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  1. Yikes.... hopefully you get the information you're looking for in this thread or the other thread you started with the same questions or in the Roll Call you joined asking the same questions. Happy Cruising!!
  2. Another thing to look out for is the ability to bid via the Upgrade Advantage Program (if that is something you want to do)...... confirm the TA has not opted out of that.
  3. TA actually hasn't gone to bat yet..... there's a significant difference between getting price adjustments before final payment (where it is very easy) and after final payment where the cruise line has the right to change nothing.
  4. Stateroom assignments can be given right away for a number of reasons as well as being given very close to departure day for a number of reasons...... I think you answered your own question "is this typical? " based on your statement "usually..... we wait and wait and wait"
  5. Well, based on my experience in May 2019 on the Gem...... I am in agreement that I personally did not enjoy that same benefit that other posters did. But that doesn't suprise me either because of the different answers you get from PCCs about things as well as posters experiencing staff's different interpretation of the SDP T&Cs
  6. It's worth spending some time on NCL's website and reading the T&Cs of promos and packages
  7. Something that may matter to people.... specialty coffees (espresso, cappuccino, etc) are available ONLY in the dining room
  8. That is why I used the word "may".... It was a heads up to make sure the TAs policies were acceptable...... there are many TAs that are able to offer great deals because they are part of a huge block (group booking) and those details are not normally passed along. These types of bookings are done for airlines, hotels, cruises, etc....... nothing new
  9. If they have a school photo ID that could work as well......
  10. You did manage you are a big DIYer..... my only concern would be if you are micromanaging the reservation and you see the price go down on a Friday night..... you may have to wait until Monday to coordinate with your TA to get the new price. But that may be minor if the OBC is substantial enough. Also, make sure that you're OK with an earlier final payment / harsher cancellation penalty that the TA may have. Happy Cruising
  11. There's actually a vendor inside the terminal (past security) in NY as well where you can purchase and bring them on board. Like airports, these locations are in the secured zone and thus are allowed to bring on board
  12. On my Gem trip in May I was able to get two entrées at La Cucina for no cost..... the T&Cs state an additional entree fee is at Cagney's & Le Bistro. There was a little push pack from the hostess and I had printed out the promo details.... the restaurant manager got involved and read them and then ok'd the entree.
  13. Dinning / Entertainment: yes Upgrade Advantage Program: yes Excursions: you would call the Excursion Desk, per the T&Cs, and be able to reserve without pre-paying
  14. Someone orders an ice coffee and then requests that the perfectly good cup be placed in a second cup to aid in keeping the drink cold longer...... the first cup cost is factored into the price of the ice coffee but the second cup is not..... therefore the business must recover the cost of the second cup and the only way to do that is to charge everyone else a little more. Some companies say they will charge a quarter for the second cup but never do so because of the backlash from the customer so.... we all end up paying for it. If you want something then pay for it and don't pass it along to me..... similiar to the PPBP Logically, you would not get the water package if you get the PPBP.... besides, the water is perfectly fine on board so really don't need the water package anyway.
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