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  1. I’m crying to. So happy for the passengers that they now can continue on their journey home. They must be so relieved. God speed. Andrea
  2. Thank you Roy for sharing. We can enjoy as part of our stay at home virtual cruise. Andrea
  3. I cancelled my two on March 9th and also have not heard or received anything from HAL yet. Andrra
  4. Welcome home Kathi! So glad you made it safely and are sleeping in your own bed! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Andrea
  5. Welcome home Sherita! So glad you’re back safe and sound! What a very long “30 minutes.” Stay healthy my friend. Andrea
  6. For what it’s worth, I was told we would receive an email notifying us when the FCC is posted to our account. Andrea
  7. I did call and was told they are very very slowly working through the queue in order of when the cancellation was done. They said it’s unprecedented and did not have a timeframe but that they are diligently working through the pile. So we’ll see. Andrea
  8. I cancelled May 9th and still no refund. I will be calling tomorrow. Andrea
  9. Sherita, thinking of you and wishing you Godspeed and safe travels til you’re back with your grandkids agin. I’m sure you can’t wait to give them a big hug. Think of the stories you have for them (and us). Before long hopefully and no doubt you’ll be back to adventuring again. Andrea
  10. Safe travels Roy and stay well. Andrea
  11. I’m so sorry Kathy. Safe travels and stay well. Andrea
  12. My departure is April 4th on the Niuew Amsterdam (for 48 days) and I have not yet heard anything from HAL either. I so appreciate the shared information on this board to help inform our decision. I am very torn about whether to sail or not. However, knowing we have until the end of the month to see how this situation progresses both here and in Europe reduces my anxiety level (at least a little). AndreaB Colorado
  13. The August 3rd sailing was available on the website for one day last week, but then it disappeared. Hopefully, we’ll see them soon. Andrea
  14. I believe they’re called “family” because there’s enough room for 4 adults instead of two.
  15. FYI, You can book the August 7th voyage online now. Still the only one listed. Andrea
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