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  1. .... and I'm wondering what type of travel insurance you would suggest for my partner & I. With this Coronavirus coming on strong, I'm worried about our March Break cruise being cancelled, due to something out of the ordinary like not being allowed over the Border. So, I'm thinking maybe we should get some sort of Trip Cancellation. Any suggestions?
  2. It's booked! We're looking forward to it! Thanks for everyone's responses :)
  3. Love the video Hoops_Baller, Thanks!! Thank you for the other responses. I know it will be a great ship!
  4. Thank you, and I totally agree! I am a positive person, who always has a good time. I've always enjoyed every ship I've been on. I'm just interested in learning more about this ship, since I'm pretty sure it's the one we're going to book. Just waiting for my PVP to get back to me 🙂 So exciting! Have a great Cruise next Monday!
  5. I'm thinking of booking the Sunrise for this March. How do you feel about this particular ship? tia
  6. I love hearing other peoples' stories of wisdom, from their own personal life experiences. Thanks for sharing!
  7. We played the $1 Wheel of Fortune and the Buffalo. We went in March and although we played a lot of the machines, that's all I can remember. We didn't win. They were all very tight.
  8. We've been on about 6 cruises and I have never heard of this Tea Time! I love tea and I can only imagine that I would love it more on a Carnival Cruise!! Thanks for all the info :)
  9. I'm talking about playing the Slot Machines......I've always heard that the Cruise Lines count on the Casino revenue to help them make their quota for each sailing. So, has anyone ever really won a substantial amount from playing the slots?
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