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  1. I just booked the Mardi Gras. Only 702 days to go!!!!!!!
  2. We are on the same cruise. I was wondering the same. I have been checking since the hurricane, nothing yet.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I was starting to think that no one on these boards had ever stayed at this hotel!
  4. Out of our 6 cruises, we have only traveled the day of twice. On our last cruise, out of San Juan, we flew in the morning of, due to the late departure. Even though everything went fine, I will admit I was a bundle of nerves until I was on the ship! For our upcoming Pride cruise, even though we are driving in, we are still going a day early, mainly for peace of mind.
  5. My favorite thing the day before is to get checked in at hotel! That way, I know our cruise is here!!!
  6. My DW purchased these for upcoming Pride cruise. Our 6 previous cruises, we just taped the daylights out of the tags around the handles of our luggage, never had an issue.
  7. DV and I have had early dining for all 6 of our previous cruises. For our upcoming Pride cruise, we may have to do YTD. My SIL and BIL just decided on Friday to go with us. According to our TA, they are confirmed for late dining and waitlisted to be blended and seated with us early. If that doesn't work, I'll have the TA switch all of us to YTD.
  8. I would as well, as our 25th anniversary is Sept. 2021.
  9. Now that we will be joined by my BIL and SIL, I am trying to figure out what 5 of us can do. Probably shopping or just walking around, depending on the weather in early October. Or maybe I will ship them off while enjoy a couple of drinks!!!
  10. I have had the same nightmare prior to all 6 of our previous cruises. As much as I plan and make lists, I always think I have forgotten something, usually regarding documents, until we are successfully on the ship. Then it goes away!!!
  11. Thank you as well! I will have to write all this stuff down in my notes so I don't forget,lol!
  12. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I am sure we will have a great cruise!
  13. I have a question regarding the Hub App. The three of us have it downloaded on our phones already. My question is this: Where do I/we pay the $5.00 per phone to use the onboard chat feature? Can I do it pre-cruise or do I have to wait until we are on board?
  14. I am torn between a Miami Vice and a Long Island Iced Tea. Have to decide before October!
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