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  1. This is great news!! Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions.
  2. My apologies if this question has been asked and answered before. I did a search on this forum and came up with nothing. I just put a deposit down for a couple of cruises and got OBC (non-refundable) of approximately $500US per cruise. My TA asked if I wanted to pre-pay gratuities as part of my final payment. I was wondering if it is possible to not do this and instead have the daily gratuities covered by my OBC once I'm on the ship? As a solo traveller who doesn't drink, completely using up $500 US OBC in a week or 10 days will be impossible so thought using it to pay daily gratuities would be a good use of the extra OBC. TIA for feedback.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback and advice everyone. I've moved up the time of my Civi. pick-up. The downside (for me at least) is that I'll have to do self-disembarkation, but that's better than taking risks with not having enough time at the airport. Thanks again!!
  4. I'm going to be on the Jewel of the Seas arriving in Civitavecchia at 5am. I've scheduled RomeCabs for an 8am pick-up. My flight leaves at 11:35am and I'm travelling business class (in case that makes a difference to responses to my question). Should I change the pick-up time to 7:30am or do you think half an hour won't make that much of a difference? TIA
  5. I'm going to be staying in Rome in June for 4 nights pre-cruise. I've narrowed my choice of hotels down to three see below. I've checked out TripAdvisor and the reviews are all pretty similar. Wondering if anyone here at Cruise Critic have stayed at any of them and would they recommend it again pre-cruise. Also all 3 have some sort of roof top restaurant/terrace and I'm wondering what those are like in terms of view of the city. TIA - Hotel Forum Roma - Capo D'Africa - Hotel Monte Cenci
  6. I'm doing the June 23rd Greek Islands cruise. How about yourself?
  7. I'm cruising on the Jewel from Civitavecchia and using Royal transfer (travelling solo so it's the cheapest option). Based on your post and reference to CAD, I'm guessing you may be thinking about the 11:45am FCO to Toronto flight (that's the flight I'm taking). My travel agent called Royal and they said I would be ok using Royal transfer to catch that flight (my Travel Agent didn't say anything about needing to do self-disembark, but I'll check and see if she can find out).
  8. Just wondering - I'm Canadian and have a Nexus card which I think is technically issued by the US Government (not sure though). Would that Nexus card count as government issued identification?
  9. Good Afternoon all, I did a search for this but came up empty handed - apologies if it has been answered before. I was wondering if anyone has any experience/reviews of Niki (Vlachou) Olympic Tours Shared Tours in Santorini, Mykonos or Katakolon ? I've read some good reviews about her on TripAdvisor but I wanted to get some feedback from cruisers using shared tours. TIA
  10. Hi all, Did a search on this but couldn't find anything so my apologies if it has been asked and answered before. Next year for the first time I'll be travelling to Europe with a smartphone (that works on Google Android if that makes a difference) that supports apps like TripAdvisor, SeatGuru etc.. I was a little overwhelmed by all the apps for Rome and was wondering if there are any specific apps that people would recommend using - to find your way around, get a little bit of information about the sites etc.. I'll be in Rome for 3.5 days pre-cruise. TIA
  11. Thanks for all the feedback everyone - appreciate it.
  12. Thanks for all the posts everyone. I searched and couldn't find the review that mentioned it, so maybe it was a figment of my imagination or I was being too selective in the reviews I was double checking. I've got a year until my cruise (end of June 2019), so it might be a moot point by then. Just thought I'd ask now since my cruise is relatively early next year there might not be enough cruises on that itinerary to find out. Thanks again everyone!!
  13. Hi, Thanks for looking it up - but unfortunately that wasn't the one. I searched some more and while I recognized some of the reviews I couldn't find the one that referenced open dining in Santorini :(
  14. I was reading a recent Jewel review of the Greek Isles itinerary out of Civitavecchia. It mentioned that they didn't have fixed dining the day they were in Santorini because of how late the ship was in port. Unfortunately it didn't go into details. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this, knows what happens, can provide any insights? TIA
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