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  1. Good morning! This is just a question, but... We have an Alaskan cruise booked this summer. We had wanted an aft stateroom when we booked several months ago, but the only one available was accessible. The cruise date is nearing and as I continue to look at available staterooms, that one continues to show availability. We personally don't care if it has a roll in shower...we would love to have the aft balcony. Will Celebrity allow us to move to the cabin if we do not need an accessible cabin or is it being held open in case someone who needs it wants to book it? We are certainly not looking to take the stateroom away from someone who needs it, but every website offers it as available in the C2 category (which is what we currently have booked). If they did let us switch, would we be at risk of being moved should it be needed later? Thank you all in advance.
  2. Safe to assume that RCCL has removed all the romaine from their US based ships?
  3. Allure! Allure! Allure! I've been on all except Symphony (next week) but Allure had the BEST entertainment. Mamma Mia is amazing and Blue Planet is the best show I've ever seen. Trust me...Allure!!!
  4. You're right, its awful. Happy to take it off your hands. Let me know...
  5. LOL...didn't mean to start a brawl! I'll be disembarking in Miami in 2 weeks and flying out of FLL to get home. I'll post what we are given. Thanks everyone!
  6. I'm hoping that is the case, but the last posting I saw on CC about this only had LV being available if you flew out of MIA.
  7. Those are the ones you would want to swing with....they get great perks!
  8. Sailing soon on Symphony. Two questions: Has anyone had difficulty making reservations at any of the specialty restaurants once on board (because you can't do it beforehand with the UDP)? if yes, which restaurants were the most difficult to reserve? Do you need to make reservations to go at lunch? How does the UDP work a the a Lacarte venues like Playmakers and Izumi? Thanks all!
  9. We are big fans of the martini bars on Celebrity (good drinks, great entertainment). I don't see a dedicated "martini bar" on Symphony. Can anyone say what would be the closest?
  10. Hi Roger: Did you have any problems getting reservations in the specialty restaurants with the UDP?
  11. Hi Rome: We are leaving next week and had OBC that wasn't going to be applied until boarding (from RC credit card points). I called RC and they told me that the type of OBC we had would refunded if we didn't use it all, so we went ahead and ordered the UDP using the cruise planner. That way we got double points for using our RC card, and if we don't us the OBC during our cruise, we will get a refund anyway. Have fun!
  12. Barb in GA nailed it. I've been on Quantum, Anthem, Oasis and Allure (x2) and leaving for Symphony soon. Allure has been my hands down favorite.
  13. I'm D+ and was going to wait and do the 30% off, but I don't know if that means I have to pay a port tax in Miami or wait until we are out to sea. So I went with the 25% and got it for $47/pp. Not great, but at least I can start drinking for "free" as soon as I board!
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