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  1. On our recent Viking Sea cruise (West Indies) embarkation was delayed due to passenger sickness on the prior cruise. A letter explaining the situation was given out as passengers arrived in the terminal, and there were announcements, but many passengers walked right past the sanitisers as they boarded the ship. For the first 7 days, a crew member politely asked everyone to wash their hands as they entered the World Cafe, but this was bypassed by many if the crew member was replenishing towels. There were no such requests at the pool grill and I didn't see anyone sanitise or wash their hands. I was amazed (disappointed) to see passengers sneeze into their hands in the World Cafe and then pick up serving tools; in the last few days I heard one passenger walk past those who were washing their hands and say in an arrogant tone 'we aren't still doing this are we?'; and people picked up fruit and plates and then put them back. It is no wonder that sickness spreads on a ship. Is it the age of the passengers? ignorance? or just plain refusal to comply? Whatever it is, I always used a tissue when picking up serving tongs.
  2. We used WhatsApp using Viking Wi-fi. Our phones stayed in airplane mode. Simple, effective, no cost group communication.
  3. Oh, what to choose? First Cruise - mini suite on the Dawn 2004 Caribbean (Wife's birthday) Australia and New Zealand - Sapphire Princess 2008 (25th Wedding anniversary) Alaska land and Sea - Sapphire Princess 2012 (Another wife's Birthday) The last two were amazing! Russ Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Transport in central London is fully integrated so you can swap between buses and tube. I would seriously consider the normal red London buses or even just walk. There are some amazing bus routes that pass many of the key sights in one trip. There are many apps that can help route planning such as City Mapper. London is very compact and you can see lots on a short walk. I would only use the tube if I had too. Also, the district, circle lines take a long time and central line is crowded.
  5. Chattyme_99, Johno1234 and easyboy I recently booked Hotel Maya with a cruise discount but did not have a code. (I tried all the codes previously published but they didn't work) So I sent an email to the hotel, explaining I am on a forthcoming cruise and asked politely if they offer any discounts, to which they said yes, a Carnival Discount. I then confirmed I would like to book with that discount. This was just for a room. I do not have a car and as far as I can see there are no tie-ins or catches. The staff are very helpful and pleasant. So my advice is send the hotel a nice email. Hope that helps
  6. Hi Thank you to everyone for your suggestions! I think our challenge will be where to store luggage because we are staying in the Hotel Maya for a couple of days pre-cruise. @Fishywood - Thank you for the link. Shame the tour goes right back to Long beach (where we will have explored pre-cruise) I will ask my wife if this is acceptable to her. @Bigenna - This would be my ideal solution (explore, lunch then transport to LAX) But where to store the luggage! @Red3lisa - I would like to explore the USA Iowa! Thanks again
  7. HI We are sailing on Ruby in March for a 7 day Californian Coastal Cruise out of San Pedro and I wondered if anyone who has sailed this itinerary recalls whether Princess run any tours through Los Angeles after disembarkation that end at LAX? Our flight leaves late afternoon so we have lots of time. Thanks!
  8. Ship time is usually the same as local time do your 'clock' will need you to keep track of the inevitable time zone changes Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Esprit, I agree, I don't understand the drastic change either. That is now 3 ports changed. Our trip is not starting well. Our plane has just returned to Heathrow due to the nose wheel door not closing!
  10. Esprit, I agree, I don't understand the drastic change either. That is now 3 ports changed. Our trip is not starting well. Our plane has just returned to Heathrow due to the nose wheel door not closing!
  11. We have just received notification that the two stops in Kusadasi have now been removed from the itinerary on our 14 day cruise sailing on 23 July. Rhodes and Valletta have also been remove sadly. We will now visit Mykonos, Kotor and Corfu twice each. Safety first I guess but I was looking forward to visiting Malta!
  12. I have to say, I find this thread bizarre, full of inaccurate generalisations. It is true that in Churches and Mosques there are certain dress codes that mean shorts are often not allowed for both men and women (probably including capri trousers for women - longer dresses are often requested) and it is best to research individual sites such as the Vatican etc. I am a European from UK and I have visited most of western of Europe. In towns and cities I see locals and visitors wearing skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts and capri trousers out in the streets, no issue. Younger ladies can also be seen wearing 'hot pants' - again no issue. but never in a church of course. And just for the record, I have checked with my wife and she has packed summer dresses, trousers, shorts and capri trousers for our visit to ports across Italy, Greece and Turkey. And us Europeans don't get offended when seeing people in shorts on a cruise ship (LOL). So apart from showing respect by following the dress code for religious sites (which I presume is the same in the US?), where does this view of ultra conservatism in Europe come from? Just check out sites you will visit before you pack and then enjoy yourself. You will love Europe!
  13. I just hope Princess brings them back to Southampton sailings. Despite a livelier set of passengers, they are a great weekend break. I miss them on Princess.
  14. Just received an email from Princess - Istanbul port call on 28 July changed to Rhodes but two port calls to Kusadasi on 27 July and 1 Aug remain for the moment.
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