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  1. Well, after the announcement yesterday regarding the travel restrictions, I felt the only logical thing to do would be to cancel the cruise, which we did. Good luck to those going forward!
  2. No reason to think it won't drop further. Hold off buying!
  3. There is a rumor that the ship may be moved to Iceland/Norway. I think that would be wonderful!
  4. Do you have to pay for the movies (i.e. pay per view?) or do they just play on a channel that you can watch without an upcharge?
  5. I am scheduled to go on the Nieuw Amsterdam ship out of Fort Lauderdale on April 4th to Spain April 17th. We booked it through HAL directly, including the flight back. I'm trying to figure out if this will be canceled or changed in some way. Details are sparse from HAL directly. If Spain becomes a Corona virus target, would the ship go elsewhere, or would they potentially cancel the 13 day cruise entirely? Will HAL help with the flight back as it was booked through them? Definitely still looking forward to the trip, but also don't want to be in Quarantine for a month!
  6. try an MSC cruise in the yacht club- their version of the haven. unlimited drinks of all types- alcohol or not, in both your room as well as anywhere on the ship. Cheaper than the Haven with far more perks and better service.
  7. We went on the Divina. The the entertainment had a very European feel. The shows included opera singers, a Michael Jackson dancer, and some stage shows that used pre-recorded music. I'd say overall the entertainment on a larger NCL ship is more attuned to Americans' expectations.
  8. Another product to look at is the MSC Yacht Club. We did Haven on the Getaway a few years back, then did the Yacht Club the following year. The Yacht Club was significantly less expensive, but included far more perks; Free drinks around the ship for EVERYONE, a great restaurant that had different menus at EVERY meal (the Haven Restaurant had the same menu every single day). It had a very nice lounge with free snacks, free drinks, nightly violinists and pianists, and daily high tea service. The pool on the YC was larger than the Haven's, and had butlers coming by non-stop bringing you drinks and food (and you never had to flash a card or anything.) There were a few Haven passengers on our Yacht Club trip, and we all agreed it was a superior value and product. That said, I'm next doing NCL Escape (non-Haven) as there is no MSC ship close to me in NYC, and the water park is better on NCL.
  9. We're going on the trip because of teacher's week, too. We're in NJ and it's a very simple drive for us. Plan on more kids than XMas. My kids are 5 and 7, but they're cute. 😉
  10. I am going on the Anthem of the Seas November 3rd, and I'm finding the website a bit frustrating to use. Since I booked the trip months ago, I've been checking regularly to try to schedule the skydiving, surfing, North Star, and bumper car activities to no avail. There are options for me to purchase some sort of ultimate surfing adventure for several hundred dollars, it doesn't seem like there is a way to schedule any of the "free" activities on board (we did book the shows, though.) Anyone have any suggestions on how you book the North Star, sky diving, surfing, etc... prior to getting on the ship? Thanks
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