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  1. We have done transatlantics both directions... depends on the route... southern crossing can have nice weather... not hot in spring and fall. We always book a mini suite because do enjoy time in our cabin and like the larger cabin and bath tub. I have just gotten off the Coral Pirncess, a sister to the island... by comparison I would recommend a royal class over the Island Princess. Coral is a nice ship, but island has been modified and many don't like it... ref the balcony issue I like fresh air in the cabin at least part of the day...
  2. We have been cruising since the l980s, well over 60 cruises on 9 different lines. Now day we cruise mostly Princess but have cruised HAL, Celebrity and Cunard in recent years. Until just a few years ago, we always did the MDR traditional dining. The MDR on most lines we have been on recently are not any better than the buffet. For that reason, we find it is just as nice for us to go to the buffet, we usually go early before it get busy, stake out a table for two, if early diner we usually have a view before the sunsets. We enjoy the Crown Grill special dining area on Princess and are willing to pay extra for a nice meal, on formal nights, we go to the Grill. In the morning we do room service for breakfast. Far cry from when we first started cruising, then it was the MDR for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now many options and we enjoy them more often than the MDR.
  3. i request bar soap for the bath tub... I don't do showers, got it.
  4. I have cruised them all, Princess, Celebrity, HAL, Cunard and NCL recently, plus Crystal, Royal, RCCL and a few no longer in business... basically they are all the same today except NCL. All just mainstream cruise lines...if you have been cruising a long time you can make your cruise experience better by dining in the speciality dining rooms... otherwise the buffet is just as good.
  5. sign up with the airline for email alerts to changes... so you can take action if necessary. Only time we have had seats assignments changed not with Eair, but in general is with American Airlines, found sometimes they change return flight seat assignments when we check in for the first flight on our trip... why I don't know...now I check my reservations after traveling to see if they make any changes.
  6. just off a cruise on the Coral, 15 day... we did the buffet every day, I did salads, plus protein. we do room service for breakfast... I simply have coffee with cream. Next cruise we will be on the Grand, will do the same plus Crown Grill, love sea bass and meat items. I just try to stay away form carbs - desserts and bread.
  7. Maybe documented to day with computers .... but we have been flying for years... got many upgrades I doubt they were documented...just by being nice, well dressed, etc.
  8. Oh, I have even a better one, do you insist on paying a corking fee, even if waiter is going to give you a free pass?
  9. With all the moralizing here, wonder if anyone would refuse a free upgrade on an airline? Done all the time...
  10. Been cruising since l980s, food on lines has changed a lot. Been on 9 different lines well over 60 cruises: Princess, Celebrity, Cunard, HAL, Crystal, RCCL, NCL, and a few lines no long operating. Of these lines: all about the same except NCL. Can't say any outstanding but NCL is at the bottom of my list. Now days, we approach meals on cruise lines very different then in the beginning. Early on it was 3 meals a day in the main dining room at a set time. Now days, we do breakfast using room service, have a relaxing breakfast in our cabin, since we have seen most ports we visit a few times no rush to get off the ship. We do not do 3 meals a day... we have one other meal each day. We rarely go to the MDR any more... most MDR menu items don't call to me anymore. I am just as happy to go the buffet late afternoon make a nice salad and select a protein item and have a nice cocktail. If we don't do this, we go to the steak house on board, of all the steak house items, our favorite is Sea Bass in the Crown Grill on Princess. We also enjoy the Fish and Chips and Fish and Scrimp on Princess which is a special lunchtime item in the Crown Grill. We cook at home, rarely eat out, like to keep it simple and healthy, this seems to work for us. When we do land based trips, we picnic by shopping from local fare - outdoor markets, especially in Europe.. Even when cruising in Europe we often bring back items to the ship.
  11. I have nearly 30 cruises on Princess... have seen it in the past, not recently... back when we were pretty satisfied with the MDR so never took advantage of it. Now feel just the opposite, my use it, we love the Crown Grill do that several nights each cruise otherwise stick with buffet.... I will keep and eye open, just in case... LOL
  12. We have done 5 over the years: 1- Golden Princess from Southampton England to NYC: ports in Belgium La Havre France, possibly Portugal. 2- Ruby Princess - Ft lauderdale to Barcelona. 3_ Westerdam HAL, Ft Lauderdale to Barcelona with stop in Casablanca Morocco 4 - Queen Victoria Ft Lauderdale to Southampton, with stops in Portugal, France, Ireland and Scotland 5 - Royal Princess - Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale, love those southern spanish ports. Found TAs to be very relaxing...
  13. Thanks for the info, few years since we were on HAL, Eurodam I think was last time - few years back.
  14. may we should start requesting they bring back in our critiques. Would not hurt, my son grandson -- started their cruising life as a result of BVE... prior to that they were not interested.. So good marketing tool.
  15. We did one, the Grand Princess in l998, from Istanbul to Barcelona. The ship was delivered late, so still laying some carpet when we boarded; many fire boats in many ports along the way to celebrate the ship's first arrival in port; people in Istanbul stood on roof tops to watch the ship leave, as the ship was taller than any building in port (the largest ship afloat at the time); we crashed the private Press Party in the disco which we discovered by accident exploring the ship before it left port, it was much better the welcome party the follow day at sea, LOL. Oh, Rita Moreno was the featured entertainer on board. Those are he memories that I recall over 20 years later. Never did another, any serious cruisers should do at least one, just for the fun of it.
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