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  1. We have been to Nuku Hiva twice and enjoyed both visits very much. We did Temarama Tours the first time, explored the beautiful island and had no issues tendering nor docking.I recommend reading “Typee,” by Herman Melville before you go. You will see the Taipei valley he visited and the location of the story. The second visit we toured with Nuku-Hiva Tours and were able to visit additional archeological sites, one of which had 3 original tikis, petroglyphs and were able to enjoy a light lunch at Yvonne’s. The Norte Dame Cathedral, Taiohae is also worth a visit and the hand carved wood crafts
  2. I’ll check it out. The Diamond in 2018 I presume?
  3. Thanks, again! I see now why I was confused. I found your post on the “ports of call” South Pacific Islands thread , not a roll call. I haven’t even checked Roll calls for other cruises board for info. We will be on the Maasdam in Feb/March. Do you have any thoughts for Vava u activities or excursions?
  4. Ellie 1145, Thank-you for the info and photos. It is very helpful and will aid us in planning our ports! Sorry if I asked for info you already posted. I didn’t see another post from you after Nextholiday?’s original question, Jan 2. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what a “thread” is as I thought that is where this one began.
  5. May I ask what you did on Dravuni, Vanuatu and Suvasuva, or want you learned and plan to do this time? If you booked tours, with whom? We like to snorkel Thank-you!
  6. Hello! Would. You mind posting the name and/or contact info of your tour operator? We will be. There early March. Thank-you.
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