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  1. I wish fellow passengers would just follow the color system and not think it's optional for them. There's plenty of notice of where / when to pick up tags and if there's none left then respect that window and wait for your color. The poor crew have to deal with people yelling about the lines and they have a system on place that would work if followed. NCL will call all colors because it really doesn't matter since passengers act entitled and do what they want. If your color isn't until later then don't go to the Atrium and wait because that bottlenecks the areas and ties up elevators. NCL cannot win when passengers do what they want. While I'm at it....... please for the love of sanity..... if you have 2 adults, 4 children under 5, 3 strollers, 7 luggage pieces, 8 pack backs, sippy cups, a bagel and a hot coffee, and your ship cards / IDs in ONE of the back packs but not sure which .... PLEASE UNDERSTAND YOU'RE NOT A CANDIDATE FOR SELF ASSIST!!! Ugh
  2. This doesn't appear to be an NCL issue since you clearly indicated the "customs cameras" were not working which meant every passenger had to go through customs. And you contributed to the crowds by not following the color system....... everyone ignoring the color will undoubtedly cause a bottleneck. You could've sailed Disney or RCCL and if the custom cameras weren't working....... you'd be declaring you'd never sale them too.
  3. Thanks for coming back with an update...... it's a rare courtesy. Now, what is the over / under that people will continue to post an opinion of what the $200 is because they didn't read the thread? I begin at 3. 😁
  4. Well, that may not actually be accurate because groups (travel agencies, individuals, NCL, etc) may have a hold on a block that are not actually confirmed. You might refresh your screen 5 minutes later and 20 may become available. There's really no way for anyone to have an accurate picture of occupancy but gizfish's advice is as close as you'll get.
  5. OK, I interpreted your post as you explaining to the OP that they double tipped when you said: "If that is true, you paid a 20% tip plus the Service Charge. "
  6. OP stated these were Platinum comped dinners which are not related to the SDP at all.
  7. Read the T&Cs completely..... https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/content/upgrade-advantage-terms
  8. I also have GV and use it on my PC but it's processed thru Hangouts. I'm so confused then. I stand corrected.
  9. GV phone calls are not "internet" based so an international call back to the US will be charged the international rate. I have had great success using WA with just the Social Media Package.
  10. It's not unusual for any customer service department to be swamped between Black Friday and Cyber Monday......... grab a decaf coffee and call back. ☺
  11. Was it on the Sky? It may be different because of how that ship's "open bar / all-inclusive" is handled.
  12. I can't rule out that I had a mimosa the last morning...... I can't 100% remember but just in case.
  13. not correct.... FL charges tax so if you order something with breakfast you'll be charged full price plus 20% gratuity and also taxed (PBP does not include disembarkation day)
  14. you are the minority that was referenced in #2
  15. https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions
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