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  1. And not a "major" cruise line, which after all was your original point. Correct?
  2. Not guaranteed. And not any different from any other line's "target" date. But nice try.
  3. Optimism has nothing to do with it and you are missing the point. BlerkOne was claiming that a cruising start before August 1st was possible. Which it isn't. Gave up obviously because he/she was just not having any of the facts provided. A CDC official is quoted in an article as saying something and I'm told that the official is "mistaken" or that the quote is inaccurate. As cruisers, we all want cruising to start up again, but being unrealistic or offering up projections that are unreasonable is not going to change anything and will likely lead to further frustration.
  4. Oh goodie!! So if something goes wrong and there is a major outbreak on a ship and/or resulting infections/deaths shoreside we can blame it on DeSantis and the "other Florida resident"? Do you really think that the cruise lines are going to reopen unsafely and without regard to CDC precautions because DeSantis and the "other Florida resident" order them to? What utter nonsense (and I'm trying to be gentle with my word choice here).
  5. Unbelievable! The article is dated June 2, 2020. And the quote follows: "Cetron said the CDC has not begun to review plans for how to safely operate cruises prior to development of a vaccine." Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article243180861.html#storylink=cpy
  6. I have seen NCL's plan. Doesn't mean it's been approved by the CDC. Also, NCL made clear in disclosures within the plan that it was subject to further expansion and change based on discussions it will be having with the CDC.
  7. A "soft restart" before August 1st? With cruises that have already been cancelled and crews continuing to be repatriated and no immediate plans to bring crews back on board? Not going to happen. The majors will have consistent protocols fleet wide whether sailing out of US ports or elsewhere around the world.
  8. Take another look at the article. The health and safety plans that they are referring to have to do exclusively with crew and repatriating those crew. The CDC official says that the they have not even begun to have discussions with cruise lines about health and safety protocols for when passenger cruises start taking place. The details given by the official indicate that could be a long way off at this point.
  9. Actually, he did not say that. He did say that August 1 was a target date but made it clear that that was a moving date. Given that cruises have been cancelled through the end of July, it really makes no sense to say that cruising could start sooner than August 1. I'll go out on a limb and say that because of the extension of the Canadian sail ban and issues with international travel for the foreseeable future, cruising will probably not start up until mid-to-late Fall.
  10. I see lots of threads about issues other than the shut down and matters related to that. I don't think it's right to judge the timing of a post or the motivation of the poster, or for that matter, dictating what should or should not be discussed now or at any other time. I get the impression that frequent posters here think they have a right to run the boards.
  11. You realize that the State of Florida will not determine when cruises start out of Florida ports? The CDC will make that determination.
  12. It likely has everything to do with the fact that once protocols are approved, a more limited number of ships will sail, capacity limits will impact cruise choice and and itineraries could/will change. The NCL protocol info put out yesterday speaks to itinerary changes being a fact of life going forward based on circumstances.
  13. Color me a cynic, but with a delay in website cleanup sure seems like a great opportunity to gain some additional deposits/final payments from those not following events closely. They wouldn't do that now would they...😉
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