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  1. Hello fellow cruisers, I was on the Koningsdam for four back-to-back sailings this Summer and Fall and the internet worked as it had on past cruises. I was able to switch back and forth between my iPhone and iPad freely. I would get a message asking if I wanted to log off my other device in order to log in to my second device. Once I clicked “yes” I was logged in. Actually, I had been pleasantly surprised by the strength of the internet signal throughout the trip as it worked much better than other cruises I’ve been on. So I hope they’re not making changes. Andrea
  2. Hi Jacqui, Sorry you didn’t have a good experience and sorry you and Jose won’t be joining. It’s always fun to sail with you. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t appear they’ve opened any segments yet (perhaps that the reason for the waitlist notation). Hope you, Jose and the puppies have a wonderful summer. Andrea
  3. I might be very interested. Thank for for looking into safaris and let me know what you find out ptsaint. How fun, planning for a new adventure. Thank you, Andrea
  4. I believe you will be able to embark from Boston on October 3rd, New York on October 5th or Ft. Lauderdale on October 8th. HAL is targeting the end of May to release the official itinerary and pricing. A proposed itinerary was given to those of us on the Prinsendam and Amsterdam. Looks very interesting. Andrea
  5. Hello Roy, Hope you are enjoying your current adventures. Yes, my bottle was awaiting my return without a hitch (didn’t even need to ask for it), along with my piece of luggage. As always, the crew of the Prinsendam are wonderful. Thanks for asking. Andrea
  6. Safe travels! Enjoy Lisbon! The Prinsendam is eagerly awaiting your arrival. I look forward to seeing you and Jose soon! Andrea
  7. Hello Kathi, Was happy to join you in person for part of your voyage and then vicariously for the rest. Safe travels and welcome home. Andrea
  8. Hello Roy, Was happy to join you in person for part of your voyage and then vicariously for the rest. Safe travels and happy sailing. Andrea
  9. That is my understanding. We’ll just have to wait now for thr finali Itinerary to be published to see the specifics Andrea
  10. Makes sense. What I was told when I was on the Prinsendam last month is that it will be an 80 day cruise if leaving from Boston or a little less if you booked it as a round trip Ft. Lauderdale and that it would end before Christmas. Looking forward to finding out itinerary. Andrea
  11. I was able to make a future cruise deposit for Grand Asia 2021, but without any specifics or confirmation that it will in fact happen. My understanding is that HAL may announce 2020 Grand Africa sooner, because Sheryll (future cruise consultant) was hoping she might be able to share details with me even before I disembarked last week. There was quite a bit of interest in this cruise and already several reservations made. If and and when I hear anything further, I will certainly share details. Andrea
  12. I actually disembarked in Buenos Aires last week so have not been able to get further information. I think HAL is supposed to be announcing the specifics of the Grand Africa soon though. Andrea
  13. Hello all, I am currently on the Grand South America/Antarctica cruise and sometimes rumors do become true. Per the onboard fcc, there will indeed be a Grand Africa on the Amsterdam in the fall of 2020 lasting 60-80 days round trip from either Boston or Ft. Lauderdale. No specifics yet about itinerary or pricing. But you are able to place a $100 hold which will guarantee you a reservation when the booking officially opens. (I did). Should be exciting one (even without knowing the exact ports). Also, per Cheryl, the Amsterdam will again do a Grand Asia in the fall of 2021 (which they are accepting pre-reservation holds for). Let it you know I f I learn more. AndreaB Colorado
  14. Captain Albert is currently sailing with us on the Prinsendam and just gave a talk on the History of the Prinsendam. He acknowledged hearing the same rumors and said that he asked the home office and was not given any definitive information. However, he did not disavow the rumors either. So, we may need to wait and see, but still make sure to enjoy her between now and end of ‘19. AndreaB
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