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  1. To qualify for the 15k points do you know if you have to use the physical card or can I buy something online? I imagine online is fine... I'll probably book my excursions on the card
  2. just thought some of you might be interested in seeing this! http://www.al-cruise.com/Homemade-Cruise-Ship.htm Pretty funny... sorry if this has been posted before.
  3. Think of it like a souvenir. I might not buy a 50 dollar bottle of liquor at home, but in the Caribbean I might be able to get it for 20 bucks, which is a steal. If I'm going to be down there anyway, why not stock the bar with quality liquor and save myself some money in the process?
  4. So, even if prices might look cheaper in St Martin, I'll have to pay a duty on them vs if I purchased it in St Thomas? Sorry, I'm not quite up on all the details of buying stuff out of the country... thanks!
  5. Lucky for us, no plane will be necessary, so we can go crazy! ;) I imagine that's 5 liters per person? And, another liquor related question... I imagine it's just the stuff that's made down there that's cheaper, correct? (Rum, tequila, etc) Or would stuff like scotch be cheaper down there too?
  6. While down in the Caribbean my mom wants me to get her a bottle of Grand Marnier... when we went to St Thomas years ago it was really cheap down there. Our cruise will be going to Grand Turk, St Martin, Tortola, St Thomas and San Juan... what's the best island to purchase liquor? And also, is there any limit to how much you can bring back with you? Thanks.
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