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  1. Agree, once we took a ship bus into Rome, did Rome on our own and decided to take the train back to the ship, since we were only a day trip to Rome (no luggage)... when we got to the station we jump on the next train without even buying a ticket.. paid double as a result, we were not in first class... but train did not seem to be set up for tourists with luggage like we travel with... we met a very nice family on the way to Sardinia... I believe... they had a picnic lunch and wanted to share it with us. Train station at the port is a few blocks from the port... easy walk without luggage, not good with, uneven sidewalks and streets... likewise the bus shuttle at the port to ship not an easy thing to do with lots of luggage... after spending $1000 for a cruise to cut costs at last leg of the trip does not make a lot of sense to me.
  2. We have used Romecabs.com both to and from the port of Rome several times. We prefer a private transfer always have a lot of luggage... door to door service, plus you can request a tour of rome on you way. YOu can reserve on line, pay on day of service in euros.
  3. hand santitizers.. we wash our hands, hand santitizers are not a good thing. I call them chemicals, which is what they are.
  4. we avoid public restrooms - wash our hands constantly, never use the chemicals in the buffet... we have learned to set the cabin temperature at the lowest setting for heat before going to bed, so we don't have the cold air from the air conditioning blowing on us all night while sleeping... we avoid shaking hands with others as well. Helps to keep us healthy when traveling
  5. I have been in and out of both Barcelona and Athens... several times... I always use a taxi -- not that far, not that expensive... more convenient with luggage, door to door service. You can google taxi rates for either city to get going rates and compare to what Princess charges. Only did one Princess transfer, in Rome, once... have gone in and out of Rome many times... far more expensive, you Romecabs.com and book in advance. Even with extra costs, with luggage well worth it..again door to door service. You get what you pay for...just my opinion.
  6. WEll they will not get me to play for that amount, played on Coral in November, played only one sheet of paper... think it was $20. Going on Grand this month, will see.. I like the old paper vs tablet way of playing...
  7. In years past we some times have asked if we could buy the cooks a drink of their choice. Sometimes if they made a great dish for us off menu we would ask to thank them personally and they would visit out table. It has been awhile... since now we go to special dining room or buffet instead of MDR. When we are in the buffet and we get something special, we tip them cash on the spot. We tip extra in the special dining rooms as well.
  8. 60 plus cruises over past 30 years, once balconies have become common...we always book one, unless sold out. When we have a balcony, actually book a mini suite... we spend more time in our cabin on sea days and before and after a day in port. Love the fresh air we have in our cabin having the balcony door open some part of the day. Only you can decided. Try it once and see if worth it. Has been to us for many years.
  9. These are the cruise lines I have been on in the past 10 years. Lines do change over time. Besides the above lines, we have cruised on NCL (cheaper generally, good value for $, but imho, not as good); RRCL (Royal Caribbean Cruise Line) have not been on it in 25 years, would guess similar but has very large ships appeals to families more; Crystal Cruise line -- last cruise on it 20 years ago, more expensive, we did not think good value for the higher price so have not repeated this line, some feel it far better, but the price is too; one line we have not cruised on is Oceania, many might say it is in same class or better, we have not elected it because more causal - we like the formal nights on the other lines. There are other lines that cater to Europeans, I see you in London... we have stayed with lines that cater to US cruisers, so can't speak to them.
  10. Never have seen music on Princess ship dining rooms... years ago on some Holland American ships there were life 3 piece combo groups... actually was very pleasant... now that you mention, I would enjoy some background music.
  11. Yes, I can tell you I have cruised Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, Cunard recently... we are elite on both Princess and Celebrity... very little difference between of them. Different cruises prefer on line over another, each has its pluses and minuses.
  12. if you do not want to get sick, why are you using a public restroom? I never do, I always go back to my cabin.
  13. I have done this 10 day cruise many times... will be on the 2/11 cruise. I would guess the first formal night will be on the 12th the first sea day and the second formal will be on the 20th, the sea day after leaving Cabo.
  14. We did late traditional for years... if I was going to the MDR, that is my preference... less crowded, less busy, no rush. Since the MDR menu is not what it use to be, now we do the buffet and Crown Grill... usually do at same time daily, now we do early... because buffet is less busy early (also enjoy the sunset early) ... same with Crown Grill, plus we don't like going to the entertainment so later any more... skipping the MDR entirely has opened up our options on dinner and entertainment. Princess sold anytime dinning, on idea that you can plan you dinner around other activities. We find by using the buffet and Crown Grill we do the same thing without waiting in line for any time dinning for a menu that not recalling us anymore.
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