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  1. We had a final statement on a recent Cruise and I've mislaid it. There is a large discrepancy between what we expected as a refundable deposit and what Princess are offering. Will head office supply a duplicate?
  2. We sail on Majestic in February. The drink package to pre book is £49.91 UK pounds. I'm not clear how that figure is arrived at but it seems mighty steep to me. If I take it I'll wait till I get on board and use up my OBC as part payment.
  3. Agreed cruise lines should actively encourage purchase of recycling containers for water rather than selling new plastic bottles.
  4. We perused the wine list on board. My wife wanted NZ Sauvignon Blanc, my sister in law Pinot Noir, my brother Chenin Blanc and me a Washington Merlot. Couldn't get any of these in a 250 glass on the package.
  5. When we embarked on 25th October we were inundated with requests to buy the drink package so we buttonholed a waiter to establish what we could drink if we bought it. The 4 of us all enjoy copious amounts of wine but the £6.95 price excludes all 250cl glasses except house wine and Vinho Verde although you can purchase bottles of wine at a 40% discount. Question is after shelling out £40 a day why would you want to start buying bottles? Wine by the glass in the package was limited so unless you buy the bottle no Chenin Blanc, no Fleurie, no Pinot Noir. Even standard cocktails like Aperol Spritz are not included in the package as over £7 and unlike Celebrity if it's over you pay the full whack not the difference. After a few minutes discussion we agreed it wasn't for us. I was talking to a guy during week 2 who bought the package and he said although it worked for him during the day he had difficulty getting a second glass of wine in the MDR at dinner because his Sommelier had too many tables to service so this reinforced our view that the package would have been pretty useless for us.
  6. Disembarked Britannia in Bridgetown on Saturday after very enjoyable Transatlantic crossing. Weather great until disembarkation day when it chucked it down all day. Luggage wet through when taken off conveyer at Manchester Airport, unpacked at home and clothes saturated. Still drying out the cases in front of the fire, can only assume cases left out in the open for hours at Barbados Airport, very disappointing end to our trip. Anyone else similar problems?
  7. Probably overloaded with customers trying to book the reallocated airline seats from the cancelled Thomas Cook flights. Should settle down in a few days.
  8. Must be the slowest application on the internet. Took ages to print off my luggage tags and given up on the setsail dockets, just got the timer going round and round. I'll have another go next week otherwise they'll have to post them out.
  9. Have you thought about parking on Southampton Airport and either catching a train or a cab from there. I priced up Southampton Airport for a week for our Iona cruise next year and their long stay was coming in far cheaper than any dock parking. Guess it depends if you need the hassle of lunking your cases onto a train rather than just giving it to the porters.
  10. Great tip on private van trip down to Mambo Beach. We went last month (Sept 2019) $2 each way, taxis at the port wanted $25.
  11. Always used printed luggage labels, folded as advised and never had any get detached. They're surprisingly robust.
  12. I believe the problem with the centre lifts on Britannia (apart from lack of opened up staircase) is 70% of the ships passengers seem to choose to use them rather than 33% using each elevator. Last time we were in a cabin near the back, there was never a problem hanging around for the Aft lifts. Our allocated cabin on our sailing later this month is close to the centre lifts so if the problems I saw last time persist I'll just walk down to the back of the ship and use the aft lifts. Not like I'm in a hurry to get somewhere.
  13. Hi Mike and Sue Many thanks that's really helpful. Enjoy Azura.
  14. Recently back from Celebrity cruise to find "minibar charge $11.05" on final account statement. We were on a drinks package and knowing minibar is not covered by drinks package we never touched the mini bar apart from putting water in. Is this practice widespread? Lucrative sideline if say only 50% of people complain about it. For me it takes a bit of the edge off what was a fantastic cruise/vacation.
  15. Got follow up phone call from TA who said a confirmation will be posted out 2 weeks before the cruise by the coach company. First time we've used the coach service, usually drive so all new to me this.
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