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  1. Only asking because of this in the article. “with some companies canceling voyages scheduled for October and November”
  2. I was not aware cruises in October and November had already been cancelled. ?
  3. I can fully understand that. We are in our 40/50s so not in the high risk group but I would not want to be on a cruise ship with the virus. I’m just as worried about flying as cruising, pretty sure I’ve picked up plenty of things on long haul flights. A vaccine is certainly the key for many people although plenty are still booking future cruises just now regardless.
  4. I thought it was for the 4th December when I saw the title, keep forgetting you write dates differently to the way we do in the UK.
  5. I think on a cruise ship it’s pretty much impossible unless you cruise maybe one third full. Even then what’s to stop anyone catching it from a crew member ? They share cabins and are working closely most of the day. Rather like flying cruising will always pass around viruses, I seem to get one or another of them on every cruise which is either from the cruise, the flights, or the hotel stays.
  6. Wait and see for our Feb cruise. I do however think people will be surprised how quickly people both old and new will return to cruising. Price it right and people will book. The price of our cruise has risen by 50% in the last week, that tells me people are booking rooms.
  7. I feel we may have a difficult decision to make next February. I think the cruise to Asia could go ahead, but don’t expect a vaccine to be rolled out by then. So do we go without being vaccinated ? Tough call given it could return next winter and we will have a final payment to make along with flights and hotels to book.
  8. Not for me, I will only book another cruise when this is all over. The amount of deposit would make no difference.
  9. My comment is about the political second article which is poor and not a surprise given Trumps comments until lately.
  10. Very poor article in my view and given it’s political best ignored.
  11. I would be more than happy with that, would the cruise lines be brave enough to implement ? Not so sure.
  12. Sadly any large gathering was always going to be a risk, up to 14 days before even showing symptoms.
  13. And the 13 year old who died four days ago did not.
  14. Just been announced that a 5 year old has died from Covid 19
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