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  1. Congrats on snagging FTTF! Take good care of Magic. We'll be on her the end of November!
  2. I'm totally fine with this. (Especially since we already have our reservation for Nov and it says the old price would be honored! But seriously, I'm fine with it on a going-forward basis too.) Even better is the return of the cheesecake! It's not the best dessert onboard by any means, but I did think it was the best dessert in the steakhouse. I was looking forward to trying some of the appetizers on the new menu, but none of the desserts really appealed to me. Looks like I'll be getting the cheesecake in Nov!
  3. Thanks for the head's up OP! Just added it to my card. And perfect timing too. Our final payment is due on Tuesday.
  4. Local colloquialisms are fun! I grew up in Ohio but now live in Georgia. I still try to "stick to my roots" and call it "pop" but I've noticed myself slowly changing over to "soda" since moving to the Coca-Cola capital of the world. Also, it's sneakers, not tennis shoes, unless they are specifically made for playing tennis. And BBQ is anything done on the outdoor grill (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc). And running the vacuum cleaner is called "sweeping". :)
  5. Carnival doesn't count cruises anymore. They count days. For all the reasons listed, I'd stick with the 7 day over a 3/4 B2B. Just as you were getting settled in on the first leg, it'd be time to pack, debark, embark, and settle in again.
  6. OMG...another vote for the breakfast burritos! I them at least 2 mornings on every cruise. Breakfast burritos and Guy's burgers are my two all-time favorites!
  7. Never heard of this, but I would like it!
  8. Does Destiny count as a former ship even though she's technically still around? If so, that's my choice. I know she had a bad rap and many negative reviews (which I feel was the catalyst to her being completely overhauled and renamed), but my cruise on her was great!
  9. BREEZE! I love her! I've also sailed Dream and have Magic booked later this year. The Dream class is my favorite because of the layout, food choices, etc.
  10. I believe this is because Cheers is charged through the Fun Shops and the Fun Shops' charges show up differently than regular Carnival reservation charges.
  11. This! It's the only time during the cruise that I drink the Fun Ship Special, but it's what I did on my first cruise and continue to do out of tradition. It truly signals that I'm on vacation. :)
  12. Another vote for Breeze! Sailed on her twice and she's my favorite ship!
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