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  1. I’m supposed to be on her right now! 🤞🏻 For September!
  2. Does anyone have an email address for submitting the stockholder form?
  3. It’s a lot to think about. We have a journeys cruise to Hawaii that we’ve been planning for a year now. Three cabins. Six people. Lots of logistics involved. Unless the airline or carnival cancels, we are going. We do have travel insurance. Carnivals new policy makes it easy to go either way. We are going ahead as planned for now.
  4. We are booked on a journeys cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver in April. We are going unless Carnival cancels. Loving that we have OBC to spend now. Trying not to buy into the panic and be excited about our cruise again.
  5. We are on this cruise too! So excited. 😁
  6. Just got off the breeze Saturday. My favorite ship so far! Food was great. No issues at all. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Yes it’s for the April Hawaii Cruise! Several months to go. But working on booking flights, hotels and wanted to have a clear understanding of the process. I’ll definitely check the port schedule. Always part of my cruising ritual. Helps me know how crazy the port/airport might be. We are actually flying home the day after we disembark. We can’t be in Vancouver and not do a little sightseeing before heading home. Looking forward to visiting your city!
  8. If we have a 1:05 flight from YVR to SeaTac on a Tuesday what time would you suggest we arrive at the airport? I’m also assuming from the above posts that we will clear customs and immigrations before departing YVR. We only have an hour layover in Seattle and I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough time for that process. Thank you in advance!
  9. Would Uber be the best way to get back to the port?
  10. Thank you so much for all the information! We are doing the ten day Honolulu to Vancouver in April 2020. Enjoyed seeing the menus and the fun times! It’s hard to find reviews of the Hawaiian cruises Thanks again.
  11. I’ve planned several cruises with friend groups. I have a PVP with carnival that we used for years. However, now I use a friend that’s a travel agent. She is usually able to provide more onboard credit and sends gifts to the cabins. I haven’t cruised out of Jacksonville, but Port Canaveral is so easy. There are usually good deals on hotels that have shuttles available to take you to the port. The conquest class is probably my favorite. I love the Freedom and the Liberty. Cruising is a great way for everyone to do their own excursions on port days and to re group on sea days and during dinner. We always have our reservations linked for dining. I also tell everyone our excursion plans, they’re welcome to join in if they wish. I usually email a list of excursions that are available and let them decide what they want to do with their day. It’s also a good idea to include a budget of some sort. Especially for first timers. Automatic gratuities, tipping guides and porters, room service, drink packages, etc. A packing list would be helpful too. Paying $20 for sunscreen isn’t fun! We usually have a dinner where we explore the ship online and talk through excursions, etc. it’s part of the fun! Remember it’s best to arrive the day before and always buy travel insurance! Happy cruising!
  12. What was your all aboard time? We want to spend the day doing some things in Honolulu. We are usually the first group onboard but since we have five sea days we will have plenty of ship time!
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