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    Sue - In Argentina the US $ is king & can be changed at most hotels & many businesses. In Falklands they have there own Pounds that have no value off the islands & use UK pounds. You can use US$ but exchange rate will be poor. If you need to tip - then US$ is ok anywhere in the world where the US tipping curse exists.
  2. Capt Heikki Laakkonen advised he would be one of the masters on Sky Princess.
  3. Sapphire 1st time in Australia - they have the kettles onboard - they may still have them in the cabins or you could request one.
  4. P&O Aust. are getting Golden Princess in Oct. 2020 & Star Princess at end of 2021. This fits in with CMV buying or chartering 3 x S class in 2020-21 including Pacific Aria.
  5. Bookings have opened for maiden voyage of Le Commandant Charcot leaving Le Havre in northern summer 2021. 30% discount for early bookings with choice of cabin. Vessel is about 30,000 gt with hybrid LNG power. Only 270 passengers. Being built to Polar Code P2 - able to operate year round in moderate multi-year ice conditions. This is the highest grade for any polar expedition ship currently being built - virtually a cruise icebreaker.
  6. Just read another report on Vasco da Gama's welcome at Tilbury. The reporter quotes the CEO of CMV as saying they [CMV] hope to get another ship for UK operations in 2020 & another 2 in 2020-21. The reporter then says - VDG was previously Pacific Eden ex Statendam, with P&O Australia. Sistership Pacific Aria ex Ryndam is also with P&O Australia. Veendam & Maasdam are with Holland America. All S class sisterships built for HAL. Has the cat been let out of the bag?
  7. Sue - Was on SP for 50 days Oct/Nov 2018 & we had the other master Capt. Heikki Laakkonen. So have no experience of Paolo Ravera but he is well known previously on the Australian Princess ships. Use search box & some info should come up.
  8. The ship supplied kettles on Sapphire are of a standard, maintained & checked by the engineering staff. Irons are available in the self service laundry.
  9. My advise would be to NOT buy any sort of gemstone in most countries overseas. You are just asking to be ripped off with a bit of coloured glass. My mother bought a so called Ruby in Thailand & when I looked at it under magnification it was all scratched. As a Ruby is a Sapphire & the second hardest substance it can only be scratched by a Diamond.
  10. Spirit of Discovery will be handed over on 20th June to Saga Cruises UK - there first new build. Only 999 passengers & 58,250 gt with Ice strengthened hull? May not be as expensive as expedition ships. Could be an option for you Ken. Will be christened by Camilla - Duchess of Cornwall at Dover on July 5th.
  11. Yes that looks like the requirements for sewage waste. Every ship is different & holding capacity is less on the older ships. I know on the old Statendam - the 3rd officer doing talks on ship operation - got an engineer [female] to explain the plumbing side & what happened to all waste. On there all waste water went to a sort of septic tank & the overflow was held in another tank for eventual discharge overboard. At least it does not all go straight over the side as it did in the old days - prior to 1973. In Hobart here is another vessel that dumps waste - sludg from the Risdon metal refinery. Also the bulk carrier that hit & brought down some of the bridge - is still were it sank. I never eat local fish in Hobart.
  12. Hi Bob - Volendam was our first HAL cruise & we started our cruise from Sydney & did Alaska B2B. In May next year she is still the "Wednesday" ship departing Vancouver mid week that makes for less crowded ports visited. Holland America are the best of the 4 star cruise lines - with there well trained smiling crew, mainly Dutch Officers & one of the few cruise lines that flies its national colours with all its ships registered in Rotterdam. Most other cruise ships register in Flag of Convenience [FOC] countries. It snowed at Glacier Bay but we had hot Pea Soup served outside on the opened foredeck & it was a great day. After the cruise we joined a Globus 12 day Rockies tour with 2 days on Rocky Mountaineer. There we had great weather over the Rockies & saw many Elk & Bears including 1 Grizzly close up. Flew back with Air NZ via Auckland. See Volendam tendering at Isle of Pines & in Glacier Bay. Go for it - Volendam is your best choice.
  13. During his welcome speech the CEO of CMV said there will be another"new" ship for UK operations in 2020. VDG will be working out of Bremerhaven over northern summer before repositioning to Australia via Panama at end of year.
  14. Merchant ships including cruise ships do not pump out sewage [black water] to city sewage systems. See International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships - MARPOL 1973/78. Annex 4 deals with sewage. You some times see a road tanker alongside your cruise ship - this is usually taking oil sludge from the Engine Room holding tank.
  15. On the arrival of Vasco da Gama at Tilbury, the CEO of CMV announced that the company would be getting another "new" vessel for UK operation in 2020. VDG will work out of Bremerhaven for TransOcean before returning to Australia for the southern summer. As for VDG being old - it is the youngest in there fleet at only 27 years - middle aged for a well built cruise ship. CMV also operate mostly on charter :- Astoria built 1948 [71years] as Stockholm - the one that terminated Andria Doria. Marco Polo built 1965 as Alesandr Pushkin. Magellan built 1985 as Holiday. Astor built 1987 as Astor, but has had many other owners & names. Columbus built 1989 as Fair Majesty - there largest at 63500 gt. Who wants to speculate on the next ship for CMV?
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