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  1. A Happy update! My camera is on its way back to me as I type. RCCL lost and found called last friday to tell me that my camera had been found. They wanted my credit card # to charge me for its return which I had no problem with at all. Looking forward to seeing all my pics!
  2. Well, two calls to lost and found and no camera. I guess whomever found it needed it more that I did. I'm so disappointed. :(
  3. Ship - Monarch of the Seas Deck - 10 Stateroom # - 1078 Stateroom Category – JS Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Deck 11 is pool deck and heard running during the day. We slept without a problem at night. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - no Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – Look down and you see the lifeboats. Look straight out to the ocean. On our cruise we were docked in Nassau with an unobstructed view of the waterfront. We could see all of Coco Cay on our stop there. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - My first balcony so I don't have a comparison Was wind a problem? - Not at all....I wish there was more of a breeze. There was a sizable overhang. If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - n/a Any specific problems with this cabin? - There is a tub but it's not normal sized. Anyone over 5 foot 8" will need to bend your knees to take a shower. There is really nothing "suite" about this room. It was tiny. Only reason to book it is for the balcony. Any other comments? -
  4. Click here for map of terminals (or copy/paste): http://www.orlandoairports.net/ops/terminal.htm click on the gate location map on the right for a bigger picture. I would tell a flight attendant that you have a connecting flight and ask that she find out what gate it will be departing at. That way you will know exactly what direction to head in when you leave the plane.
  5. This would have been an great idea but they got off the ship this morning.
  6. I just got off this same cruise and the cruise compass said "smart casual". There was a variety that night. The table next to us wore shorts to dinner each night.......nice shorts but shorts. I didn't see any tuxes but many in suits and nice cocktail attire.
  7. Thanks for you replies. I will hold out hope that it's found and returned. :) If not, I hope that every picture taken from now on adds 10 pounds to the people in the pic. lol
  8. This is an excellent idea. If you haven't already maybe you could put this on the "tips" board because I never would have thought of it.
  9. I asked my stateroom attendant after not getting a towel animal on the first night if they had discontinued them. He said that they don't do them on the first night because it is a really long day for them.
  10. We just left Monarch of the Seas on Monday June 21 and are 100% sure that my pink Nikon camera is somewhere in that room. I have contacted RCCL lost and found and it never showed up in their found items from my cruise. I've asked them to check again because we are so sure it is somewhere in that room....under the bed, between the chair cushions, etc. They said they would but if the room was occupied during this cruise, there is nothing they can do. Anyone have a positive experience with Lost and Found to give me some hope? It's such a disappointing way to end a vacation.
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