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  1. Thank you. It looks cozy too. Maybe we will get an upsell offer.
  2. So, I just booked a cruise on the Statendam inside Room and was given room 4032. How noisy will it be... anyone been in this stateroom?
  3. I don't think the family should receive one cent. I think they need to drop the lawsuit. I don't think the grandfather should receive any jail time, he already is serving a life sentence and has to live with what he did. No amount of punishment could be worse than knowing that by your actions alone, you caused this horrific tragedy.
  4. We are going in the Regal Princess for a b2b cruise for Thanksgiving. I have been watching the December prices and they are dropping a bit. My question is....if I I dont book b4 I board on the 17th and wait until I am onboard in case there is some special offer and I decide to book on board, can it be transferred to my TA, or does the 60 day rule still apply. In which case I book it now!
  5. Congratulations on the upsell. We are on the 11/17th and 11/24th and have not received email.
  6. Another perspective about why movies. We have been cruising since 1986. We are Floridians since 1992 and gladly fill up space when they need us . With that said, we’ve been there, done that, seen most shows and entertainers. We have gone on a 94 day world cruise and soon will do a 111 world day. That’s where our adventure is. We enjoy cruising so much and happily board to enjoy having our room picked up, no cooking, get off grandma on call duty and regroup. we enjoy lying around like we are at home and appreciate good tv and movies... princess fits that bill. We just got off Harmony a 7 day cruise extended to 11. We are doing a b2b at thanksgiving and the grandkids in spring break they prefer the oasis class ships. Now I wish royal Caribbean would improve their tv...the kids stations and ad movies as well. Thank you all who sent an email to celebrity.
  7. We are sailing today, almost out the door. Received notice last night at 7pm that my offer for 2 bedroom grand was declined. So we'll have to rough it in 3 balcony Cabins.
  8. Hi...we leave tomorrow on Mariner. Any recent cruisers, if you could you tell me the time range for self disembark. I am 1 of 7, and trying to figure out suitcases based on what we do. thank you
  9. Sailing on Monday, Mariner. ..no acceptance or rejection of bid. At this point I almost hope I don’t get it as I have two other cabins secured next to each other connecting. Thought it would be a nice treat to have the grandkids in a two bedroom. So we keep the 3 cabins originally booked.
  10. We are sailing Monday the 27th. I have 3 rooms booked... all next to each other, and one connecting. We all received offers to bid. I decided to do my room as I have the grandkids with me and it would be a “better deal” since you don’t pay for 3rd and 4th. My son and husband in the other two cabins. With over 400 nights with RCL, I can count on one hand the free upgrades. So, I sort of liked this new program. With that said, I wish they would do it like Princess. When you get an upsell offer, you place the call to Princess and they return it. I have been able to research available cabins and when they call and say you have it, they work with you in selecting a cabin which is very nice. I was on a back to back one cruise when I received the offer and I told them that we really wanted the upsell, but only if it included the other sailing. They accommodated that as well with a very fair price. I wish RCL could do this program without having you wait til the day of or day before your cruise, and talk to you.... I might have upgraded all 3 cabins. well just my thoughts. Good luck to those still waiting. P.s. I should say my husband and son are still getting upgrade offers while the cruise appears to be sold out.
  11. Not sure when you are going on the cruise, but there is bus service to the cruise ports from the villages. They are called Yankee Trails. They now have an office in the villages at Sabal Palms. They are based out of New York and their bus service runs in FL from about 10/7 to about 4/20th. We just had their last run and will miss them. They take all the buses and head north . If you book the cruise through Yankee Trails the bus is free. If you book just the bus it is $45.00 each way. Since their coming to FL we never drive to the ports again. Unlike the cruise connection buses they make limited stops. They offer a pickup at the Villages, Rural King and one other and then straight to the ports. They service Tampa as well.
  12. Never. I wish they would just add it into the cost of the trip. I think they work hard for their money. I think they take a lot of abuse from some passengers. Most resorts charge a daily service fee. To be honest I’m not sure what that covers since turn down service cookies are long gone. With that said, adding it on would ensure that they are not at the mercy of those who don’t feel they were well served, which is a very selective.
  13. I actually said to my husband when we were on the Equinox a few weeks ago that I wished they would put up a sign that says, please serve yourself and take a seat and eat. It seems that people stop in the middle and nosh as they are are deciding what else to put on their plate. I hate the French fry eater and licking of fingers and then touching the serving spoon. I always think, wow these people are so hungry they can’t wait until they get to their table. I don’t know that their is solution as clearly there are strong feelings on it as to acceptability and manners etc.
  14. We were on the world cruise in 2015 for 94 days. At that time it was sold from La to LA for 111 days or LA to Fort Lauderdale for 94 days. A lot of people bailed out in FL which is no surprise. Princess got smart and now offers the cruise for 111 days from LA to LA or FLl to FLL. There were as I remember about 4 segments and people came on and off. I don’t recall that we lost many of the initial group. It was an experience for sure. Unfortunately due to my husbands health we had to cancel our 2018 and 2020 reservation fo the WC. Hoping to make it one more time hopefully picking up some different ports.
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