7. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if either RIU or Breezes are easier or safer to get to?
  8. Hi! we are on Mariner in May and wonder if anyone has done this? Would love to know if anyone has booked an all inclusive from IslandMarketing? If so,which one?
  9. Would love to hear al about the food and about any shore excursions, have fun!
  10. We were wondering as well?
  11. Great ideas, I’m going to start a cruise basket soon, we cruise 5/27
  12. Hi, Just wondering more specifically what people of late have been wearing to Chops, Jamie’s, Izumi. I’m assuming khakis and collared shirts for hubs , but are nice jeans ok? Also for ladies, are nicer jeans okay with nice tops? Or, are jeans strictly prohibited? Would love some examples of what everyone else is wearing.
  13. Hi! we are on Mariner in May and wonder if anyone has done this? Would love to know if we can take our GoPro on this excursion. Would love some reviews
  14. Just wondering if any of the drinks are included in the drink pkg?
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