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  1. pompeii

    Thinking of Trying Caribbean Princess

    We rented a scooter and toodled all around the island. We had a great time, the beach was lovely and not at all crowded, and I found tons of sea glass. The only downside to our day was that around dinnertime when it was time to reboard the ship, the mosquitoes came out in droves! Maybe we were just unlucky, but I'd suggest taking some repellent wipes along just in case.
  2. pompeii

    Planks Restaurant on CB

    Just looked at the menu and it looks well worth the $12 cover.
  3. pompeii

    Planks Restaurant on CB

  4. pompeii

    EZair Discovery

    Can someone tell me the difference between economy and premium economy? Or does it vary depending on the airline?
  5. pompeii

    South America Cruise

    Thrilled to hear about the two excellent ratings for Estancia for Volunteer Point! I booked with Nyree over Patrick Watts for my SA/Antarctica cruise next January and I'm happy to hear my decision reaffirmed!
  6. pompeii

    Required payment in advance for excursions

    You can get your stockholders way in advance of final payment. Used to be within 3 months of sailing, but now they will award it much earlier so that you can apply it to excursions.
  7. Military discount? Or did you mean casino discount and military obc? So no one who booked was able to keep the mistake fare, as far as we know from this thread? Really, though, a mini for the lowest priced inside is a pretty good deal.....
  8. pompeii

    Shareholder OBC Benefit Form?

    Perfect, thank you! Sorry, I wasn't really trying to point out anyone's error, only that we still didn't have the link to the form....... Thanks and happy New Year!
  9. pompeii

    Shareholder OBC Benefit Form?

    Colo Cruiser was asking about you attaching the military benefit form when the request was for the shareholder benefit form......does anyone have the most current shareholder form?
  10. pompeii

    Minimum amount to gamble to get casino rate offer?

    I wonder if there are different casino rates for different passengers? Or maybe a revised table? DH doesn't gamble a lot of money but he does visit the casino on each cruise. We've gotten 30% in the past but on our current bookings, his discount isn't as high as the table above. For example, we have a Greenland/Canada booked for this summer and our discount for an obstructed OV is 20%, not 30% (or even 35% if they consider it under the Interior category like they do on the website.) And we have a S. America balcony that is at 20%, not 25%. The Princess reps say that they don't know what the percentages of the discount should be, they can just see the cruise fare after they apply it. Don't get me wrong....we are happy with discounts but it would be nice to know what they should be. Is there a number you can call that handles casino information?
  11. pompeii

    Next big sale

    True for me as well. I recently switched my TA booking back to Princess because my price direct was lower then the TA could/would give. And before you tell me I should get a "better" TA, this is one who discounts that many CCers use and recommend. Which isn't to say that she isn't a good TA, just that she wasn't any help to me price-wise. She also never once notified me of any price drops, I always had to contact her.
  12. We've used it for reimbursement for delayed luggage and we're very pleased with the process. Easy and got our reimbursement quickly.
  13. pompeii

    South America & Antarctica - Coral Princess

    The price has also shot up dramatically from earlier this year when we booked.
  14. pompeii

    EZAIR experiences?

    We use EZAir because the fares are flexible and cancellable until 45 days before sailing. Not to mention much, much cheaper than going direct through the airlines. We've never had any problems to speak of.
  15. pompeii


    I think you meant What????