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  1. On deck 3 it absolutely will in the right conditions
  2. The Bahamas facility was a floating dock which failed catastrophically due to being overloaded. There are no facilities in or near to USA that can handle larger cruise ships so they have to come to Europe,
  3. What many don't realise is that the structure of the floating dock catastrophically failed when being used for a ship that was too heavy for it and the crane toppling was only a consequence of that. It will be a very long time before a new dock is constructed and due to the lack of facilities in USA all larger cruise ships will have to travel to Europe for dry docking for the forseeable future.
  4. We're in our late 60's and other than rinsing out and drying swimwear we have never found the need to launder anything on a cruise or any other holiday since the days of children!
  5. You won't be able to as Dublin doesn't have a cruise port, just various commercial quays.
  6. Always remember that Aqua Class is a clever marketing tool with the incentive of Blu to sell staterooms that would otherwise be less desirable.
  7. Smoking on the Celebrity Equinox Smoking on the Celebrity Equinox is prohibited in all suites and staterooms- including balconies. Cigarette smoking is allowed on the port side of the Sky Observation Lounge, the port side of the Resort Deck (Deck 12), the starboard side of the Lido Deck (Deck 14), and the port side of the Entertainment Deck (Deck 5) where tables, chairs, and ashtrays are provided. The Sunset Bar on the starboard side also has a designated pipe and cigar smoking area. Signs are posted at the designated smoking areas. If in doubt, ask a staff member where smoking is permitted.
  8. Surely an Infinity View stateroom must be exactly that - something that is boundless or endless. If obstructed then not infinity view so that would be false advertising.
  9. I struggle to comprehend how any responsible cruise line would facilitate an excursion of this nature assuming that they did as opposed to passengers directly purchasing this trip from a third party agency. Can't Imagine it would be covered by travel insurance. A dreadful state of affairs the outcome of which sadly will inevitably get worse.
  10. I fear your expectations far outweigh reality. You will never get that level of service or standard of food on a mass level cruise ship.
  11. I used to browse it frequently checking availability, pricing inc flights etc but now never look at it since they screwed it up a few weeks back. Unless they get it back to previous functionality (and even that was suspect) I am unlikely to book again as I have no intention of doing it by phone, holidays on the horizon are traditional land based!
  12. Yep, heard about it today! Huge non event - as usual, men taken for granted!
  13. Whatever it is will be ridiculous. My wife has arthritis and unable to wash and blow dry her hair. After paying 80 dollars once in the spa she always gets it done ashore now.
  14. Spotted this Admin post on Celebrity Cruise Addicts facebook page I've been reading all the comments on the group about the new website layout, and I have to agree its horrendous. I've made some enquiries, and it appears that this is how Celebrity want it to look 😮 What I suggest is that everyone who dislikes it (which I'm assuming is everyone,lol) posts a comment on the official Celebrity FB page, and we may be able to at least make them aware of their customers feelings. If we can all do this asap (I already have) and enough people make their feelings knows on the official page, at least we have a chance of getting our point across.
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