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  1. We are staying near the Waterloo station, and are going to try the direct train. With an advance ticket (you must pick a time) it was only £14 which is about $18 per person. 1 hour 17 minutes I am also aware to check if there is a strike - they must notify 2 weeks ahead of time - and it is unlikely from what I understand.
  2. @Ramblin Wreck Cruiser Thank you for sharing this as I too have been waiting and was able to book for August 3rd, Waterloo to Southampton . @ThejugglerOk mister, you owe me £5 times 2 - ha ha. You were in my head along with the great @John Bull who wisely says for such a short journey, first class not really necessary, but considering all the money we are saving by taking the train - it's Thejuggler for the win! The difference of £28 vs £39.60 for 2 tickets. We used LNER and paid £39.60 (for first class) 2 adults total - $50 and change USD - that's only $25 each for 1st class for hubby and me! Very Happy and grateful to all this wonderful information shared here!
  3. @kaisatsu Wow I just found a video - gorgeous. Are we really allowed to just hike along the trail next to the farm and animals? Do the owners mind? The video continued on to an overlook, but the trail looked very rugged and through a stream. I wonder if it is one in the same. I'll keep investigating but really appreciate the suggestion - I'm glad we can combine it with seeing the Fjord Center. I'm thinking we should walk the road up to the Fjord Center and on past the Hotel Union, and take the water lined staircase back down from the center when we are done for the day. Any flaw in that thought?
  4. Although I have searched, I was hoping to get some recent feedback on possibly hiking from the cruise port to the Fjord Center, and then on to Flydalsjuvet. Has anyone tried this? It's listed as 3km and 52 minutes from the Fjord Center. We are in port from noon to 7pm. The Ho Ho bus would be perfect as it does the same route, but the reviews are so terrible. We don't want to do a full bus tour. Also may consider the E-cars
  5. @Rorolopollo Welcome to Cruise Critic! I hope you enjoy reading up and anticipating your cruise as much as we all do!! Also -just to double check - I believe the Aug 3rd sailing will have Stavanger but no stop at Skjolden
  6. It looks like E437 is BW which is a regular balcony obstructed. It does not have a couch. The deluxe balconies do have a couch. Credit Cruise deck plans . com on the pic
  7. Thanks @gumshoe958 So if I were to take the tube from Waterloo, is it considered outside of London proper - would it have contactless payment? And that entrance would be different than where I would access the trains - like underground probably- no pun intended.
  8. I am doing the same for August, although I have yet to purchase my tickets. Would you mind posting your experience after your cruise in June? Thanks in advance! Edit - I see @MeHeartCruising said it went smoothly - can you tell me details for dummies? Like since you have a purchased ticket, I assume the area in Waterloo where you board wouldn't have a tap in entrance for payment then??
  9. If your room is D725, I have a few pictures to share that might help. The second picture from cruise deck plans site. Bump out has a different meaning to some of us here on CC - which I won't get into - but your TA or CVP may have been eluding to the unique curved balcony. Also, looking at number of reviews for this room, some are concerned with no cover, and others were thrilled with the ability to see aft because of the curved balcony. I apologize if this is not the correct room - but the info may be helpful to a future person looking for info on Coral Princess D725.
  10. Answered my own question with a little digging. The EZ air sight has a link where you can look up your flight route and it will tell you - in my case 1st bag free. I only use EZ air for international since Southwest out of Denver is hard to beat domestically and you get free bags.
  11. So I was wondering about this. I've booked EZ air flying into London on United from Denver. I haven't paid yet as final payment isn't due. The fare shows that bags are free per the class which is Economy (not to be confused with Basic Economy which has no bags period) but the Princess EZ air has a little general that applies to all fares booked footnote that bags may not be free?? Tell me what you know as I am not convinced I can depend on an answer from calling EZair.
  12. I can do this! Just looked up my confirmation. Booked a balcony GTY on Discovery Mexican Riviera, Deck 8 (Emerald) forward. It was BF - hoping for 112, 114 or 118 which were the only ones in this category on the deck. My motivation was purely financial as I booked this on Jan 22, 2023 for a March 18 2023 cruise date - had to pay in full right away and was looking for a somewhat last minute getaway I could justify for a decent price of $729 per person before taxes and port fees. We stuck to our guns and didn't bid up. We were assigned L119 about a week before we left. Lido - deck 16 pretty far forward - but that was our GTY category - BF. It was fine - actually enjoyed just walking across the pool area to the buffet without messing with the elevators.
