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  1. Understood, Mary229. Not looking for emails from a travel agent, this would be a program through the cruiseline itself. Princess does it well, but I am not sure any of the other CCL lines do it. I spoke directly with HAL and they confirmed that they do not have such a program.
  2. For the Princess standby program, just go to their website to sign up for emails.
  3. Does anyone know why HAL does not have a standby program similar to Princess? Deeply discounted rates for those who can fill unsold cabins in the last few weeks before a sailing. Those incentives have us staying with Princess just due to the lower fares. Do folks on HAL just not experience much last minute cancellation issues?
  4. I have often wondered why Princess schedules the stop at Princess Cay on the outbound portion (first day out) of their cruises 95% of the time, rather than on the last day or second to the last day of a cruise. Having been on that island and Half Moon Cay on Holland, it was much nicer for us to get the relaxing final day on the beach. I guess the same can be said for "easing into" a cruise and having it early. Thoughts from others?
  5. 1988(?). The old Rotterdam (now the floating hotel in Rotterdam). Pacific Coast cruise from Vancouver BC to Portland, Or. Yep, hooked!
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