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  1. I agree entirely. Her sense of entitlement made me so angry!
  2. Yep, been like that all day. Just spins when I try to log in. But if I open a new page while it's doing that, it will show me as logged in. I can see my booked cruises, but any other part of my account is Whoops! Your page was not found.
  3. I did see the flooding. It's really devastating. This is a 50 year flood so I don't know if it is common for flooding in Sydney this time of year or not. Either way, I hope all our Aussie friends stay safe.
  4. Interesting. We never got an email saying it was extended so I just thought it was an oversight. This is what I get when I click on the email link now:
  5. A couple more possible benefits to shorter segments instead of one longer cruise...if you'd bump up a loyalty level after a segment, you'd get those next level benefits for the following segments. That can really help, especially if you're getting to platinum or elite. Who doesn't like free internet and laundry? Also, if you want to choose between the inclusive fare and the basic lower fare, you can book whichever you want for different segments, instead of having to commit to the all inclusive for the duration. This could be beneficial if you have a port-intensive segment when
  6. This is exactly what we have to do. If we just click on the email without being signed in first, it doesn't work. And if I just sign in to the website without using the link in the email, it doesn't work that way either. But if I go to the website and sign in first, then go to the email and click the link, it opens a new tab with me already signed in and that will allow me to search for cruises with the casino rate. Interestingly, the email link I had been using just stopped working this morning. It was supposed to expire on March 2, but it was still working and applying the
  7. If this is the April 2022 sailing, we are booked on that one. We started out as a 28 day but quickly figured out, as you have, that a 6 + 22 worked to our benefit. Also, since hubby gets a casino discount, the shorter segments were discounted but the longer one was not. You'll also get more shareholder obc, slightly more fcd obc, and more internet minutes (if any of that pertains to you). I had a thread on here not long ago asking what all changes with a b2b (such as dining assignment, etc) because we were making this exact decision. Needless to say, we went with the b2b.
  8. I have one of these and it worked perfectly. You have to have a fairly narrow watchband for it to slide onto, but the medallion fit snugly into the holder. Many people, including crew, asked me where I got it. It comes in a variety of colors.
  9. One other benefit I just thought of to booking shorter segments, at least with the current promo - an additional specialty dining credit for each segment. If I keep my 28 day, we get one specialty dining but if I book it as a 22 and a 6-day, we would get two. I don't care that much either way, but it is a benefit to consider.
  10. We also booked this one, continuing on after coming across the Pacific from Sydney on the Sapphire. Keeping fingers crossed...
  11. Cruise director's jokes....😆...kinda forgot about those. None of that, though, would be different whether booked as a long cruise or as two or more shorter cruises.
  12. Thanks skynight and JF. Thanks for the suggestion regarding BSE but we've never found the all-inclusive fare to our advantage since we do not imbibe. We already get internet minutes, not unlimited of course but have always been more than sufficient, so the only real benefit to us would be gratuities. The price difference has never justified it. Our current no-frills fare includes cabin upgrade and specialty dining. We've been cruising with Princess for a while now so I am familiar with how it all works generally. We've had our waitstaff and cabin steward change on longer cr
  13. I'm looking at my options in booking one long vs two or more shorter segments b2b for 2022. I think I generally get how changing cabins, if necessary, will work. Even if I split it up, the main segment would not be less than 16 days so obc amounts would only increase. So losing obc is not a concern. But I'm wondering what else to consider? 1. What about mdr table assignments? Can I get the same table/waitstaff from one segment to the next, or would that require a visit to the maitre d'? Or would we just be assigned a new table for each? 2. My on board account and obc wo
  14. Any ideas for a hotel in the Monti neighborhood? Would like to stay under $200/night, we're looking at next September.
  15. Has anyone found a do-it-yourself way of figuring out all the cruises the casino discount applies to? The email has a link to "view applicable cruises" but that does not include all of them. I know this because the one cruise we have booked was not included in the link, but we did get the discount when I called. The email also says to sign in and complete your stateroom selection, but this also didn't work on our cruise. I hate having to call every time I want to check on the discount.
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