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  1. Hello we are looking forward to the 17 Day Canada & Greenland cruise aboard the Emerald Princess. Does anyone know of a restaurant in the port of St.Johns that serves a traditional Newfoundland meal of salt meat and cabbage ? The ship will be in on Sunday August 25 2024. Thanks Russ
  2. NCL has us booked on a 1215pm flight from Houston to Toronto. We have the transfer with NCL booked back to the airport on January 26 2024. Would we be better to take a cab to the airport ? How much will it cost for 4 people ? This is for the January 19 2024 cruise on the Prima from Galveston.
  3. We are booked on the Emerald Princess for August 11 2024. Our main concern would be the bugs in August. We have driven to Churchill Falls Labrador and in the summer you need to wear a bug screen to protect your head as they are very plentiful at that time of year. We travel to Newfoundland once a year and looking at ship tours you would be better to hire a local cab to see places like St. Johns NL. I rec0mmend seeing Signal Hill and doing a self walk tour of George Street as they are close to the ship.
  4. I talked to the NCL flight dept and they cant change the flight since it was booked thru the special 1 flies free offer. What I had to do was cancel the return flight and book one myself . I only get 50% of the return flight cost back from NCL and paid for return flight myself. I still managed to save $300. off the normal return flight cost. If I booked myself both flights cost $1500. return on Air Canada. Now I just hope there are no weather issues like last year in Toronto when hundreds of flights had been cancelled at the same time. I am so jealous of people that can drive to a cruise in a few hours. Oh we had a light dusting of snow yesterday here north of Toronto.
  5. Hello I am booked on the January 19 2024 cruise on the NCL Prima. 2 people in our group of 10 got their flight times today . they leave Toronto at 825am arrive Houston 1115am . On the return flight they are booked 1215am from Houston arriving 415pm in Toronto. Last time we sailed we were told return flights must be 2pm or later . For an international flight you need to check in 3 hours ahead and be cleared thru customs an hour before your flight. Can anyone let me know how their travel experience by ship bus to Houston airport was. Thanks Russ
  6. I will be celebrating my 70th Birthday onboard the Celebrity Equinox sailing January 19th 2024. So far 10 people are coming with us on the same cruise. I hope to be able to have dinner seating together for all of us. Has anyone else been able to get group seating in restaurants on ship ?
  7. I am a non smoker so I stay the hell away from any of them. I dont even take a shortcut thru the casino to get other places on the ship.
  8. I will be sailing out of Galveston in January 2024. I booked the Tremont hotel myself at a lower cost than what NCL offers. I will be using the ships transfer service since it is similar in price to taking a cab. Any tips on sailing out of this port would be appreciated as it has been at least 10 years since we did. We are sailing with a group of about 20 so far to celebrate my 70th birthday. Thanks Russ
  9. I booked dinner reservations for an upcoming cruise in October using onboard credit. Instead of charging to onboard credit they fully charged my credit card when they should have only charged the overage. I am not impressed at all. I decided to fly down ahead of the cruise and they charged a fee to do this. With my own airline there is no charge for changes. Lets see how long it takes them to credit back charges to my card and how long it takes. I will not travel with them again.
  10. I did get a discount on both when I talked to Kiara the other day when I booked the second cruise.
  11. Thanks so will I need cruise documents to reboard again ?
  12. I will be doing our first B2B cruise in October. I understand we need to exit the ship so it can be cleaned. Can we just wait at the cruise port lounge then get back on board since we don't need to go in town. We are on the Equinox Oct 8-14th & Oct 14-22nd cruises. This cruise is for my Wife to celebrate her 70th birthday.
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