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  1. We never used that piece. We just assumed it was extra seating.
  2. Haha, that is part of my permanent list of requests for the butler on the first day. Great minds think alike. I got the idea from someone on one of these threads. I have a printed copy I hand to the butler on the first day to make it easier for both of us. I always request throw blankets and towels for the furniture. It was cold on our trip to Japan, but, we were still able to enjoy cozy naps on the balcony with our blankets.
  3. I also play a little and missed the piano. The chair is pretty much useless. I hope they replace it with comfortable seating if some sort. Enjoy your trip on Summit.
  4. The square blocks are still there, they have just been repurposed. They are being used as tables instead of seating. This function works much better.
  5. Hi Chemmo, All of the furniture on the balcony is very heavy except the pillows. We went through some rough seas on our way to Japan and nothing went overboard. I secured the pillows before the rocking and rolling started, 😂. I agree, the PH on M class is the best in the fleet. I love the kitchen and the huge balcony. Of course, there are more restaurants and night activities on the S class ships. We are booked in a PH on Eclipse for a March sailing from Chile. I will miss the balcony and the full sized refrigerator with ice, 😢. Yea, the floor medallion in the foyer, pre-revolution was nice. Actually, what I miss most was the shelf in the foyer which is where I used to put my key card, 😂. I used the desk in the living room instead.
  6. I think pictures don’t do it justice. When I first saw the pictures posted by another CC member, I thought the same thing, but, withheld judgement until I experienced it. We have stayed in room 6147 on Infinity, pre-retrofit so we know what it looked like before. Other than what I mentioned earlier, the new configuration is a great improvement and change on the old, dated decor. It is really hard to see the depth and textures of the monochromatic color scheme via photographs. Of course, everyone has different tastes. I, for one, am glad that Celebrity continues to upgrade in order to keep up with the times. Sometimes it is necessary to reinvent oneself in order to stay relevant and I am sure that was a part of their thought process going into these changes. I liked some of the solstice changes and some not so much. I miss the Bistro on 5, but, I’ve come to enjoy Sushi on five as well. Now we are on to ”Edgification”. In my world, new experiences are why I travel, so, I was excited by the revolution reinvention and looked forward to it. I was more than pleased with the results. I loved the Retreat and the Retreat Sundeck changes. My absolute favorite part of the PH was the balcony. The space was utilized in a much more functional and comfortable way. Even on cold Drizzly days, I was able to nap on the oversized daybeds outside the bedroom slider door.
  7. It was really nice to meet you. We had a very active group on this cruise. It was a nice group of fun people. I’m glad you enjoyed the tour. We did too. There have been a lot of interesting design changes ship wide.
  8. Hcat-The Refrigerator is stocked with your drinks of choice. We typically like to have Perrier’s, still water, beer, wine and some drink mixers like orange and cranberry juice. You can order from most of the restaurants and the room service menu and also keep food in the refrigerator if you want. We had our butler bring fruit and cheese daily which we stored there. Sheffield - there is a table with seating for at least 7. The black chairs have arms. The other seating is on couches. I’ve attached a close up.
  9. We just got back from the September 6th Vancouver to Japan sailing of the Celebrity Millenium about a month ago. It was an amazing trip and the ship is beautiful and fresh. Our butler, Nelson, did a great job anticipating our wants and needs. We stayed in the Penthouse Suite room 6147. Before this sailing I was searching for photos of the room and had difficulty finding many good pictures. I was able to see someone’s posting before our recent trip of the Summit’s Penthouse Suite which was nice. She shared a lot of great pics which gave us an idea of what to expect. I want to pay it forward and share some of our own pictures. In particular, there have been some changes to the balcony furniture since the original revolution which are particularly nice. We loved the balcony and feel the furniture arrangement was perfect and a much better use of the space than the pre-revolution furniture. The newer decor makes the room much brighter which was nice. There are only two things I would change. One is the uncomfortable, round statement chair which took the place of the piano. When a person sits in it, their head is angle in a very uncomfortable way which creates painful stress on the neck. Also, it is difficult for a person to get out of the seat. The other thing I would change would be the balcony hot tub. It is extremely shallow for one person, let alone two to sit in. There is enough space for a larger tub on the balcony and it would be nice if Celebrity put in a more usable tub for two. Please enjoy.
  10. I always bring my own hair care products. I like the It’s a 10 line. I also use leave in conditioner daily. Of course, what works for me might not work for someone else. I have thick curly hair.
  11. If you have Kaiser, they pay for the typhoid vaccination. Kaiser also has a very streamlined travel nurse process. They evaluate your records and tell you what you need during a phone consult. They then order whatever vaccination you need, send you travel advisories for the area you will travel to and you can get your vaccinations at your local Kaiser in many cases. I get my typhoid vaccination every two years as recommended. Sherri
  12. I look forward to it. I’m glad they are changing up the shows and adding something new. I could only take so many Motown reviews and magician shows. I stopped going. I’ll be going to this show!
  13. I get every immunization the travel nurse recommends. There are active measles outbreaks in Japan, Europe and the US right now. If your insurance pays for it, you can also have a titer run to see if a prior vaccination is still effective. My insurance company did that for me and my measles immunizations from the 60’s and 70’s were still effective so I did not have to repeat my measles vaccination. Also, you might want to make sure you have a pertussis vaccination. Sherri
  14. The Shore Side Concierge just told me the Captain for Millennium will soon be Captain Charalampos (Charis) Theocharis. Is anyone familiar with him? Is he personable and one to walk the ship talking to passengers? Sherri
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