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  1. Here is a post from another current thread on this topic. It mentions that Iceland and Norway are excluded: With the new Polar Code coming into force 1st Jan. 2022 - as the cruise ships drydock & get new 5 year certificates - they will no longer be allowed into sea areas of plus 60 degrees latitude. This is happening now & as an example Zaandam is due for survey next year & is doing a Greenland before the drydocking. After that with new certificates she will no longer be able to go to the Antarctic Peninsular or Greenland. Exceptions are Iceland, Norwegian & White Sea coast due to Gulf Stream. Northern summer of 2020 & maybe 2021 will be the last for all large cruise ships to visit Greenland.
  2. Interestingly, our next two cruises are Canada/Greenland (August 2019) and SA/Antarctica (Jan 2020.) Purely coincidence, I've had these booked for a while and hadn't heard of this law or regulation until I read about it on the recent Greenland thread. But now I'm even more glad to have these on the schedule. I'd love to set foot on Antarctica, and I truly envy Knickearth's husband. What an experience! But even a sail-by is a lot more than most people have the opportunity to do so I am not unhappy whatsoever.
  3. I haven't done it yet so I don't have first hand experience😉 but we're taking the water taxi into the fjord as close as possible to the ice cap then walking the rest of the way. According to the description the boat gets us pretty close, a 20-30 min walk from shore IIRC? We can do this from either Qaqortoq or Nanortalik, we doing it from the latter.
  4. The independent excursions are all boat tours into the neighboring fjords, the ice cap, and to the Uunartoq hot springs. We're hoping the weather cooperates and we get to see lots of icebergs and whales. We're using Nuuk Water Taxi, Qaqortoq Water Taxi, and South Greenland Boat Charter 44. Finding tour operators was a bit of a challenge and I'm praying the weather gods smile on us so we can enjoy the results of our efforts. If not, we'll spend our time looking around town.
  5. This is exactly why we're going. This will be a wonderful opportunity to see places as untouched by tourism as I'll probably ever have the chance to visit. I do wish we were on the Pacific with 600 people instead of the CB with 3000, but the ease of sailing from NYC was too great to pass up. Plus, our last two cruises were on the Pacific and hubby for one was ready for a bigger ship again. I, too, love to visit local grocery stores when travelling; I find them much more interesting and "real" than stores that cater to tourists. We sailed past an iceberg near Iceland last summer, it was awesome and I can't wait to see more! For us, this is better than just a Canada/NE with Greenland tacked on, since it leaves off the less interesting (for me anyway) ports of St. John NB, Boston, and Newport. Boston is a wonderful city incredibly important to our history, and Newport is beautiful, but being from the US, I've already visited and they don't hold nearly as much interest as St. John's NL and Greenland. I'm very glad Princess is offering this itinerary, even though it is expensive. Especially since they may not be able to offer it in the future.
  6. I've been booked on this cruise for almost a year and am very excited about it. BTW, Princess also offered a RT from Dover to Scotland, Iceland and Greenland on the Pacific this July, but it is sold out. We went to Iceland and Norway on the Pacific last summer, so I am happy to do Greenland this summer. We were also able to find independent excursions in each of the three Greenland ports, all of which also leave us at least 2-3 hours afterward to look around town. Now to just hope for good weather and reasonable icebergs!
  7. Extension cord? I thought those were a big no-no these days....
  8. Yes, my husband's hearing aids are digital and use blue tooth tech, so I'll be curious about this. To the op, is it much of a problem for your husband, or just something your noticed?
  9. Is there a possibility that they sent you a check already and that is why their folio shows a $0 balance? The checks come in a very plain envelope from Bottomline Technology and could easily be overlooked as something unimportant and not related to your cruise. If Andres is as bad as all that, maybe he just didn't look past the 0 on your folio. I've always received my refunds within 4 weeks or so, so you are def overdue.
  10. Our Medallion cruise on the CB in August also does not show any internet packages for pre-sale. Just the phone package. We are Platinum and get free minutes, but for $99 I will probably upgrade to the unlimited package. I just don't know why it doesn't show up for purchase in our personalizer? I wouldn't think we are too close or too far out.
  11. I'm confused about this whole process. Do you have to have your cruise on the app in order for your medallion to ship out before the cruise? If you don't, then your medallion is just waiting at the port along with your cruise card?
  12. Do reservations have to be within a certain time of sailing to be recognized? I'm on the CB in August and the app says my reservation wasn't found when I try to add it. I've tried all the different forms of my name (middle name, no middle name, middle initial, etc) and no luck.
  13. We rented a scooter and toodled all around the island. We had a great time, the beach was lovely and not at all crowded, and I found tons of sea glass. The only downside to our day was that around dinnertime when it was time to reboard the ship, the mosquitoes came out in droves! Maybe we were just unlucky, but I'd suggest taking some repellent wipes along just in case.
  14. Just looked at the menu and it looks well worth the $12 cover.
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