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  1. Until it's extended....again and again and again. It's getting soooooo ooooold!
  2. Looking for any recent participants in this event. They ship doesn't offer it but my DH wants to do it and I am not sure what kind of outfit they are. I don't want to send him on an excursion that may not be safe or fun. Thanks in advance.
  3. You can get a bar set up in your room. That might help! :)
  4. I looked for a "contact us" but maybe missed it. I will try the help@cruisecritic .com. Thank you both for your replies.
  5. I am trying to figure out who to contact to merge the 3 Roll Calls for a 2020 Sailing. My guess is, since it never shows up on "Find my Roll Call" someone decides to create new one. (Although, one finally showed up today) I know there are various Hosts on CC, but the only one I see is Laura and I am allowed to send 0 messages per day, so I don't know who to ask . Can anyone assist me? Thank you in advance.
  6. Grand Cayman Town & Country Off-Road Adventure To Barker's National Park. My friend does not like water activities since she cannot swim and they scare her. Most excursions are water related then I came across this one. It sounds like you drive by a lot of nice places but don't stop. If anyone has done this, do you get to stop along the way or is everything just a blur as you drive by?
  7. On the NCL app , you had to pay for messaging and could link up to other friend and family who also paid for the messaging. It was great. Is it free on this app? I did downloaded it and have been playing with it for the last month. I notice it has a"More to Come" statement and I assume once you board, it updates everything to coincide with the cruise you are on. I am hoping that is the case. ( Shows, schedule of events, alert you when an event you want to do is coming up, weather, menus of day etc) Maybe it's wishful thinking.
  8. I am going to keep checking over the next few weeks to see if anything opens up. I am hoping for some cancellations or upgrades that will put the rooms back in inventory. If nothing comes up, I am stuck where I am. I can't afford to upgrade again. ( wish I could though) .
  9. I upgraded us from an Aqua Class to a GTY Sky Suite ( that was all that was available so you don't see where it is) and I got an Accessible. We are sailing June 2nd. I was expecting to find out my cabin when we checked in at the dock but two days later they assigned me this one. I suppose I could have found this out at the docl also. Anyway, I feel kind of funny being in an Accessible cabin when I do not have a need for it. I would hope they would move us if someone really needs it. I read that they will move you if you find that a regular cabin of the same class comes back into inventory and you can see if on the booking site. ( Not GTY) I am going to keep checking. Otherwise, I will do my best not feel like I am committing a crime by having one of these cabins. It makes me a little uncomfortable.
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