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  1. Just saw on Facebook that Deputy prime minister in Thailand will not allow the Westerdam to dock in his country. This is not good news for the souls on board if true. I'm sure that a lot of them have already booked flights home. Such an awful situation to be in. Dreadful thought but maybe it would have been better to have one suspected case and then the ship could have been quarantined somewhere like the Diamond princess has been. It seems the Westerdam is doomed to stay at sea.
  2. just a thought that I wanted to put out there. Many, many people have more than one passport issued by different countries. Wonder how HAL are going to be able to check if any of it's passengers on the upcoming Westerdam cruises have such a scenario. Hopefully it wont be just a case of providing one passport and not the other (which could show recent entries for black listed areas or countries). We know someone who went to Israel using one passport instead of her other one as that had stamps for Arabic countries. Just hoping that no one slips through the net.
  3. I too am on the 14th April cruise and following posts for information. It's very concerning for everyone and must be so difficult for cruise lines to deal with logistically. My hope is that avoiding China will be sufficient caution to allow the cruise to continue. I'm onboard until it docks in Vancouver and at the moment my mantra is "carry on cruising". This, of course, depends on how things evolve over the next 2 months.
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