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  1. Finally single digits,Liberty here I come!:D
  2. MIZZ_K

    Mini fridge.

    Does anyone know if the balcony rooms have one on The Liberty?
  3. MIZZ_K

    V.I.P Casino rate

    Has anyone who has booked with this rate received an email stating how much casino cash they were getting? I emailed Carnival and they said that I would get an email within a couple of weeks of booking,just wondering how long it took for others to get this email.
  4. [COLOR=purple]I know in the MDR you get 1 tail, some brocolli and mashed potatoes, when you order in the steakhouse how does it come? I am planning on taking my grandaughter to the steakhouse on our cruise.[/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR=purple][B]Got the email today, getting $140 in OBC for my cabin, hopefully I will be able to get some more before I cruise in August, but if not I'm happy with the $140, but I do have a question.[/B][/COLOR] [B][COLOR=#800080][/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR=#800080]When I sailed last year my cabin got $180 in OBC which was split between my roomate and we had separate s&s accounts, this time I will be taking my 15yo grandaughter, I want to put some cash for her so that she can buy things, will they put $70 on her account or give the whole $140 on mine?[/COLOR][/B]
  6. MIZZ_K

    I wonder why????

    I was checking to see if the price of my cruise has dropped, and when I check the only rates are VIp casino rate and fun select, it does not even show past guest rate.
  7. MIZZ_K

    Hard Rock Cafe

    This will be my first time visiting The Cayman Islands,I am a big fan of Hard Rock tees,glasses and magnets,I would like to know if anyone know how far it is from where we get off the tender.
  8. MIZZ_K

    Finally booked!

    [B][COLOR=purple]I finally booked my cruise for this year on The Liberty in August,taking my 15 yo grandaughter with me, I am so excited and so is she, this is her 2nd cruise and will be my 7th cruise and 6th with Carnival, I also have booked my 1st balcony.[/COLOR][/B]
  9. MIZZ_K

    So Excited!!!!

    [B][COLOR=purple]Leaving tomorrow on The Victory, I can't wait.:D[/COLOR][/B]
  10. The single digit dance that is, finally.
  11. MIZZ_K

    Hard Rock Cafe

    [B][COLOR=purple]Could anyone plz tell me how far is it from the pier, would like to know if it is walking distance.[/COLOR][/B]
  12. A couple of months ago there was a thread called show me your cruise toes, I have been searching for this thread with no luck,I'm hoping the op of that thread will see this and maybe repost it, I really would like to do the carnival colors on my toes and fingers, I thought it was cool.
  13. MIZZ_K

    Hard Rock Cafe

    [B][COLOR=purple]Can anyone please tell me, how far is The Hard Rock Cafe from where the cruise docks, is it within walking distance?[/COLOR][/B]
  14. MIZZ_K

    OBC question.

    I recieved 2 price drops for my cruise totalling $180 which I got in OBC, my question is, does this get split between both passengers in the cabin, or will it all go on the person who booked it(me) account? My friend and I will have seperate accounts.
  15. [B][COLOR=purple]I understand that sometimes if you are doing a Western itinerary you could be switched to an Eastern and visa versa if say a storm was coming or something, but what happens if you are doing a Southern route leaving from P.R. what do they switch to?or do you just float around at sea?[/COLOR][/B]