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  1. She had a rendezvous with Explorer, now on the way to Southampton (slowly)
  2. She is the sole ship of her class and the oldest vessel in the Royal Caribbean fleet so I doubt if she has a future.
  3. Strange she was docked in Heraklion but now heading for Souda port, same Island and less than 100km
  4. I'm wondering why she remains in the shipyard, any possibility a payment hasn't been made and it suits Celebrity to leave her there?
  5. Inspiration beached today and shoehorned in between Fantasy and Sovereign
  6. Inspiration shoehorned in between Fantasy and Sovereign
  7. That Imagination and Fascination are also being scrapped?
  8. Interesting! Fantasy class has shrunk. https://help.carnival.com/ci/fattach/get/6487588/1596548135/redirect/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNTk2NjI1OTQzL3NpZC9mVUxhTzVSdEFqcmk3MFF3MHdtN0o4dENIazFsdkw5RzFYUVBWVWF1UTY4VEV0R1dacjhITExMWUdHZndzeGI2QlVPaU5wYW10TTV4ZjZyOTV5XzhsM0F0enhGdWdYUkpydVJ5eGJpWGpsYjVxMW42RnVOcklvRnclMjElMjE=/filename/Ship Class Guide 0820.pdf
  9. It was hot lay up until now. https://issuu.com/lr_marine/docs/lay-up_guide_26_october_2015
  10. It will be a warm, not cold lay up. Systems such as air conditioning etc will be kept running to prevent deterioration of an almost new ship.
  11. Just spotted this https://help.carnival.com/ci/fattach/get/6487588/1596548135/redirect/1/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNTk2NjIyMDY0L3NpZC9mVWVUNkI0djdienNIX292SmpfcFR2cUJlU1d1VkNZamFTM1Z6WGVFMHpSYmpMTkUwQU9fS2VyOG1NV2FjQzdVSmNYTk9hWHJPRU1seTBneiU3RU92ODNGMzc2X0xOUVRWZk1vcEl0TmpvdlpvcWJ6VUt5cXFVS05VUSUyMSUyMQ==/filename/Ship Class Guide 0820.pdf Both Fascination and Imagination have been removed from this update, August 2020
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