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  1. Can anyone recommend a good company to use for parasailing when stopping at Nassau for the day? My daughter wants to do this here and it would be better if she didn't have to travel to Paradise Island. The cruise ship is not offering parasailing as a shore excursion so I'm looking for recommendations.
  2. Thanks! I have all you posted printed for ideas for my upcoming trip. I appreciate it!!
  3. Add to the motion sickness ideas - SeaBands work the best for my daughter. She wouldn't be able to cruise without them!
  4. Purple Tree - its a supplement for hangover prevention/healthier day after drinking.
  5. Hi Betty. I have adult kids and pre teen grandkids that all just love waterparks. I can't imagine taking them to Coco Cay and not getting them water park passes. There will likely be some lines; however, this is the case at any water park our family has ever been to. My personal opinion is to get them the passes and relish the enjoyment of the day!
  6. Absolutely agree, yvrbos, Summit in one of those large aft balconies, hands down. That was one of my favorite cruises I've ever done and would do it again in a heartbeat. The service was wonderful. There was a guitar player that was scheduled throughout the ship during our sailing and listening to him was one of the highlights of all of the cruises I have been on. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the ports are 2nd to none!
  7. I do all kinds of research ahead of time. I look for cruise compasses from previous sailings, scour these boards, read reviews, read blogs, join various groups for my ship and for my sailing in particular. My next cruise on the Mariner is a 3 night cruise and they have a 70's event and an 80's event. I dress up for everything and take advantage of the fun!
  8. Thanks sormekun. I'm hoping someone that is on before late April will bring back some good news. Also, I have heard that those with iphones are able to communicate via an app; however, I have an android phone. I have read all the info about walkie talkies and although I used to use them on land based vacations, I note that they can be annoying to other vacationers. Maybe the good ol fashioned white board and room to room phone is gonna have to do it!
  9. I will be on the Mariner of the Seas the weekend of April 24th. I have downloaded the Royal app and have already been exploring it's features. Can anyone confirm whether or not the chat/text feature is available on the Mariner through the app? I am traveling with friends/family and we have a habit of going our own way on cruises. It would be nice to be able to keep in touch on the ship as to where each of us are and what we are doing. If the chat feature is not available on the Mariner, can anyone suggest an alternative without having to purchase the Internet package? Thanks so much!
  10. Ahhh, I was off by a day. I'm on the Mariner and won't be to CC until Sunday, 4/26!
  11. I believe the lobster is at the lunch at Coco Beach Club. I am booked for that in April. Was the infinity pool at Coco Beach Club complete?
  12. I would love to hear about this as well. My daughter wants to parasail either at Nassau or Coco Cay when we go in April.
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