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  1. we bring our own, pay corking is worth it, then have a wine we enjoy.
  2. Tips are always a personal choice... auto tip just making it easier... tip more if you like, use your own judgement. We love the Crown Grill, if we go several nights we try to get same table and tip at the end of the cruise. When we eat at the buffet, ask for something special... we tip on the spot if someone gets what we requested, we appreciate the responsiveness to our request.
  3. We are elite on both lines, been on both ships, love Ruby... no longer going on Celebrity... do not care for Celebrity any more... would go on Royal Class on Princess if I liked that class of ship which copied Celebrity. I prefer the grand class any day on Princess. So i vote for the Ruby
  4. Agree abalone is a favorite dish.... if you have never tried ... very tender and delicious.
  5. I was born in SF, worked there for 30 years, September and October the best months to visit, more like summer weather during the day time, i.e., 75 degrees (a SF summer, not like Florida) bring light jackets.. night time cools off. Mark Hopkins is a great place to stay, you can take the cable car up and down the hill on California street... great view at the Top of Mark Bar on top of the hotel. Chinatown is a few blocks down the hill on California and Clay Street, there is a small Wells Fargo museum on Mongtomery St near Chinatown. Also at the foot of California street is one of my favorite places to eat, The Tadish Grill, no reservations, use to be only cash, no credit cards...I have not been there in years... there many newer and fancier places but this is an historic old SF place. SF is a small city - easy to get around... hope you enjoy it. You may check youtube videos to get a feel for the many places you can visit. Enjoy your cruise and time in SF.
  6. It is your choice how you present your self... you valid my perception that american values have gone from relaxed to sloppy... glad you will not be attending my funeral. LOL
  7. agree, anything goes on NCL... we dressed up ... most didn't... went on a cruise to Israel a few years back on NCL. We now dress up on all lines, anytime we feel like whether formal night or not, since anything goes for most part on all lines. We don't even bother to go to the MDR any more... many days, we enjoy a late lunch in the buffet, relax afterwards, dress up as much as we like and go out and enjoy the shows and activities, skipping dinner entirely... other nights we go to the Steak house, Crown Grill and to shows etc. Does not bother me what others wear... we make the cruise what we want as most people do these days. Happy cruising, wear what you like, enjoy yourselves. Even though I have accepted the relaxed to sloppy dress of many Americans, I hope someday we see folks take more pride in how the present themselves, but I am not holding my breath.
  8. Hit and miss on the peninsula.. we were fine but had friends in Pescadero on the coast north of Santa Cruz impacted.
  9. My dh is 87, I am 72... been dressing for formal nights since the early l970s, over 60 cruises, we have lugged formal sear from San Francisco to Istanbul, to St Petersburg, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Venice, you name it... still going leaving for Ft Lauderdale on 11/31 ... 15 night Panama Canal cruise we would not leave home with out our formal wear... it is worth it, many great memories and pictures.
  10. Whether it works on not does not matter to me, I simply don't contribute to it . I live in California, near the heart of technology... even so, I can easily plan visits to the bank, markets and post office and avoid using technology. I have conceded to using a flip phone for emergencies since no pay phones around any more. I buying on line, simply because it is easier than running around looking for items I want, that too puts folks out of work but malls have not staffed stores properly for years so you can go in a major store and find it hard to find a clerk to check out. I shop a lot at Trader Joe's who prides itself in hiring staff to interact with customers, very counter tech, I shop for their good prices and Trader Joe's pays staff above minimum wage around $17+ an hour. As a senior I rarely eat out.. love to cook and shop, still have a land line. I have lived 72 years without a phone attached to my hip... very well. They say with new things 25% of the population will adopt immediately, 50% will follow and 25% will resist. Obviously I am in the later group and will stay there as long as possible. LOL To each his own. Happy life and happy cruising.
  11. Not my experience and I have been all over Europe.... my husband was born there... we have family there, even in small shops with a big tourist trade, I have found when asked will take US$... they convert currencies to their benefit...they are smart. I carry a limited amount of euros, if I can use us$ I do... they give change in euros.. works for me. I was in Paris October 2018... had no problem.
  12. Do as you please, often the BP has more value than the US$. We never had anyone refuse a US$ tips in Europe or the Middle East, especially taxi drivers, hotel staff... we once had a bus driver in Paris ... who loved some western cowboy boots my husband had - we had an extra brand new pair, which he wanted to buy and the driver had currencies from all over that he gave my husband. My husband originally from France had no problem taking the various currencies and converting them.
  13. we use romecabs.com.... we buy euro at home and pay the car service in euros.... otherwise, ref tipping I tip in US$, (except for romecabs.com) Folks who work in travel industry... generally are a accustom to getting foreign currencies....
  14. I don't have a problem, always book a mini suite.... not legal to take cocktail elsewhere.
  15. but then you can have your in cabin cocktail easily... there are many reasons for enjoying ones cabin. LOL
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