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  1. I don't want to be a debbie downer, but we had an awful experience on our TA aboard Jewel. Diembarkation was extremely slow. They blamed it on lack of customs and immigration employees. We waited for what seemed like hours just for our numbers to be called. Finally, every one just started moving without an announcement. We were worried we would miss our flight. It turned out allright but with a lot of stress. This was 10 years ago, but you can never count on a specific time.
  2. It is easier for everyone if you allow a wheelchair or scooter to get on an elevator first. Standing people have more flexibility and can then find a spot on the elevator. I am shocked at the responses on this thread. Normally, people are much more supportive of the mobility challenged.
  3. I have been having a problem getting into RC message board for a couple of days. Error message says something like MYSQL server has disappeared. Whatever that is.
  4. I have found that if I am just patient and allow the home page to load I have no problems. So, I am not sure how many times it actually reloads, but if I leave it alone for about 5 minutes it has loaded and I can continue viewing CC with no further issues.
  5. As I read all of these complaints it is obviously not a browser issue but a CC issue. The mods need to address the issue and fix it. I use Chrome exclusively but can get into CC using Explorer'
  6. I have had to switch browsers from Chrome to Explorer when accessing CC. It keeps loading and never seems to stop. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thank you!
  7. We did many land vacations when we travelled with our kids. And we did some before we started cruising. But, cruising is perfect for us. We have been to many places, only duplicating 3 or4 ports in our 10 cruises. After retiring, we haven't cruised or vacation more than 1 a year. Some as long as 10 days, others just long weekend. We find a cruise is the best vacation for us.
  8. With so many ships leaving from Miami, do the parking garages get filled up/ We like to get to port about 12:30 so we can go to our cabins right away. However, I was wondering when the garage will be empty from the previous cruise. We will be departing from Terminal G. I guess I am confused as to how many ships use the same terminal and same parking garage. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  9. Alaska would be my choice. Sometimes the Alaska cruise is a little cheaper than a Caribbean. I think because the air is more expensive and the excursions can be more. I would suggest that if you take the Alaska cruise to spend 3-4 days on a land tour. This would give a chance to see Denali. Although now that I think of it a land tour may not be available with a cruise from Seattle. Either cruise will be wonderful but very different.
  10. Try 800-256-6649. This number is on their website for post cruise questions.
  11. Keep in mind that just because a cabin can sleep 4 doesn't mean that you will be able to add someone at a later date. If the life boats for that area on the ship are at capacity they will not let you add. It is often stated here on the boards to book someone and if they can not sail to remove them later.
  12. Sounds good. We have had some excellent CD's so it is nice to know he is amusing. I also like the British CD's, because they have a great sense of humor.
  13. Fiona and/or Rogue-- Question Who is the CD? Current list says Rob McNally. What is he like? We will be on cruise Dec 7.
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