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  1. We are like you we have breakfast in our cabin, have been doing this for years now. We do not go the MDR any more... once menu became less interesting we have split our main day meal between buffet and the Crown Grill. Some days we simply do Room Service for our main day meal. I would like Princess to expand the menu for breakfast to include eggs options (HAL has done it for years), plus expand the all day Room Service menu as well. I could see us doing more Room Service in the future with more choices. We only eat 2 meals a day. Some times we have purchased food items in port and brought on board and enjoyed on our balcony. We always book a mini suite. Think cruise lines might encourage more in room dining and add tables/chair to make easier in other cabins beside mini suite.
  2. Agree, Dr. Fauci is probably clarifying. When I say a moving target, beginning in Feb... til now much info has changed . I was actually on the Grand Princess in Feb watching Fox ... at that time reports were nothing more than the common flu from CDC, I do not recall if Dr Fauci was involved then. We all stay tuned.
  3. could be, this situation is a moving target... info keeps changing, even Fauci is changing his mind.
  4. yes, I do use google when I have a question... did not see a need to question what the doctor was saying... fit with what I believe....
  5. I saw this on one of the TV stations, a doctor on the front lines of treating folks in NYC was invited on to share info, this was just this past week. Don't recall who it was. He as speaking to the general public not health care workers. Health care workers obviously have to use more precautions.
  6. I agree with your 2 cents. I am 73 and my dh is 88.
  7. Those saying virus may just disappear base this on the fact other viruses have done so. So not just wishful thinking.
  8. When I think about teaching passengers or training them to go to their assembly station, all I can think of is reports of what happened on the Accordia (believe that was the ship that went down off the coast of Italy a few years back)... passengers were told to go to their cabins by crew, actually they had not even done a safety drill yet, if I recall right. Those who followed crew directions died. So I do think we need to use our own common sense and not blindly follow safety drill directions or verbal ones for that matter too. Obviously this was an extreme emergency, in most cases probably going to an assembly station would not be a bad thing. I am sure cruise lines will continue to do what they think is best and we all will be compelled to follow it regardless of how useful we think it really is. Happy safe cruising that is what it is all about.
  9. I reported what I heard a practicing doctor reported from his experience on the front lines of treating patients and you questioned me and or the expertise of the doctor. Believe what you want. I agree don't have to be a doctor, I did work in a medical doctor's office for 20 years til February, I also worked for the fed govt teaching wellness program among other things for 30 years, so I know heard and was sharing it. It will be the guidance I follow until I hear something else that is worth it to me. Do as you please.
  10. yes, I have heard some experts say the virus may simply go away on its own... that would be a good thing.
  11. If you are that concerned stay home, let others make choices for themselves. I am senior, I got out once a week to do shopping, once a month to do banking for the most part, but I do think it time to open up the country and I respect others will make choices for themselves. I do not plan to over react to this situation.
  12. Well you and I disagree... suspect many at the beach are very young... and less at risk. Once again I have faith in my fellow Americans.
  13. Maybe they should allow seniors to board first, with an early time slot in the future. Agree distancing would be hard to do.
  14. Agree not all doctors are created equal. It seems some at CDC do not know that much either. They have made many mistakes already relative to the virus. Time will tell who is right.
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