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  1. The funny part was the wrong photo, not the sick woman.
  2. I just got a giggle from the San Francisco Chronicle. They have a story about the Coast Guard lifting an ill woman from the Star off the coast of California. The article includes a photo of the Star, the old Star from 1989.
  3. I guess I should have asked if the butler would arrange for pressing to be done. It has been suggested on these boards that one tips the butler $10/pp per day. If that is the case, then what do they do for that money? Some on these boards have indicated that I should not dare to ask the butler to do anything because they are too busy. How silly is that? Yes, I am in a Penthouse Suite or I would not be asking about the butler's duties.
  4. If not, how can I get wrinkles out of my clothes after unpacking? Rick
  5. Thanks Deb & Jack. I knew there had to be something, somewhere. Makes sense that a coffee bar would be open early! The Freestyle Daily that I saw shows it opening at noon. That was sure bad info. Regards, Rick
  6. Is there alcohol in the mini bar fridge? If so, what and what is the cost? Can I get cocktails from room service; what is the cost? I like a Bloody Mary in the morning, but the bars don't open until 11:30, which is a bit late, especially if you are going on an excursion. Rick
  7. My husband wants to take this excursion. I am not so sure. I use a portable oxygen concentrator and would need to park it (and myself) on a hard surface out of the sand. Is there such a place, a boardwalk or something, on this excursion? Rick
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