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  1. On her now and thought people may be interested in the officers and conceirge (Yahira Suazo)...... fantastic trip so far just pulling into Bermuda. For those keeping score: we docked on the starboard side
  2. Over the years, despite warnings from businesses and banks .... probably 10,000s have shot themselves in the foot. Gas stations used to hold $75 on your debit card even if you only spent $10..... Restaurants hold approx 25% above your bill to account for tip (EVEN if you left the tip in cash)...... using a debit card to secure a purchase is just too risky (not to mention if the business accidently puts a decimal point in the wrong spot.... 100.00 instead of 10.00)
  3. Once on board, go to the Internet Cafe and have them activate it. Parents \ Guardians may approve someone under 14 to use app but has to be done in person.
  4. as mentioned earlier the PBP is not transferrable and could result in the suspension or actual cancellation of your PBP. If they allow soda it's not too far of a leap to justify getting someone a glass of wine or a beer
  5. I've done the cash thing and have had no issues getting the remaining funds back the last night...... try and pre pay your DSC so that it is one less thing deducted from your deposit.
  6. WOW!! I can't even respond to this if you don't have the basic understanding of what a "hold" is.
  7. Not sure how you can claim NCL is a "money grubber"..... they clearly tell you NOT to use a debit card and clearly give you multiple reasons why not.... yet you still choose to.. They didn't collect $1,750 from you..... they collected the $1,000 that was owed. You were warned and did what you want anyway...... no one's fault but yours.
  8. Simple..... call NCL and cancel.... pay the $1,000 and for the next 10 years in each anniversary card, birthday card, holiday card and out a copy of the extra charge receipt in the card and just tell him he spent his "gift allowance" by saying yes, allowing you to book it, and then canceling it" My mother did that to me when I was 5 and backed out of hockey camp at the last minute..... your husband should live by HIS decision not you.. ☺
  9. Some TAs don't book your stateroom as a single stateroom..... it could be part of a larger block of rooms (group pricing) that your TA has for inventory and that's how they can offer you some better deals. Your TA "may" be giving you correct I formation because of the T&Cs of the block of staterooms. Make sense? Also, the fact you booked through a TA means your TA owns your reservation and no matter who you talk to at NCL they can't help you. If you're before final payment and the price drop is large enough then cancel with your TA and book directly with NCL. Just check on the cancellation policy of the TA and remember you will be losing any promos that you had and getting the current ones offered today. QTY and Sail Away will typically be lower priced than your standard stateroom because of several factors(such as not getting to pick your room or no promos)
  10. If you have the Premium Beverage Package and purchase the "Plus" upgrade then the cappuccino will be "free" while dining (but not at any of the coffee bars or room service).
  11. To clarify..... you don't have $150 credit you have THREE $50 credits. The $50 Excursion Credits for Bermuda are independent of each other and you cannot combine them in any way. They are for 3 separate excursions. For example: if you take a $23 excursion you don't carry over the $27 to the next excursion and that balance is lost...... if you take an $88 excursion you don't use a $50 and then $38 from another.... you pay the $38...... if you take a $190 excursion you don't use the $150 as a credit.
  12. ..... in some cases I think passengers should decorate what deck they're on as well.
  13. I understand the fun part of the decorating..... but I find it humurous that people say it's also done to help find their room... can I point out that the stateroom is assigned a number and they are organized in numerical order so whichever direction you're walking in..... the numbers lead you directly to your room. 🤣😁
  14. Actually, Canada's validity rule is only applied if you are transiting Canada en route to Europe, then your passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond your planned date of departure from the Schengen area.
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