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  1. on this note, what happens if we have a cabana and we meet people onboard that we want to share it with? can we add names before we get there (At the moment its just me and the wife)
  2. I have an oasis lagoon pool cabana for 339.00 (plus some other discounts bringing me down to 256.00) for next week. I jumped at that and since I purchased it, it has gone 500.00 and more... you can get a deal sometimes and to me its going to be worth it for the price I paid
  3. Directly from an email I just got for my trip in a few days (Grandeur of the seas) Access of the Concierge Club, located on Deck 11 just right beside the Viking Crown lounge. ( Using your GOLDEN sea pass card ). Upgraded amenities for the bathroom. Continental breakfast and special coffee served in the lounge daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 am Lunch on Boarding day in The Great Gatsby Dining Room Deck 4 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm Hors d’oeuvres, petit fours and complimentary bar setup served in the lounge every evening before and after dinner from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Daily menus displayed at the lounge and pre-ordering for your dinner wine. Full Dining Room room-service privilege (available when Dining Room is open times only) Reservations for our Specialty restaurant, sports activities, Shore excursion! Spa appointments. Arrangements for private parties. Spa Bathrobes for use onboard. Business services such as copies, statements and any print outs, boarding passes, etc... Reserved VIP seats for production shows.(Please show Cruise Director’s staffs your Gold Sea Pass card at the entrance). Exclusive Suite private breakfast at CHOPS GRILLE from Day 2 onwards at Deck 6 Aft 7:30 am to 9:30 am, Including departure morning (6:45 AM to 8:00 AM).
  4. Texas at Baltimore - 30 - 3 08/22/2007 *shrugs*
  5. and I was going to say Yankees win by 25 runs the first game... 30 runs the second game and they will not hit as well the 3rd game and win by only 12 and the clincher by 10 (seems just as likely as your prediction)
  6. Here is how the slot pull from my cruise coming up is going to work (I am not the organizer) SLOT PULL - $21 per person, exact change, please. Day 2, October 18th, 11am, meet near the bar. Look for *******. The plan is to play on a $1 Wheel of Fortune machine, for $7 a spin, so we are eligible for the Gold Spin. Bring your Luck along! - - SLOT PULL RULES –- Each participant will pay a predetermined amount ($21.00 for this slot pull).- a numbered chip will be picked to determine pull order - * See also below.- we will pick a machine with an easily divisible option for determining number of pulls per person.- all money is loaded into the machine.- once the first pull is made, no others can join in; the game is considered closed. - each person will have the same number of pulls at the slot machine. - all money is left in the machine until the last person has had their turn. - after each pull the amount is recorded. - after the last person has taken their turn, the slot pull is over. - the money left in the machine is distributed equally to the participants, down to the nearest Dollar. - any remaining change will be considered a “top winner pot” and will be given to the player who won the most money on their combined spins. *Starting with the lowest numbered chip picked, the person will have the option to place their sea-pass into the selected slot machine and will earn the casino points. This option will continue in sequence until a participant opts to place their sea-pass in the machine. If there is a large win, the person with their sea-pass in the machine could be responsible for income tax implications
  7. go on the balcony the next time they smoke.. ask them to please stop smoking. let them reply any way they choose. RECORD THE CONVERSATION take it to security.
  8. if you feel its a good price, you can book it and if something better comes along you can cancel and rebook something else. this way you lock in a good price . if you wait.. the thing you might want might be sold out or much higher in price Just food for thought
  9. I am also going in March 2020. Can you tell me the difference between 'open bar ' (the original) and having the 'drink package ' (which is what are switched to)?
  10. I truly hope this is definitive https://www.marijuana.com/news/2016/10/can-you-bring-marijuana-on-a-cruise-ship/ “Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. follows the (U.S.) Federal Law regardless of each state/countries’ recreational marijuana laws. Per Federal Law, Medical Marijuana is still considered illegal.” If thats not final enough.... Im not sure what will be
  11. please provide documentation that ferries go into international waters https://www.straight.com/news/632216/bc-ferries-evacuation-systems-come-under-fire But if you thought B.C. Ferries vessels would be bound by SOLAS, you’d be wrong. Because B.C. Ferries doesn’t operate in international waters, its ships are not required by Transport Canada to be SOLAS-compliant. Only the Greek-built MV Northern Adventure on B.C.’s north coast is SOLAS-compliant.
  12. Im sorry but it seems pretty simple to me.
  13. of course you can... ferries are owned and operated by Canada and can have modified laws. Royal Caribbean is NOT owned and solely operated by Canada so it CAN and most likely do have exceptions.
  14. Canadian controlled ferries that might have government agreements maybe?
  15. if you go into international waters (more than 12 miles out I believe)... its leaving the country... plain and simple. It doesnt matter at all where your destination is. if someone rapes another person and is in international waters (I dont care if its 1 mile into international waters) and they are going back to the same country... YOU ARE STILL IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS and the International waters laws apply. You are confusing international borders with the starting port and the next port... Ports make NO difference
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