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  1. Any other info on Constellation entertainment would be welcome, we go on 4th March, and getting excited. What is the show Elyria?
  2. Has anyone been on Connie recently or actually at the moment who can update on what shows, performers etc are on board just now, and what would be recommended. We go on her 4 weeks today. Also, is there a shuffle board on deck?
  3. On Millenium last year I had a Medori Colada, like a pina colada but melon liqueur instead of pineapple. We had the classic package, this cocktail was $10 so I paid $1 - well worth it.
  4. We have a voucher for a specialty restaurant as part of our package from our TA. Is there any way we can pre-book a restaurant using this as I see you have to pay upfront? TIA
  5. Thanks for your reply Anne - yes we are leaving from Abu Dhabi, will be there for 2 days before the cruise so could change money there but we were told we couldn't take rupees into India.
  6. So do we all think that Qsine is still on Connie. We would love to book for dinner one evening for our cruise from 4th March but it isn't an option.
  7. We are going to India in a few weeks with celebrity, 4 different ports. Have just realised we can't bring rupees with us. What have others done? Our first port is Cochin - can we change sterling (or dollars) there? Any help would be welcome.
  8. Where did you see this plan for Constellation deck 3? On Celebrity website it shows Ocean Liners there.
  9. I have checked the deck pans online and see no mention of Qsine. Is it to be where Ocean Liners is at present? And where are these new cabins - the opposite side from cabins 3112, 3114?
  10. For our cruise on Constellation in March it is $50 for $55, ordered some last night.
  11. Guess its a win win situation, we get 10% extra, don't carry the cash and as I used credit card we get airline miles too. Have just ordered some casino credit in £££, presume we then go to the casino cash desk with a print out of our email and collect the dollars. Great!
  12. I have noticed on my cruise planner you can pre-buy online casino table credits, $50 - $500, it then gives you a 10% bonus. The price is £39.50, presume this then gives $50 (or $55 with bonus added). Is this correct, has anyone does this before? Would certainly save us form carrying casino cash with us for a few days prior to cruise. We are not big users but do like an occasional try at the tables.
  13. Can somebody tell me what toiletries etc are supplies in Concierge class. Trying to sort out packing etc. TIA
  14. If the classic package covers drinks to $9 and you order a $10 cocktail then you pay $1 plus gratuity on the $1.
  15. Thanks Jim-Iain, I have been on Celebrity website many times. Last year on Millenium (sister ship to Connie) there was Qsine up on deck 11 (we loved it) and Tuscan on Deck 3. On Connie deck plans now it shows Tuscan on deck 11 and Ocean Liners on deck 3. However when trying to prebook dinners it only gives options for Tuscan or Sushi.
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