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  1. I’ve not even bothered phoning them after our cruise was cancelled and simply sent an email, they usually get back in around a week.
  2. I honestly think it’s a personal decision regardless, what one individual feels is an acceptable risk another won’t. We all know now that even after the two jabs you can still catch Covid and indeed a small number have still been hospitalised. In my opinion that risk increases when on a cruise ship compared to staying at home.
  3. I’ve asked about the possibility of a lift and shift from our Feb 13th Asia cruise to the following year, still waiting on a reply. It’s a mess in Vietnam just now as a starter and as such we’re now very doubtful. As we have the flight booked ( although flexible) we may look at still going but doing a land based Hong Kong/Singapore mix, maybe something in between if there is anything beach wise on offer. That alone of course is dependant on the situation in Hong Kong and Singapore.
  4. I think we all know that’s not going to happen. We don’t really live in a world these days where “ making it easier on everyone else” is the norm.
  5. We were booked in an inside before the pandemic and have lifted and shifted into another inside, not a problem for us.
  6. I’m in the “to each their own” camp, It’s their money and they can do what they like with it. We find art a wonderful way to remember our cruises although we’ve never purchased on a cruise ship. We never purchase anything as an investment, simply things we like and enjoy and that works for us.
  7. Maybe they could stamp something on peoples foreheads like “unclean”. Being serious I’m certainly not comfortable with different areas, to me it’s not something we should be considering in a modern society, I would actually find it embarrassing in truth. I would rather just cruise on a ship that’s 100% vaccinated rather than on a ship that’s going to bring out the absolute worst in some individuals, and it most certainly will. We love cruising because we get to meet new people and there is often a great at sea atmosphere.
  8. Well yes and no, there is plenty of studies showing it’s “unlikely” but not certain. The CDC made a decision but only time will tell whether it’s the correct one. As always I believe the correct thing is get the vaccine and stay cautious, when the numbers drop to a low enough level and we have closer to full vaccinations then we can look at dropping social distancing and mask wearing, for me that’s the sensible course of action. When you’ve seen Covid close up ( my wife was the only member of her family not hospitalised or killed by it) you tend to take it very seriously.
  9. I’m simply stating the position on mask wearing in the UK as it stands, it’s seen as one of the best ways, along with social distancing to help avoid cross contamination. We have to wear our masks at work at all times when driving and are still restricted to two individuals in a car with one sitting in the back seat. We are of course doing well on vaccinations but until everyone that wants to be vaccinated is I don’t see the rules on mask wearing changing. Even though I’ve had both jabs I’m happy to carry on wearing a mask if it helps stop me from passing it on to others, there is still not enough evidence to show you can’t still be a carrier of the virus yet show no symptoms yourself. I believe will will need to live with it, but we need to get everyone vaccinated before we drop our guard in my view.
  10. No, it’s required by law in many places unless you have an exemption. I can be sacked for refusing to wear one at work. My understanding is even two shots does not give 100% protection. We still have individuals admitted to hospitals who have been vaccinated.
  11. We were moved from a cabin with noisy pipe work to a cabin right at the lifts on our last cruise, we thought it was great. The tiny beep sound could be heard if you listened very hard when the doors opened, we would not have a problem being next to a lift again.
  12. What about the large percentage of individuals who survive but have long Covid ? It’s not as simple as survive or not, ability to deal with it or not. It’s complete nonsense to suggest the vast majority of people in the world are ‘largely immune” You either have the ability to catch it or you don’t. Your bodies ability to fight it does not make you immune.
  13. Wow I’m actually amazed by that, has everyone been vaccinated ?
  14. That’s only logical if the vaccine is 100% effective “A” Or not effective at all “B” The fact it’s somewhere around 85/95% effective means you could still catch it “A”, but still find the vast majority are safe therefore reducing the chance of catching it in a country where most people have been vaccinated. The vaccine works because of its high percentage effectiveness thus dropping the R number below 1, it’s not a simple 100% or nothing.
  15. I find that response slightly baffling. Four people have died from the Indian variant, not sure how me stating “ people are dying from the Indian variant” is then scaremongering, they did actually died regardless of any underlying health condition after contracting Covid.
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