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  1. It is nigh impossible to find street food in Singapore because it is illegal to set up a stall and sell food by the street. If you are after the local fare, these food vendors can be found in covered food centres or air-conditioned food courts. To answer your question, the food is extremely safe. All food stalls are given a cleanliness rating by the government authorities which they have to display clearly for their customers to see.
  2. No one knows but in my opinion is likely to take 2/3 more years and even then there are components that may never return, eg buffets. There are already warnings of a probable spike in cases if, as is likely, people drop their guard and becoming complacent after receiving the vaccine and do not adhere to the advice and restrictions.
  3. Sky News have changed the story on the link. it originally referred to a warning from SAGE that a spike in cases was likely if people became complacent and ignored the rules after receiving the vaccine.
  4. Looks like no change for the foreseeable future. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-warning-of-uk-cases-spike-if-vaccinated-people-break-coronavirus-rules-12192100
  5. In the UK and I suspect most if not all countries, getting the vaccine changes nothing, all restrictions still apply to you and very little is expected to change this year, UK residents have been told that all "should" be vaccinated by the autumn.
  6. Anyone who thinks getting the vaccine opens up the door to cruising or other forms of travel had better be prepared for a very long wait!
  7. In simple terms this is why https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/ponzischeme.asp
  8. The vaccine is unlikely to be if any benefit in relation to travel for a considerable time. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/vaccine-unlikely-to-return-us-to-the-old-normal-20201218-p56onf.html
  9. In my opinion the vaccines that are being rolled out will have little or no effect on ability to travel until a vaccine is produced that can prevent Covid19 spreading from asymptomatic people. All these current vaccines do is prevent or limit the effect of the virus on individuals. It doesn't get rid of the virus which we will have to live with for many years.
  10. Take a refund and walk away from all cruise lines until 2022 at the earliest.
  11. (54) Victor Meldrew - "I don't believe its" - YouTube
  12. I saw this as a very likely scenario a few months ago, the pair of them have been hovering about off the Greek coast for a considerable time. There is no way Celebrity will spend on these older ships now, they won't be the only ones that will be moved on. In fact I further predict Celebrity will become a much smaller exclusive cruise line in the future. Cruising is set to change a lot more than many realise.
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