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  1. esm54687

    Margaritas at Margaritaville

    To be clear..... they're not "free". You can get one using the PBP (Premium Beverage Package) or PPBP (Premium Plus Beverage Package) which you have as a promotion or purchased. Important for others to know they can't just walk in and get free margaritas.
  2. esm54687

    NCL Specialty Dining-Beverage Package Rules and Fees

    I would contact your TA.... since you are a Canadian booking things may be itemized differently and they would be the authority on the invoice.
  3. No issue at all if you're paying ala carte..... it's done all the time.
  4. esm54687

    Premium beverage package

    Plus is available fleet wide.... call NCL or your TA to upgrade if you can't see it on MyNCL
  5. esm54687

    Premium beverage package

    Your Breakaway and your wife's Sky trip are identified at that link.: Breakaway is covered here: Premium Beverage Package (Unlimited Open Bar) Premium Beverage Package is applicable to all qualified sailings excluding Pride of America and 3-6 night Sun & Sky sailings Sky is covered here: Premium Plus Beverage Package (3-6 Day Norwegian Sun & Sky Cruises) To answer your statement about the "no upgrade on 7 day sailings": you must PURCHASE the upgrade either pre sailing or on board... you would never find upgrade opportunities in the T&Cs as these outline the base offerings for the promos
  6. esm54687

    Premium beverage package

    Premium...... you have to specifically upgrade to Plus. Here's a link to all "free at sea" T&Cs: https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions
  7. esm54687

    Premium beverage package

    The "free at sea" is the Premium Beverage Package
  8. esm54687

    Premium beverage package

    To add to the confusion..... NCL renamed UBP to Premium Beverage Package then you have Premium Plus..... not to mention if you are booking from the UK then it's all inclusive at the Plus level. ☺
  9. esm54687

    iconcierge question???

    Tip: log onto the Norwegian app while sitting in the terminal waiting to board..... just be near a window to pick up Bliss' wifi. Get a head start to make reservations etc!
  10. esm54687

    Premium beverage package

    The bottled water, specialty coffees (in dining rooms only), juice, higher cost alcohol are only available if you upgrade to the Premium Plus Beverage Package (went fleet wide at the beginning of March)...... If you are just asking about Premium Beverage Package then NO bottled water, etc
  11. esm54687

    Freestyle Dailies for Bermuda

    Done the Boston to Bermuda multiple times on the Dawn. Looking forward to the Gem this season. First itineary is less than a month away.
  12. esm54687

    Buying / Transferring Cruise Credit?

    It sounds like the OP is referring to a credit because of an issue while cruising on the Epic not a CruiseNext Certificate..... two very different things
  13. you taking the time to call me out kept it there. that's even better.
  14. Agreed..... but you clearly explained that in post #1 with your 2021 example. I just found it funny that they compliment you but go on with more details and dates and numbers to make the very point you were complimented on.
  15. esm54687

    B2B info

    We do this all the time.... just don't forget to factor in the 3% service charge