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  1. Thanks for the replies. The link to the Sydney info is great.
  2. How is the food in the Pinnacle Grill?
  3. We will be aboard the Zaandam in August with a stop in Sydney from 10am to 6pm. Also in port will be the Carib. Princess. I'm debating just booking a ship's tour (yes, I know, more $$$) due to convenience but am seeking input about reliable indy tours that might be just as safe, considering the large number of cruisers in port that day. Thanks for any help/suggestions.
  4. Lois, have a wonderful Azamara cruise! I always enjoyed reading your reviews and seeing your pictures when you were mostly cruising Celebrity. May I ask you, what are you taking in the way of luggage? You always look so well put-together that I presume you spend a good amount of time planning what you will take.
  5. Thank you to everyone who replied. I am going to use Lois' suggestion to monitor the weather about a week ahead of time. That will help in deciding what clothes to take. I want to keep packing as simple as possible. Wish me luck!
  6. Thanks, Ashland. When you book online do you have to pay in advance or do they collect the fare when you go pick up your ticket at Testa's?
  7. The Zaandam is an old ship and gets very mixed reviews; however, I want to be as proactive as possible in doing whatever I can to address any problematic issues, large or small. Normally, we sail Celebrity in the Caribbean and nothing less than a balcony. I have packing for those cruises down to a science! Some special circumstances find us sailing with other people this time. That, and the itinerary, are primary and the ship is secondary. That said, I also want the shipboard experience to be as pleasant as possible. I welcome any suggestions!
  8. Thank you for the replies. The cruise is from Boston to Montreal so Bar Harbor is our first stop. I've checked both Olley's Trolleys and Acadia National Park Tours and am leaning towards the Acadia one. It leaves at 10a.m. and lasts about 3 hours. We've never done the NE/Canada route so I'm trying to get organized and plan ahead as much as possible. If anyone has any recommendations for Sydney, Charlottetown, or Quebec I would be very happy to know of them.
  9. Thank you for the tips. My husband and I both have short hair that dries quickly so even a low- powered hairdryer will probably suffice. The tea light is a good idea. Would never have thought of that. I always take along a regular plug-in night light but not sure how many outlets there are in the bathroom. I want to pack as lightly and efficiently as possible so appreciate all suggestions!
  10. Approximately how long is the tender ride at Bar Harbor? We will be on the Zaandam in August, scheduled in port from 7a.m. to 4p.m. Barring unforeseen problems, it seems that we would be able to be ashore for an excursion by 10a.m. Does this sound reasonable? Thanks.
  11. I understand that the amenities in an ocean view cabin are not quite the same as a balcony, but will there be a hairdryer and a nightlight in the bathroom? It's been many years since we sailed a HAL ship. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, waterbug, for the trekking pants suggestion. I've never had any of those but will do some research. I want items that will do double or triple duty. When in the Caribbean, I usually just take a pair of white sneakers (I wear a lot of white), sandals and one pair dressy shoes. Somehow, white sneakers don't seem appropriate for this cruise even though it's August. Am I over-thinking things? Would a pair of darker walking shoes be better? Any suggestions are welcome.
  13. Thank you, Lois and geocruiser, for your input. The tip to check weather.com is very good. Am I safe in thinking that long pants, comfy tops, and a sweater or two will suffice for days in port? Of course, I'd bring along a rain jacket, gloves, maybe a medium weight hooded jacket? This is so different than planning for Caribbean cruises. I want to have the proper clothes but also want to avoid overpacking.
  14. Thank you for the replies. This cruise is part of a special group tour and we had only choice of category and not able to pick a particular cabin. This itinerary is very port-intensive and the ship is mostly a means of transportation. We will be sure to pack ear plugs in case of some noise in the cabin. I know that Zaandam is an older ship but I think it will be fine. This is a new experience for us, as we usually always vacation on our own and usually sail Celebrity. It will all be fine!
  15. I would appreciate any comments/suggestions for how to pack as efficiently as possible for a cruise from Boston to Montreal in early August. I realize the need for layering and would like to know how others pack to accommodate hot to cool/rainy weather and the various port activities along this route. We usually cruise the Caribbean and have never done the New England/Canada route. Thanks.
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