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    Royal Caribbean,Princess ,NCL ,Celebrity.
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  1. Any news about NCL asking guests to use mask indoors like other cruise lines are doing ?
  2. Same here I don’t really care about the shows I’ve seen them all too many cruises . 😀
  3. Hopefully not but I’m not that confident on NCL doing the Alaska season this year .
  4. Same here … fingers crossed 🤞 we can do the September sailing !
  5. I have an earlier flight and cannot make changes 🤦‍♀️ Finger crossed 🤞 I can make the flight.
  6. I got the same feeling! Was worried the cruise was canceled when I saw the email 🤦‍♀️
  7. NCL is way behind compare to Royal … why haven’t they started the simulation cruises out of Seattle yet 🤔 now they email us regarding the shows? I got a feeling they will be canceling the Alaska season ugh
  8. NCL is running behind as you can see they’re not even doing any simulation cruises from Seattle as Royal Caribbean 🤔 I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancel the Alaska season . 🙄 now they don’t even have shows prepared and cruises starting in august ?!?
  9. Will it be better to get a taxi from the cruise terminal or pay the transfer from the ship ?
  10. Looking for hotels near the cruise ship terminal in Stockholm.
  11. Yes cruises from Seattle may be cancel now .. let’s see how this plays out .. it’s frustrating
  12. Yea They keep making changes every week. My September itinerary it’s no longer available
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