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  1. Wonder what RCCL would say about a "service Peacock"? United had some trouble not long ago when someone brought one. I can just imagine the trouble they would cause on a cruise. I know a neighborhood near here has some roaming wild and occasionally they end up on a high speed street sometimes with fatal results other times nearly causing car wrecks. Would not want one on a ship with me. Legitimate Service Animals are well trained and do good work for their "person" and I don't see any issue with them being aboard.
  2. the picture from the daily planner certainly will make the DW happy as she cares mostly about getting her coffee. She said that and the D+ drinks in the evening will make the beverage aspect of the cruise next up just perfect.
  3. Having toured one I’d admit it was a nicer facility than I expected. That said I’d not expect much better care than I’d get at an Urgent Care Center with the exception of the ability of the crew to administer ACLS. I saw that they do have high level care beds to keep folks in until they can get to shore. I’m definitely not expecting Texas Medical Center level care on a ship and always have good medical evac if something should cause me to need care. In fact I buy coverage that allows me to choose where I want my treatment so I could be brought home, even have that on an annual basis so I can be sent home if visiting parents beach house.
  4. You hit the nail on the head. RCCL and others saw tons of room service waste before adding the fee so the fee was added to hopefully cut down on excess waste. Even thru the other dining venues the wasted food on ships is pretty bad. As a business RCCL has to maximize returns to shareholders so keeping food wastes within budget is part of their job. At the same time they have to produce a good cruise experience for all passengers. So there are things that happen aboard that some folks don’t like but to balance the cruise experience and base fare to sell as many cabins as possible. Personally I don’t like the fee but understand the reasoning for it. Will just make sure we order for the family when we do since our cabins are across the hall from each other next cruise. The cost is less than a drink at the bar so I can’t complain much.
  5. Anyone know if the money changers at the port change Chinese Yuan for CUC? I’m sure they must change Mexican Pesos. I have Yuan I’d gladly change and know here in Houston Mexican Pesos would be easy to get to avoid the 10% fee on USD changes.
  6. Maybe we can legislate PTI to go along with PHI. :') agree to each their own decisions. I know we do what is right for the situation and on future cruises were always treated well by the bar staff we'd seen in the past. In fact I was shocked how one remembered us a few years later almost as if had cruised together just a week or two before.
  7. Having not been on RCCL for a while, and planning to go again on RCCL soon, I was looking in cruise planner for a 5nt old ship to Cuba cruise and with D+ it showed a dlx with voom for $59 as a discounted price. If others are seeing non discounted of $50 per day for Dlx drinks that sure doesn't sound like much discount. Perhaps your recent experience might shed some light for us...haven't sailed in over 2 years now for a ton of reasons...really no family vacation in past two years due to workload etc. (Last August we could have gone on a cruise down the street and saw the USCG overhead rescuing neighbors who were in flooded homes...part of the reason for no cruise since last Summer.)
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