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  1. Is there a drop off when you get into the water? I find this to be an issue at many Antigua beaches.
  2. Truer words were never spoken. As a result he totally hijacks the Meet and Mingle and ruins it.
  3. Just curious. Who was the captain on this sailing?
  4. The person who won Name That Tune has played and won it on 2 other Anthem cruises that I have been on. Why he is allowed to be a contestant over and over is beyond me.
  5. How much to rent chairs and umbrellas? Was there a drop off getting in the water or a climb to get out? Would like to try here in February. Thanks
  6. Where in NE PA are you. Another option would be Transbridge which leaves from LVIA and goes straight to the pier. First 3 days of parking are free and then $5 a day to park. They have their own cheaper parking area at the airport. Tickets do need to be purchased in advance
  7. Thanks everyone. Sounds like there is a better chance trying the back door of DL.
  8. Would love to get a cappuccino and hang out before cabins are open and we get our actual sea pass.
  9. Anyone who has been to both beaches and can comment on the pros and cons of each? Thanks
  10. How long were you at the beach? Did you have a choice of times to return to ship or just one time offered? Thanks
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