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  1. This is the original poster of right hand left hand. Its supposed to be a new issue. Sorry, I do not have a clue what I did wrong. Can not delete it orvadd content.
  2. I have searched all over for the form or what I need to do should I have to transfer my booking back to HAL. I have only been able to find “transfer to”. Thank you.
  3. So, to everyone that has responded thank you. I thought I would update. My travel agent called yesterday. Of course I was driving and did not have my focus on the cruises. She said that she spoke with Holland America and told them to cancel. She said that it Is being done by departure date, and in a few weeks I will see the credit. Go home, tell husband the good news. He says can she put that in writing. I told him no I feel confident this will happen. Please tell me to relax . I have received no accounting from the travel agent, my reservations are still on my account, no cancellation number. I have never been in this situation where I had Fcc’s for canceling and future cruises. Should I take a chill pill or am I not being forceful enough. my cruises were for 3/29 and 4/5 th. thank you in advance
  4. Thank you. I just don’t want to rush to judgement. The industry is overwhelmed, but so am I. I don't appreciate not receiving even a quick email that I am in the line to be serviced. I will wait until Monday and then call HAL and see if We can try the office and get a manager to answer with HAl on the line. thank you. Cindy
  5. Thank you...I see agency to direct. I’m hoping that my travel agent is just overwhelmed and will get back to me soon. I called on Monday to cancel two cruises I have booked for 3/29 & 4/5. I have had no call yet. I was able to get through to HAL in 8 minutes yesterday and I told them that I wanted to cancel with the 72 hr policy, and what should I do if the agent does not get back back to me. She said call us back and we can call with you. I do have the medical compassion for cancel anytime as referenced in the letter. My husband is getting his last immunotherapy on Monday, which of course the dr says these cruises that were a celebration of getting this behind us, is now dr. a deal breaker with the corona virus.
  6. Thank you. Hopefully my issue will be resolved by T A or by just including HAL on the call.
  7. I have searched all over for the form or what I need to do should I have to transfer my booking back to HAL. I have only been able to find “transfer to”. Thank you.
  8. Thank you so much for this information. We are scheduled to go on 3/29 th &4/5th cruises. A celebration of my husband’s completion of immunotherapy, which at the time we booked seemed like a great idea for him to have something to look forward to. We see the dr. on Friday and see if she thinks this trip is still ok. Thank you again. And good wishes to everyone who choose to travel on and those who have decisions to make.
  9. I have had no luck getting through.... Has anyone been able to get through to HAL regarding the compassion policy and what form and or supporting documentation from your doctor is required and the procedure. Thanks in advance for sharing.
  10. I wish the buffets would be employee served like in Oceania...it works. I wish they would put up a sign that says sit down and eat... seriously, I can’t stand the people who “nibble” through the buffet. There was a lady who had an ear of corn she was eating and walking around the buffet...no plate, just walking and eating. Don’t know where she ditched the ear.
  11. Thank you. It looks cozy too. Maybe we will get an upsell offer.
  12. So, I just booked a cruise on the Statendam inside Room and was given room 4032. How noisy will it be... anyone been in this stateroom?
  13. I don't think the family should receive one cent. I think they need to drop the lawsuit. I don't think the grandfather should receive any jail time, he already is serving a life sentence and has to live with what he did. No amount of punishment could be worse than knowing that by your actions alone, you caused this horrific tragedy.
  14. We are going in the Regal Princess for a b2b cruise for Thanksgiving. I have been watching the December prices and they are dropping a bit. My question is....if I I dont book b4 I board on the 17th and wait until I am onboard in case there is some special offer and I decide to book on board, can it be transferred to my TA, or does the 60 day rule still apply. In which case I book it now!
  15. Congratulations on the upsell. We are on the 11/17th and 11/24th and have not received email.
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