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  1. I agree completely! That also means that the servers are not true baristas like they used be in the Explorations cafe. Now they are bartenders assigned to the area. I think the quality of the product suffers. I'm not saying the servers don't care, just they don't have the coffee & tea experience the baristas did.
  2. I have been fortunate to be seated at hosted tables with HAL. The last time was probably 4 years ago though. So maybe they no longer have hosted tables?
  3. In November, the area the used to be a book swap had signs that the books needed to be returned at the end of the cruise. I was surprised to see there was no longer a leave a book, take a book shelf. It makes no sense to me not to have the book swap. It costs HAL nothing and it sort of makes up for the missing library!
  4. When I book the spa for a single instead of a couple I never thought I was penalized. However, I do appreciate when I book as a couple I get a discount because I pay for two. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. When I travel alone, I only have one bar bill, one casino bill, one shopping bill, one excursion bill. So when I travel with DH all those items double or more!! So I like the discount for a second person in the thermal spa. I think Ruth really gave great advice of trying to find another person to get you to the couple rate! I've done that in the past too. You don't have to be in the same cabin or use the spa at the same time either. It really becomes a win-win.
  5. Hmmm, that's interesting. I just got off the NA on 11/4 and the couples price for 7 days was $219 prebooked and $279 for two onboard. However, your dates 12/7-12/21 covers a 14 day period. So $299 seems like a real value (if it covers 14 days) for two or even for one at $169. $169 was the single price on our 7 day cruise.
  6. I would recommend booking the thermal spa in advance. The price you pay ahead maybe considerably lower than the rate on board. If it is less on board than what you prepaid you will be issued a refund. For our recent NA cruise, I pre-booked our couples thermal package and saved $60.
  7. Recently on the NA, the 7pm team trivia was replaced by team board games that could be considered family friendly. Scattegories was one such game I remember.
  8. Call me the odd man out, but I prefer the purples of the E! But both ships are FANTASTIC and beautiful.
  9. I can understand that! The reading selection really boggled my mind. I can see perhaps steering away from controversy, but certainly a more interesting book could have been chosen!
  10. I'm not sure what you mean read for free at home. You may not understand how the program works. The books are free to read, you just pickup a copy at the front desk and it's yours to use the duration of the cruise. My point in the post was if HAL is going to have a program such as the O reading group, they should at least promote so guests know it exists and how it works.
  11. For those of you that are interested the current onboard reading book is Save Me the Plums authored by Ruth Reichl. It is quite a deviation from the prior book club selection. I think the reading program is poorly promoted onboard. There is no signage either by the front desk where you pick up your copies of the book, nor is there any promotional signage in the Crows Nest near the "library". As a result we only had two participants in the reading recap on our recent NA sailing, my sister and myself.
  12. When I was on the Maasdam last spring in a Lanai, there were loungers available to those who did not have a Lanai. They were at the end of the Lanai rooms where the oceanview rooms are and also beside the double entrance doors.
  13. I LOVED the cold soups! I wish they would bring those back.
  14. That's the first thought that popped into my head. The Muppets are owned by Disney. I'm really surprised Disney gave the rights to use a similar product, the Puppets, on a competing cruise line. I think it's an exciting addition.
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