  13. This is next level!! Love it. You ( and @Globaler ) have given me new cruising goals!!
  14. My favorite out of the box activity was in Kauai (we had seen Weimea on a previous trip). How about tubing through the canals of a sugar plantation? It was a blast. https://kauaibackcountry.com/tubing/
  15. I'll be following along too! You guys crack me up! LOVE the profile pic update @drwbrt and am looking forward to more content on your web page 🤣
  16. I have to say that I LOVE Visitor Toll pass. I have used it twice, and it's been very easy. I really like that I can tell the car rental agency that I don't want to pay the daily fee of using their "box" let alone paying the tolls through them. Also nice that I don't have to stop at toll booths, and you get the lowest toll price. It doesn't cost ANYTHING - just a $10 deposit when you start - then the tolls add up and if you exceed the $10, they just charge you that. I would recommend it, and happy to answer any questions. 2 quick good pieces of info from their FAQ: With Visitor Toll Pass™, there is no service fee and you will be charged the lowest toll rate (electronic rate) on toll roads throughout Florida. When reserving your Visitor Toll Pass™ through the smartphone app, you will pay a $10 deposit which will be used towards your toll transactions. However, if you do not return the hangtag to the Visitor Toll Pass™ drop boxes at the Orlando International Airport, the $10 deposit will then be used for the unreturned hangtag and not towards your toll transactions. If you return your pass and owe less than $10 at the conclusion of your trip, the balance will be refunded to your card on file. Your Visitor Toll Pass™ hangtag will be activated when you leave Orlando International Airport and drive under the electronic reader when exiting rental car parking deck. You must hang your Visitor Toll Pass™ prior to leaving the airport to ensure activation. You will receive a notice confirming that your trip is live, and your pass is activated. (I take a picture of the license plate of my rental, and add it to the APP before I leave the rental garage.)
  17. Welcome to Cruise Critic! Exactly as Thrak said! 🙂 Great choice. LOVE these balconies! A little more room.
  18. We did a similar trip RT Boston Sept 21 - Oct 2nd 2023 on Celebrity Summit. LOVED it! Completely lucked out on the weather as rain is the norm during this time frame. We were a bit early for the color I am afraid. I have pictures I can send of the color on these dates if you like. My e mail is hidden in interests on my profile page.
  19. No, not all obstructed balconies are from an obstruction below. Some have lifeboats in front of them. It depends on which cabin. So GTY is a gamble, but it does save money. Hopefully I am allowed to link a great site that has pictures of obstructions based on which ship and cabin. I have linked Discovery as an example. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/ships/ov.php?ship=Discovery-Princess&cabins=E501-E535
  20. Thank you so much for responding! And the heat is a big concern for me. I got my Alaska cruise ( ha ha - I am not a heat/humidity fan) , and this is my husband's bucket list trip. We are going late Feb - early March in 2025 full transit historic locks. Hoping it wouldn't be too bad that time of the year, but I think that's just wishful thinking. But I am excited and really appreciate the insight!
  21. What was the name of this tour? Any other port tips or excursion recommendations or insights? Thanks!
  22. OP Here. Thanks for all the wonderful responses ! Wow. And among them JB - you summed it up best We are staying at the Hampton by Hilton Waterloo. We arrive about 11 am on Wed. July 31, and leave Saturday morning for Southampton for the cruise. I haven't made any other plans for our stay and was trying to nail down the LHR to hotel, and then the hotel to Southampton first. Private transfers and taxi's from LHR are pretty costly, so I'd like to take the train to cut the cost but realize I will need to transfer at some point - so the thought of taking a taxi from the closest stop to the hotel and avoiding a transfer sounded reasonable. After looking at the number of ships in port when we depart Southampton on Saturday Aug 3rd (4 including the Iona) the train is looking better. I found International Friends through all the great recommendations here on CC (as JB mentioned) but with traffic and limited time at Windsor - and it being an easy shot from Waterloo, maybe we will do it on our own. So I guess I am left with needing any other insight for LHR to hotel by train. Sounds like my assumption of the Elizabeth line may not be the best after all? Again, open to a taxi from to avoid a transfer and enjoy the drop at the door of the hotel so to speak.
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