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  1. Celebrity are clearly trying to move those in the US away from refundable deposits and in line with most of the rest of the world. It can’t be easy when some individuals book multiple staterooms on multiple cruises knowing they are going to cancel some of them. It blocks rooms for others giving less choice and effects pricing. I think if everyone played fair and just booked the one cabin and only cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances it would be fine but just by reading this forum that’s not always happening.
  2. Does anyone honestly take advice on whether to travel by what’s said on a cruise forum ? Surely any forum is more about opinion and debate than official advice.
  3. Of course it’s rare.
  4. As I say our cruise in Feb has actually gone up in price, another member has joined our roll call after having their cruise cancelled this February. I can see many people cancelling and rebooking Asia next year.
  5. Price for our cabin has gone up by £300 since we booked in January.
  6. we have travelled in balcony cabins, outside, and inside, inside again next year in Asia. We book what we can afford, we would never let an outbreak like this influence our decision simply because it’s so rare.
  7. Way too early to be considering cancelling, for cruise in February and expect it to be over well before that. While no two outbreaks are the same the SARS outbreak lasted around 6 months. I think it’s highly unlikely this virus will still be a huge issue 13 months down the line.
  8. We are booked for Asia next Feb and looking forward to it, we won’t be cancelling, life is too short.
  9. I think that’s where views differ in this case. Of course given they have not cancelled any cruises it’s mute anyway at this point.
  10. To be fair it’s a little more complicated than that in this instance.
  11. I had an inside cabin and Norovirus on the Sea Princess many years ago, spent some of it watching the ships view of the islands in the Caribbean on the TV.
  12. No our fcc is due to a problem with our cabin last September. However all FCC have the same timeframes.
  13. We have just booked using our future cruise credits. You have 2 years to actually make the booking and given you can book cruises up to 2 years out from the sailing in effect you have 4 years before you have to cruise again.
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