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  1. Now is the time for Antarctic & Greenland cruises. The new Polar Code comes into full force on 1st Jan. 2022. Current vessels especially the larger cruise ships wil run out of certification prior to that date. Most current vessels will not comply with this updated ice code & it is too expensive to retrofit them. New expedition ships are being built but daily rates will be very high. Google for more info.
  2. Have to sign off this forum for now as flying to Tokyo tonight from Brisbane to join Westerdam on Sunday for 28 days.
  3. Just an aside - coastal cargo ship Hagland Captain - that was also in trouble is now safely alongside in a small port north of Molde. Off tonight to join Westerdam in Yokohama on Sunday for 28 days. Over & out - John
  4. Thanks Heidi 13 - was about to say I only worked with gravity davits from 1964, but assumed what you confirmed above. Another example of media reporting rubbish.
  5. RMLincoln - Good further information is going to be hard to find in the short term. Viking Ocean actions may crop up on there CC board. A have seen it mentioned that the master is Finnish. With the current facts - I can see no reason for any action being taken against him. He saved the ship & all the passengers. Sailing 39 hours earlier into "normal" weather - at a latitude further north than Iceland. The officers are supplied from another management company - so he could quietly "no longer be required". The report - in some countries there must be an interim report published in 3 months - Norway? The full report will be published for all to read but may take over 12 months. Just keep searching for it & bookmark listed above by just_dont.
  6. Knittinggirl - There are other threads on CC including one on Princess board regarding the new Ice Class. As well - Google Polar Code - ignore all travel agent sites & read the others. Westerdam has her 5 year certificates up for renewal some time later than Zaandam & currently has an ice class the same as some / all other HAL ships. As these ships go through there 5 year recertification - drydock in 5 year incriments from build date - they LOOSE there Ice Class because they no longer comply with the new POLAR CODE that comes into force on 1st Jan. 2022.
  7. There also much mis information in the media on maritime matters - they really do not know what they are talking about. Media said that VS made her own way into Molde - this is only true for the final part of the way into the port. Passengers onboard reported the tugs had lines connected. This was comfirmed by Ocean Response AIS on one of the tracking sites. The small harbour tug Vivax stayed with VS from the time it arrived on scene until VS berthed at Molde & also had a line up to assist the towing emergency response 7480 gt rig tender Ocean Response. This says to me that if a 485 gt tug can operate in these conditions they can't be so bad at that time. Towing a dead ship is usually started by the tug at an angle of 90 degrees to the tows heading. In this case VS had some power & working rudders that greatly assisted the operation.
  8. Have now found that Viking Sky departed Tromso at 2220Z on 21st March & declared the Mayday at 1400Z on 23rd March. That is over 39 hours later. So even if the captain had the latest weather forcast - it was too far off to consider not sailing. The only time a ship does not sail is if the port closes due to pilots not being able to get off the ship, but they can also be oncarried at owners expense. The other time with cruise ships is when the operators suggest it may be better to stay for the passengers sake. Or it's been arrested. Following the normal coastal track 5 miles off promentaries would be normal but cruise ships often go further offshore to make or dump water. No info is available on Viking Sky's track. When stopped in a gale cruise ships will drift sideways much faster than a cargo ship, except a vehicle carrier. The windward anchor would need to be dropped when the depth of water is not too great - in this case without power there is a possibility of not stopping the cable due to speed of drift. It no doubt strained the cable, anchor, windlass & burnt out the brakes. As they are saying both will be replaced then likely the second was also dropped when the ships speed was reduced or was still dragging. Can't see them sailing if they lost one. In my 15 years as master I never dropped an anchor in an emercency but did have to do a planned anchoring when the chief engineer said we had to stop or the engine would be ruined. Also NO astern power available. This was southbound in Gulf of Suez lightship in a wide marked channel. Found a spot in among the reefs & going slow turned across the wind & dropped the anchor feeding out chain fairly slowly. Strained the gear a bit - but it enabled the engineers to replace a cylinger head. Australian 150000 dwt Mobil tanker.
  9. Hagland Captain the small coastal cargo ship is still anchored off shore where it happened. Looks like she may have a large list - cargo shifted - if so that could have caused engine sieze that has been reported. It has a direct single GM diesel engine & single fixed propeller as do the vast majority of merchant ships. The aurora having anything to do with Viking Sky blackout is in the realm of flying saucers!
