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  1. lots of great points here. I feel sorry for those who have been waiting a year for an early season Alaska sailing, especially where it's a once in a lifetime trip. (I've been to Alaska many times and love going back and being there during the Texas Summer months since it is like Texas Winter temps where we go.) I see some talk about the cruises not being cancelled yet. A few considerations, not that I am defending Princess, they have lots of ships tagged to Alaska cruises, so it is a big job to go in and cancel each of the cruises. Also, keep in mind the cruise line can adjust the sailing without cancelling it. While technically possible, I don't know where they would be going for a week, especially departures out of YVR, but I suppose they could bus folks to Seattle and go South to Mexico and back...not sure if a week would be long enough. Realistically, I don't see them doing that. I do see that eventually they will cancel all of these sailings, if not all sailings until July 1st. Cash management may well be driving some of the decisions, and not creating a huge exodus of cash all at once may well be the key. Of course they have all the sailings this month and about half next month to process off the books with refunds there so may just be processing them in order of sailing date. I'd imagine those who have had their finances turned upside down by CV19, which may affect some cruisers for whom this is a once in a lifetime trip that was saved for over several years, really want their cash back to cover other expenses they have that current income (with it gone for so many) isn't covering. I see a lot who prefer the cash back, which makes the most sense to me over a FCC, and if I were booked and given the choice would take cash to ensure I didn't completely lose out if the cruise industry crashes for a while. (While I doubt we would see it cease totally, it could be shaken up enough to warrant a wait for a while to get a cruise I want.) Princess probably has taken the biggest hit of all the lines, both in terms of knowing some ships are out of service longer than others, and of course having the Diamond Princess, which for a long time made the worldwide list of places for infection due to what happened on that ship. Perfect example of how quickly patient zero can set off a domino effect infecting many due to casual contact. Up until yesterday they were still working to get an infected ship into port in Florida where deaths occurred etc. so I am sure the senior leaders of the company were focused on some of those immediate issues over cancellations a couple months out, not that they couldn't give their approval to mid level managers to get it done. I've sailed Princess several times and like the line quite a bit, also like Disney, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean and plan to sail all again in the future. I just don't know when things will be good for going on new sailings, and how much we can look at sailings for later this year and know all of the ports will be available. A lot of the Caribbean ports, and even Alaskan ports, don't have infrastructure to handle an unknown case that hops off the ship and infects a bunch of folks while in port, so that could lead to longer waits before we can cruise like we were last Summer. Hope all are home and healthy and stay home and healthy while we flatten the curve and get towards a mostly recovered country status.
  2. Happy belated birthday. Those doctor notes will become a big deal, especially to the many of 70+ crowd who are healthier than many younger people. Given the moves in the past day or two by Disney, more on the park side, but it would seem to indicate they believe it will be a while before leisure travel gets back to normal, I would bet you will see your cruise cancelled by them. I tend to believe the ships will probably at least in the near term when cruising starts again, probably do some sort of testing to those without proof of immunity. If what has been said is true many get it and don't realize they have it, thus could be immune without knowing it as well, that may prove to be a good thing for many getting back to normal. Not sure where/how the 15 minute test gets plugged into the check-in process. It would be best before bags are handed over and folks move thru the terminal etc. Also, somehow those getting tests and awaiting results would have to be segregated from each other so if one came up positive, they wouldn't have contaminated a bunch of fellow cruisers who then would also be denied boarding. Given many travel a bit more than just a quick drive to the port, somehow ensuring folks are clear to travel before they leave home would be idea, but if they get contaminated on the way to the ship (as others have said before) then that becomes a problem, and worse the airlines wouldn't want that passenger aboard a flight again either, at least until they test negative a couple of times, which could be a lengthy wait in seclusion away from home. As much as I would really love to be cruising again, I bet it will be several months in order for things to calm down and protective measures to be put in place making it safe to cruise again.
  3. Had I been booked, I would have taken cash back. As for having been booked, I was close before the poop hit the fan to booking a TA, which then was going to be a Disney weekend cruise with my wife instead of a solo TA, then I had as things were falling apart to do a weekend out of Galveston...and before I could book anything shutdowns were happening everywhere. Had I booked the weekend in Galveston I'd have been one of the last ships back to port after the shutdown and probably would have been nervous the entire time about getting infected unknowingly. As for refund, given all the constraints we have on our time with other things, there is no guarantee when I could cruise again so the refund would be simple. Also, it lingers that a bankruptcy could result in lost deposits although I think if the company believes they will have to file bankruptcy they will try to work with creditors ahead of a filing to keep operations as normal as possible during the court process. Thus, deposited cruises might not suffer, but stockholders might see their investment vanish. I am sure a bankruptcy will change the lines up some, but I suspect most would continue to operate since most are profitable without a dump of additional debt.
  4. I think that can be extrapolated to "No Vacancy" sign is out to visitors. Think the same holds true for other areas of the country, but since they don't have huge cruise ports it isn't making the news.
  5. That seems like how many go, but I think they can also stop in either Mexico or Canada as a port of call on the way to/fr Hawaii. Guess either way those cruises wouldn't be possible unless long RT cruises...which sounds like a fun getaway right about now.
  6. They didn't disband Costa when their crazy captain crashed and sank a ship killing numerous passengers. I doubt Princess with a far stronger brand name would be split up. As for bankruptcy, a chapter 11 reorg is completely possible where the parent company emerges in some form as a cruise company once again. Things might be a bit different afterwards, but even if they do go that way, it's not as if the ship are poof gone forever. Deposits might even be preserved on ongoing sailings to keep that business on the books. It is a matter of what gets negotiated and approved in a bankruptcy court. Shareholders get wiped out, meaning that the execs all lose a bunch of their respective net worth.
  7. It's sad to see all the cancellations, however Seattle putting this out there now probably is better than waiting a while and having the news be last minute. Princess and other lines can decide (especially where ships aren't already on the West Coast) to re-position the ships where there is more certainty they can sail with paying passengers. Of course the Caribbean ports aren't guaranteed to remain open either. It's going to be a tough several month for the cruising industry.
  8. while I would agree if the items in question were necessities, for something that fills a want like a cruise, I don't see immediate demand being sufficient for big price increases. Too many died on Diamond Princess and too many others spent a lot of time detained on ships and in quarantine after cruises as a result of the CV19. Given we may well see a second wave once folks are all hanging out together again, that fear will keep some away from cruising. New cruisers have seen the bad side of cruising all up in the press and likely won't be fast to check out the high seas. Also, consider new ships are coming onto the scene so there will be even more cabins to fill. Also, if Alaska end up off the table (Seattle indefinitely closed and Canada until July) there are a bunch of ships to refill in other destinations.
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