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  1. It's been awhile since I did the day pass, maybe 4 years (?), however I believe it was around $40 per day. I vaguely remember weighing out how many days I would use the day pass. It seems to me if it was more than 3, the week pass was cheaper. You can only by a day pass on the day you want to use it. I got up early and went to the spa and bought my pass before breakfast to be sure I got one.
  2. Just so you are aware, the day passes are only sold onboard. Depending on the number of passes sold for the cruise/ and or day, it is possible that all passes will be sold out. This is a warning the spa will advise you of. However, I personally have never experienced a sold out situation on any ship. YMMV. (your mileage may vary 😉
  3. You can either purchase a length of cruise pass or a day pass. I have done both, depending upon the ships itinerary. On a port intense cruise I didn't have as much free time to enjoy the thermal pass, so I opted for a few day passes. On Caribbean cruises most of the ports are repeats for me, so I spend more time onboard and in the thermal spa. It really is a wonderful treat either way!
  4. The dining room stewards wait on the same table each night. So if you happen to sit at the same table or that servers group of tables you will have the same servers. If you find you have a favorite table, you can request it each evening with As You Wish dining.
  5. Whether it is a temporary issue or permanent change, why not be prepared and pack a portable seat? It could come in handy for excursions, waiting in line for a production show, etc...
  6. Interesting, when I was on it last fall, there were jets in the tub and it was very warm. I wonder if it has been changed out. Nor was the door welded shut. I sat out on the deck a couple of evenings star gazing while cooling off from the hot tub. My perspective, I did enjoy the week long thermal pass and would book it again. I liked the fact you could see from the hot tub to the thermal loungers and know if any were available and could easily switch between relaxation stations. On the vista ships, the hydro-pool is in a separate room from the loungers. You have to keep on going into the thermal lounger room to peek and see if any are available.
  7. PMJ was on the Rotterdam last fall also. They did two performances on one night. Both performances were different, one I liked the other not so much. The first show had a lot of current popular music, the second show featured a long tap dance sequence that wasn't preformed live it was all on a video screen.
  8. Shhhhh, we don't want everyone knowing how fabulous the retreats really are! I prefer it when the area is referred to as tent city. It sounds so unappealing, that way when I want to rent a cabana for a week they are not all booked. I have been on the Vista ships before the Retreat area was put into place. That area was always a dead zone and not generating any income. Now it generates money on a regular basis. The only expense is the original build, maintenance, and the staffing of 2 cabana stewards. I'm confident the rental fees of the cabanas more than cover the expense. Otherwise, HAL wouldn't keep adding them to the new ships and retrofitting the old ships.
  9. Unless you like to play evening trivia. If memory serves me correctly, trivia is at 7pm.
  10. We had the EXACT same issues off/ on for our entire 11 day sailing on the Zuiderdam last December! Frustrating!!
  11. KK, I know this was just a simple typo and you did indeed mean dinner. However, it gave me a bit of a chuckle and an ewwww at the same time. I had recently read a book about the Donner Party tragedy in 1847. The Donners were indeed dinner and the chocolate desert would have been a blessing.
  12. OMG, this is super COOL!!!! Thank you for the information.
  13. You can charge the casino to your room before all the OBC is used up. Their computer system now can keep better track. However, be aware what shows on the navigator app will show the casino charges going against the OBC. This gives you a false picture.
  14. We specifically asked our dining room manager (Zuiderdam) about the above statement since we have heard similar statements mentioned many times on cruise critic. He stated that the tips handed to attendants do NOT go into a pool, regardless of whether tips are removed or left standing.
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