  10. Chengkp75 has not come back with his thoughts on the blackout that caused every thing to shut down on Viking Sky. Not sure you should take any notice on info about the coastal cargo vessel Hagland Captain. Yesterday someone reported it sank but it is still in the same position today with AIS operating.
  11. Hi Bob - No engineering certificates for me - just the basics we had to know & experience over 40+ years. Missed the Ch.Eng on the Sky Viking page - but he is now on that forum. Blackouts are something you learn to live with but having one in a storm on a lee shore is not funny. My first recent cruise in 2008 on Pacific Dawn ex Sitmar built Regal Princess - had a blackout in mid Pacific day before Tonga. Captain told a few of us later that due to common cooling water line, 1 generator that was overheating caused all 3 to go off line due to overheat. Remember approaching Singapore eastern pilot station one night - suddenly lost all power. Lukely there was no wind & pilot said if it persisted would get us a tug. By the time he boarded we were back in action. Brand new tanker - Chief Engineer opened a watertight door & stopped the main engine! Leaving a port on a loaded bulk carrier - still with pilot onboard - blackout. We had bunkered that day & it turned out the mixed fuel "curdled" & clogged the filters. Chief changed over to marine diesel - restarted engine & we departed without having to take a line from a tug [salvage claim]. Engine room were kept busy cleaning filters every watch. A similar sort of thing in same area as Viking Sky happened to a steam tanker of dubious national flag. Sailing from Norway with crude for Halifax. Severe gale between Orkney & Shetland caused ship to roll heavily & unlashed steel on deck wiped out bunker tank vent. This caused water to get into bunker tank feeding boiler. Boiler went out - engine stopped - ship went ashore on Shetland. Over 100,000 tons of crude spilled & "blew away". I had done the exact same voyage a few years before but we went 25 miles off north Shetland. Bad & good seamanship. Recently over several months back & into last year there has been a problem with bunker fuel in various places that has caused problems. This is one possible cause. Another could be design of system causing the power to trip off. Common supply of lube oil or cooling water but this seems unlikely. Extreme ship motion could have interupted supply of fuel oil, lube or cooling water causing a trip. Norway's Viking Ocean is one of only a few cruise lines that register there ships in there home country. HAL in Rotterdam & Princess / P&O in UK or offshore territory of Burmuda. There maybe others. Far too many use Flag of Conveinience [FOC] nations. The above companies have some of the best senior officers & are overseen by organisations as good as USCG. The facts so often overlooked by some on cc because they jump in & do not read from first post. Viking Sky sailed from Northern Norway into normal weather. Missed 1 port due to high winds & no tugs available. Suddenly the ship blacks out. Lowered 1 or both anchors to stop ship going ashore. Declared Mayday to evacuate some passengers. Got some power back & moved offshore. Took line from Norwegian deep sea rescue vessel Ocean Response with harbour tug Vivax "steering". In the calm inshore waters Viking Sky used here own power to berth at Molde. See pics of similar deep sea rescue with ocean going tugs / rig tenders. Shinyo Sawako is the same vessel as my avetar - Golden Stream. John
  12. During the Costa Concordia rescue - some lifeboats returned from the port that was nearby for several loads of passengers. Some others swam ashore to join capt. coward. Others were evacuated from ladders on the port side by shore boats after the capsize. 2 others were rescued the next day from their cabin. Most of the 32 who died were found onboard - the last 3 when vessel was righted.
  13. Krydstosser - you are totally wrong & do not know what you are talking about. Viking Sky left Tromso a few days ago when the weather was not bad. The cannot be sued for bad weather. If you choose to cruise you sometimes have to put up with bad weather & ships having blackouts occasionally. I was in the merchant navy for over 40 years.
  14. The cruise to Northern Norway was in search of the Northern Lights. Seeing them is only viable in Spring & Autumn by cruise ship. The Norwegian coast is no doubt very well charted. the failure of all 4? generators cannot be an engine failure. More likely a fault common to all those that were running. It could be caused by the vessels motion or a fuel problem.
  15. If the tug is trying to put a tow line aboard Viking Sky - this is a similar incident in rough seas.
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