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  1. We get to spend a few hours in Charlottes bay then moving on to Gerchila straight and Neymeyer channel. Captain says it will be spectacular 12 - 14hr day. Hoping the weather is good.
  2. We are currently onboard too. We have been so lucky with the weather and sea conditions so far. Its always been warm enough for a stroll round the deck. Today is mild and calm seas even though we are crossing Drakes Passage. We seem to be doing good time too.
  3. We are currently on the Coral. Inside B525 and our friends are inside c517 - both have beds hidden in the ceiling. The cabins are of a good size
  4. Hello. Great to meet you too. Tour this morning Helen
  5. Hope all is well - bridge cam still says 13.45 Thurs!
  6. We have had this before - and luckily there was another ship very near us that came along side to help if needed. But it was dealt with very well and then the captain put something on the telly to show us how it happens. ~Wonderful photos - we just can't wait for Tues Helen
  7. I was showing my daughter this photo - ooohhhh she completely missed the point and said " Aww, azbirdmom has a black capped caique!!!!🤣
  8. THANK YOU sooo much for these wonderful photos. We board next Tuesday and are looking forward to seeing it all for ourselves.
  9. Today looks lovely. Were the seas really rough? Any update on any other compensation for losing the 2 days in Antartica?
  10. Will this still take you through Beagle Channel? Glacier alley was stunning last time we were there. This new route should be spectacular scenery. Make the most of a great adventure
  11. Did you have an internet package? we have got the unlimited package - but realise that it may not be all that good the whole cruise
  12. Thank you for this wonderful thread. We are on 21st January sailing and we will look forward to it even more now. Is there anything you took that you really did not need? To save us weight in packing? Any 'must brings'? Any 'must sees' you can recommend. For ports Montevideo, Ushuia and PA we are just planning a walk round - do we actually need to plan anything in these ports? Thank you for all your help. Helen
  13. Gosh - I have just realised that the Pianist is the same one that we had on the Star Princess when we last did this cruise in 2009 - Sammy Goldstein. He was also on our far east cruise later that year!!!
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