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  1. I do... still chuckle about that! And you had mail a few days ago! Just late getting back on here!
  2. Just letting you all know that I started a roll call for the inaugural TA for the Celebration. They just opened roll calls for this ship! And, sorry I didn't answer xDisconnections before this about the natural gas. It is as Earthworm Jim has stated about the environment mostly, but also to elaborate that natural gas is very clean energy and I have a a fascination as to how they make it all work. Talked about this quite a bit on 2 cruises with a rep of Carnival who explained it a bit in talks on board. Anyway I think it is very cool! LOL !! 😜 Geek out!
  3. Hi Mary! It has been a long time since the Horizon TA! Yes, I booked it. I was so disappointed when the Mardis Gras cancelled the original inaugural and TA. That was like 3 cancellations ago now! I have wanted to see these new Carnival ships that have a new design and powered by natural gas. But the cruises in the states are so short & blah! So, I booked this long TA even though the ports aren't that great. We will see..still a long way off! Do you have anything booked for 2021? I have a few, but again, we will see what happens! Miss you!
  4. I was wondering when the new Carnival Celebration will be added to the Roll Calls? I am not familiar with the process and timing. Any info would be welcome! Thanks! 🤩
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