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  1. Thank you! I had looked at the possibility of doing this and will try to book now. Was it easy to find your way around? I wouldn't want to get lost!
  2. What are the taxis like. If they're mini van types maybe we can just hire one for a tour, parking his scooter and just taking his walker. Does that sound doable?
  3. My husband uses a mobility scooter. What are some things he can easily do on these islands. Are the taxis large enough to put it in the back assuming you can hire one at the pier for sightseeing. I would hate to not be able to explore the islands so any advice I be appreciated.
  4. Hiring private scooter accessible vans is very expensive. Can anyone recommend a tour they've taken that they've enjoyed that is reasonably priced? Is there anything you did on your own in any of these ports? My husband uses a mobility scooter for distance but a walker for a very small distance if this makes a difference. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Great news. I'll book as soon as we board. Thanks!
  6. Will the specialty restaurants and shows still have availability w9hen we board or is there a way to do it now. Our sail date is Oct 20. Love those food pictures!
  7. I usually avoid them too but needed it for the handicapped accessible Haven cabin. I was afraid the crowds in the rest of the ship would be a problem on a mobility scooter and the Haven area sounded like a better option.
  8. Thanks for all the information. Sounds like something for motion sickness may be needed. Saretaj, that balcony is amazing. From what I can tell ours will be very tiny.
  9. Is it necessary to reserve seats for shows instead of just showing up? If just show uo how early do you need to be?
  10. Love the pictures but ours is an H7 so I'm sure not as nice.
  11. What do you mean about the concierge will get you whatever you want? Does that mean items from the specialty restaurants can be ordered in the Haven restaurant?
  12. We cruise mostly on Celebrity but just booked the Escape to Bermuda. We booked an accessible forward penthouse cabin. If anyone has been in this cabin or similar in this location can you tell me if there's a lot of movement sailing to Bermuda. How does this cabin compare to a sky suite on Celebrity? Is the Haven as nice as the suite only areas on the revolutionized ships? How is the Haven restaurant and when can you book the specialty restaurants? Is the ship handicapped friendly? Any other helpful info appreciated!
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