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  1. On my 50 days on Sapphire late last year I had 4 of the worst main dining room meals of my years of cruising since 2008. Two meals were set on beds of soup mix! Another night the steak was so salted many diners complained to the dining room manager, myself included. All main course dishes were smaller than normal entrees. Fortunatly the Horizon Court buffet was excellent with an entertaining South African Chef. Princess food was noticably worse than HAL's on Westerdam a few months later in April 2019.
  2. All the Vista class have the AC vent over the double bed in ocean view & balcony cabins. It is a design fault. On P&O UK's Arcadia - another Vista - an elderly lady doing the world cruise was put ashore with the family & died in hospital in Mexico. Last I heard it was going to court. Every world cruise passengers get the Arcadia cough. Have done 14 day cruise on Noordam & 28 day cruise on Westerdam. Fixed vent with 2 inch clear tape so it did not blow to wall behind or side of bed. No drought onto bed & did not get any trouble on either cruise.
  3. Scenic Eclipse a 22,498 gt yacht according to Scenic - has departed Croatia & called at Valletta & now at Gibraltar 4 Aug. & on way to Reykjavik 15th Aug. She is registered in one of the worst flag of conveinience countries in Europe - Malta. World Explorer 9271 gt has departed Portugal where she was built & sails under the flag of Portugal. Also on way to Reykjavik to start her first cruise
  4. Scenic have lost a lot of credibility with me by registering the 22,498 gt expedition vessel in Valletta & calling it the first discovery yacht! It is by no means the first of the new build expedition cruise vessels with Polar Code rating. Malta would be one of the worst Flag of Conveinience countries in Europe. Only time will tell if Scenic can run a better Ocean Expedition ship than the others that have done for years. She arrived at Gibraltar 4th Aug. & is berthed on the cruise ship dock. Due Reykjavik for 15th Aug.
  5. Prices will rise again next year when bunker costs will rise due to mandatary use of low sulphur fuel world wide.
  6. cece50 - I believe you have misunderstood your tour that you say is overland to Queensland! - a state in Australia. It should be QUEENSTOWN NZ. I would suggest the Queenstown trip would be the best having done it by road myself. Dusky & Doubtful Sounds are not as dramatic as Milford.
  7. Most Japanese ATM's will NOT accept International Cards. Lookout for 7Eleven & Lawson Station convenience stores - their ATM's accept International Cards & have instructions in English. I used them for Yen withdrawals & had no trouble. You can also use Japan Post Offices - but hours of operation are less than 7Eleven stores.
  8. Newly built expedition ships built for work in latitudes +60 degrees will meet the code - usually PC6. Hurtigruten already have Roald Amundsen operating - sister ship to Fridtjof Nansen. Hondius recently did her maiden cruise as did Hanseatic Nature [German speaking onboard I think] a few months ago. Greg Mortimer is fitting out & likely the next to operate. About 20 more are in the pipeline with new orders still being placed. Because of the additional rules many polar ships are running over a year late in being delivered.
  9. awestover89 - The Polar Code comes into full force on 1st Jan. 2022. Very few of the current Polar vessels will be operating then. Only recent new builds & a few others, plus the other new builds in the pipeline will be available. See other posts on the Polar Code.
  10. Terry - an exciting tour you could take on the North Island is a Jet Boat ride. Jet boats were developed in NZ in the 1950's by William Hamilton - the Hamilton Jet. Taupo is in the centre of the island on NZ largest lake Taupo. There is a great easy walk to view Huka [foam] Falls that drains from Lake Taupo into the Waikato [flowing water] River - the longest in NZ. Huka Jets operate below the falls but are a bit tame compaired with Rapids Jet that operates a little down stream on the Waikato. RapidJet is higher rated on Tripadvisor & slightly less cost but needs to be booked as it has restricted operating times. We did RapidJet & were lucky to have a Maori TV crew onboard & filming our trip. It was longer & more extreme than the usual one. We got soaked - change of clothing required. 3 photos of Huka Falls, Rapids Jet & last photo is our trip. Search Rapidsjet NZ.
  11. Sorry - Wrong Possum. Did not do the beach bath as it was high tide at the time we passed. I think they still sell Possum fur items.
  12. Photo - Sheepjam foils car thieves. You will see much roadkill on NZ country roads. These cat sized bundles & flattened bodies are the Australian Ring Tail Possums - a feral animal that does no end of damage to NZ wildlife. New Zealanders say - the only good Possum is a dead one. Another Coromandel sight is Hotwater Beach - where you dig a hole in sand & have a hot water bath.
  13. There is a ferry terminal at Northside Hamilton just up river from the Gateway bridge [Toll] but it is 19km. by taxi from Grain. Only another 6 km. to city. See Translink City Cat.
  14. Mic we notice you cannot help yourself. Maybe you should become a ship comedian like Jeff Stevenson [UK]. Funniest man afloat. Then you would get your cruises for free.
  15. grt - one fact I did not see mentioned. When I went to sea in 1964 about 10 years before containerisation - we learnt that 100 cubic feet = 1grt. Ship owners had many dodges to reduce grt uncluding Shelter Deck general cargo liners that I sailed on. Also the funnel / stack & other non watertight spaces were not included in grt. Metrification & to remove the cheating GT was born. To download a great explanation by an Australian marine pilot see -- wss-vic.org.au/articles/marine_glossary.pdf
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