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  1. Nuuk is through Nuuk Water Taxi, Qaqortoq is through Qaqortoq Water Taxi (sister company to Nuuk Water Taxi and arranged through them), Nanortalik is through Tasermuit Camp/South Greenland Boat Charter 44. Guide to Greenland has some information on tours, just make sure to find out if whichever one you're looking at is in a closed or open boat. Open boats are apt to be a little chilly and not much fun if the weather should change. Greenland Sagalands has tours out of Qaqortoq, but I was frustrated with their last of communication and booked elsewhere. Are you booked on one of the Greenland itineraries?
  2. My husband is elite and I am not quite yet, so we'll get one mini bar on our next cruise. If we swap it for coffee, will they load one coffee package on each of our accounts? Putting 2 on my husband's is a waste because he drinks only brewed so he will never use more than one.
  3. They are great. We had one on the Island through the Panama Canal and loved all the extra space. Even though you don't have a balcony, which would be a plus in your situation, there is a door right at the end of the hall that leads to the large forward open deck. On our cruise it was empty almost all the time; we were the only people on it except for actual canal transit day, when it was crowded for part of the day.
  4. There is a little button marked "Follow" to the right of the Princess Cruises title. Maybe you clicked on that by mistake? If so, unclick it and see if that helps. Actually, if you've clicked follow, it may say "unfollow" now. Either way, click that button and that should do it.
  5. OK, I cross-examined hubby regarding the coffee...after first telling me they didn't have brewed coffee on the ship, he amended his statement to say they didn't have it at Coffee & Cones which was where he was going, but he didn't know about the IC. I think he just preferred the Americanos, and since he was going to spend a punch on the cards anyway, that's what he asked for.
  6. I am wondering the same thing. My husband was on the same Ruby sailing and said the speed was ok but not really better than the old. I have been reading that the O3B coverage doesn't extend north of the US or to the tip of S. America, which is where we're going for our next three cruises (Canada/Greenland on the CB, S. America/Antarctica on the Coral like the poster above, and Alaska on the Grand in 2020.) I'm wondering if we'll really see the Medallion speed.
  7. He did refer to them as Americanos, you're right. So if you have a coffee package, at least on a Grand class ship, you get free unlimited Americanos?
  8. Can you get the tiramisu as an blended iced coffee? Decaf? I love the blended iced coffees in the afternoon, but only decaf at that time of day. Also, was the regular brewed coffee just that, regular coffee from a pot? My husband was on the Ruby last week and he insists that they didn't give him brewed coffee out of a pot but instead a shot of espresso that they mixed with hot water when he wanted a regular coffee. That doesn't sound right to me so I thought I'd get a second opinion. He was using up an actual coffee card so maybe since they were going to punch it anyway, they gave him an espresso. He wasn't sure about that part, but said that he never got regular brewed coffee.
  9. My husband just got off the Ruby on Friday and used old coffee cards for brewed coffee, one punch per cup. Of course he also could have used the punches for specialty coffees, but he likes plain old strong black coffee. Per the barista, the cards will be good through August of this year so you'll be fine using up your cards in July.
  10. I just did a quick search on the Princess website and 23 itineraries between this October and April of 2021 came up that include Venice. All are on either the Pacific, the Sea or the Island Princess but almost all are long cruises that are world cruise segments. There are a couple of 12-day Venice to Romes, which is what we did in November 2017 and it was one of our favorites. Since we embarked in Venice we were able to spend a couple of days there just poking around, then a couple of days in Rome afterwards. That is one that we definitely want to repeat!
  11. When I first tried, my cc wouldn't go through. I tried again with a different browser and made sure my address information matched exactly what is on my cc statements (my house is physically located in one town, but the post office for my zip code is in a neighboring town. So my address on statements can be listed either way. I also made sure to put the 4 extra digits on my zip code, because that is what is on my cc statement.) Went through no problem the 2nd time. Haven't received the emails yet, but there is a temporary authorization on my cc card.
  12. Although this may be the policy of a few private vendors, the vast majority understand that the ship missing port is not the passenger's fault. I have come across very few who don't refund fully if the ship cannot make port. After all, they want good reviews even from people who have to cancel. Now if you just up and cancel the day before or don't show up at all, then yes you are probably out of luck. But that would be the same as a ship's excursion. Just do your research, ask questions before booking, and you will be fine with independent excursions. We are taking this cruise this August and have excursions lined up in all three ports; two we pay on the day and the third refunds if the ship cannot get us there.
  13. My cabin has always been ready when I've boarded so I just run up and drop my carryon before heading to whichever MDR is open. BTW, I am not on this cruise but my husband is, so I've been following along via this live from thread.
  14. We've taken Tide pods in a ziplock freezer bag and have never had them break. But we usually take Arm & Hammer pods because they are dry powder instead of liquid. So if they should break it wouldn't be a mess. Throw in a few softener sheets and we're good to go. We also are very conscious of cycle time and try to return about 5 minutes before the load should be done, either wash or dry. Some dryers are much hotter than others and will dry your load in one cycle, but many won't. I've gone to the front desk to "report" inefficient dryers when the clothes aren't dry after two cycles. They'll send maintenance up to repair and also refund one of the cycles. Be sure to check around the front of the washer when removing clothes for socks or other small items that get stuck there. If you are missing something check back, because there will usually be a basket or pile of orphaned items. However, starting with our next cruise we'll get free elite laundry, so hopefully we won't be visiting the laundromat!
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