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  1. The mess they have made of the UK website this week isn't going to help!
  2. Just been on to look at the site this morning - what a mess! No opportunity to see Captain Club upgrades, final page is payment of non refundable deposit with no way of viewing available flights or hotels and total cruise cost! It's now a way of simply booking a cruise only - totally useless and if that's the way it's going to remain then I'm done with Celebrity.
  3. This is complete and utter madness, can't see any way I would ever book a cruise online with Celebrity again.
  4. I absolutely agree and having enjoyed many cruises on S class ships, will not set foot on them again if I am denied what made it enjoyable in the past.
  5. You mirror the thoughts of many long standing Celebrity customers (and maybe soon to be ex Celebrity customers). I hope Celebrity start to take note but doubt it under the leadership of the current CEO.
  6. We never travel without insurance and consider it would be very unwise for anyone to consider doing so. My wife and I have fairly significant pre existing conditions and an annual policy is out of the question. Being in UK we buy per trip and have found https://www.travelinsurance4medical.co.uk/ to be competitive for our needs. Cover for a recent two week Baltic cruise was £155
  7. Firstly - this is only the start of the hurricane season so anything could happen. Hopefully not but they are getting more extreme. Secondly, given the loss of life and devastation you are seriously worried about unkempt beaches ??? Someone needs a major reality check! Support the islands by visiting and providing income!
  8. Research your ports in advance Never buy shuttle bus tickets at Guest Relations Never buy from the first shuttle that pulls up at the ship and where it gets charged to your account.
  9. There were no complaints in the past when deck 12 was the favourite go to place for us lesser mortals who wanted to sunbathe! Obviously those in suites require more mollycoddling!
  10. Just in the last few minutes received an email from Celebrity advertising Connie out of Dubai January 2020 !! 15 Nights Best of India and South East Asia departing Dubai on 2 January 2020. Celebrity Dubai
  11. So basically you aren't interested in listening to your UK and European customers who have no intention of a long haul flight for a seven day cruise.
  12. Drop off your luggage here https://bagbnb.com/luggage-storage/dublin/busaras-station/luggage-storage-busaras-bus-station?dropOff=2019-07-25T18:30:22%2B01:00&pickUp=2019-07-26T09:00:22%2B01:00&bags=2
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