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  1. Yes, thanks for the clarification, I had a typo. Does happen. I did try to clarify in a later post.
  2. Taxi drivers are not going to like that... some ports do not lend themselves to scheduled boarding times well. San Francisco is one of those ports, traffic on the entry to the port can become like a parking lot. When we go there we usually go very early by taxi and wait. In February, the Grand Princess was late returning from Hawaii because of an injured passenger. We were advised not to arrive early. I ignored that direction, went early and waited. I was very happy I did because traffic and people only got worse over the day. Ship did not start boarding til 8 pm, I was at the front of the line. I hate to think what boarding will be like when cruising begins again, for that reason, I wait a year before returning to cruising. By then we may have a vaccine and the old problem solved. I hope so. I am booked for Jan 2022.
  3. Okay, I would first look at new ships being delivered from a variety of cruise lines: Princess, HAL, Cunard, Celebrity, etc. we have cruised on 9 different lines over the years. Looking at the new ships and their itineraries, I would look for itineraries of most interest... itineraries which include ports we had not visited previously. Is this clearer. In 30 years of cruising we have returned to regions of the world many times, some generally had new and old ports on our itinerary.
  4. We more often than not, cruised on new ships, the latest new ship, out from a variety of lines, starting with the Song of America in l980s. When looking at ships and itineraries, we would usually try to get it last one or two new ports in on each cruise, or more. So much say both.
  5. We did once. Prefer warmer weather, Mexico is more desirable.
  6. Sounds like you are talking about a buffet where items are served. Fine with me. I was responding to a comment where someone said all meals where served on board years ago without any buffet set at all.
  7. It was less fun, i.e., needing to be in the MDR at a set time for breakfast, lunch and dinner; today people are more flexible and want more options. Most of early cruisers were set dining.
  8. Since I only do round trip, San Francisco to Mexico ... my dh 88 and I don't bother to get off the ship any more. In the past, we found we enjoyed the ship when it was pretty empty. We have been to Mexico 10 time or more over past 30 years. So for us taking a cruise is simply a change of place and pace. Staying aboard has been just fine in the past. We enjoy our mini suite balcony, have lunch there, very pleasant.
  9. What I am buying from Travel Guard, is "business Travelers insurance", it is an annual policy, as I say I buy on line a week before leaving and it is good for one year. For two it runs $518 for the year. It basically covers emergency medical and evacuation, has some other travel related items, lost luggage, etc. What I like it is not tied to a particular trip, so if i cancel a trip, book another in a year no problem. Hope you find something that works for you.
  10. Sometimes TAs have different dates. Sorry for your situation. I $3200 tied up with United Airlines, that i have a credit that must be used by 10-15-21, non refundable ticket. So I know how you can feel between a rock and hard place. I am waiting on the virus situation to travel internationally too. I would call the TA, advised of date given by Princess and see if TA will push your due date back. Don't know what kind of insurance you buy. I buy a health and evacuation insurance from Travel Guard, can by just before we leave on a trip, is good for one year for any travel 100 miles away from home. I am not trying insure the cost of our trip, just emergency health and evacuation coverage. I also buy cruise direct from Princess. Found it is easier to eliminate the middle man. Good luck.
  11. yes, I am aware this is happening. US i believe just dropped the self quarantine a few weeks ago. I have been following what is going on because I had to cancel a trip to Israel in May. It is not easy to clarify what is happening in other countries. Even looking at the US State Department Advisory is confusing for Israel. So I decided to check the Israel Consulate web in San Francisco. It is very clear no foreigners allow til further notice (with a few exceptions). I believe I heard Scotland has a similar prohibition. I checked France and saw they had some other requirements, a negative virus test result 48 hrs before arrival. All of these restrictions I would think are a big factor for restarting cruising. I found the country consulate web site was the clearest and will be my go to site for info in the future.
  12. You have a point. Right now countries are not allowing foreigners to enter as they try to protect citizens. But things are changing so quickly in our world, figure best to wait and see when vaccine available. I doubt we can personally anticipate what is going to happen.
  13. I think we are getting ahead of ourselves. My initial thought is no, flu shots are not required now. But, lets see what happens when virus is available to the masses.
  14. Magic moments, good question. First cruise ending in St Thomas, last port, sail away, recall thinking this was amazing, never thought we would cruise again so much. 60 cruises later many favorite moments too many to mention.
  15. Maybe the person has a vision issue. When I scan documents in a computer, I title the document in all caps because I can see it better and know I spelled every right. Just saying there may be a good reason, assuming bad behavior is not always the case.
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