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  1. Umbarger

    Solstice Hawaii 4-29-2018 Warm and cool

    Wanted to come back and tell everyone I heard back from Celebrity. They gave us a $300 future cruise credit for the bug problem. Not equal to the sleepless nights and my skin crawling but I can't look a gift horse in the mouth. Happy cruising everyone!!!!
  2. Umbarger

    Internet speed on Celebrity Solstice Alaska

    I just got off the Solstice from Hawaii to vancouver. We got unlimited Internet and it was excellent. Best Internet I've ever had on any ship.
  3. This happened to us as well. You will never get money back. We got a cabin upgrade. We had a regular balcony cabin. Price went down and I called and got moved to concierge class. Price went down more and I called again and was upgraded to aqua class. This was an American booking so don't know what the rules are for the UK.
  4. Umbarger

    Solstice Hawaii 4-29-2018 Warm and cool

    We thought of the ventilation system too.
  5. Umbarger

    Solstice Hawaii 4-29-2018 Warm and cool

    I have no idea where the bugs came from. They said they must have come in from the balcony but we never left our balcony doors open. The only time those doors were open is when we went in and out. I know people who leave the balcony doors open to hear the ocean. Not us. We enjoy our air conditioning too much.
  6. Umbarger

    Solstice Hawaii 4-29-2018 Warm and cool

    I do have a pretty good story from this trip. I was at the guest services desk. I overheard a man yelling at the poor guest services attendant. I couldn't help overhearing since he was yelling. He had taken the volcano excursion thru the ship earlier that day. He wanted a full refund. He was upset that Celebrity took it's passengers where there were earthquakes. He actually said "Celebrity should have known". Does he honestly believe that Celebrity knew that there was going to an earthquake that day at that time? I don't even think the earthquake specialists with all their high cost equipment knew. We found the earthquake to be an adventure. Is that not the reason we travel?
  7. Umbarger

    Solstice Hawaii 4-29-2018 Warm and cool

    Wow. Now I am a little disappointed in my bottle of cheap wine.
  8. Umbarger

    Solstice Hawaii 4-29-2018 Warm and cool

    Nope, not bed bugs. I didn't sleep well to say the least.
  9. Umbarger

    Solstice Hawaii 4-29-2018 Warm and cool

    The bugs were awful. They were big black bugs. We collected them and showed them to the powers that be on the ship. They were in our bed. They say they flew in thru the balcony. We found 3 crawling on us in our bed on 3 different nights. We found 5 others just crawling in our cabin. We were not offered a move to a new cabin. They expected me to get in the same bed that the bugs were in. We got a free bottle of wine. I suffered. You can't imagine having a bug crawl on you and then expected to get into the same bed. But I am a woman. My husband had it worst. He had to try to calm and comfort his very upset wife. However, I tried to keep my bug issues separate from how the cruise was. I thought the cruise was very enjoyable. I had no issues with the ship. I thought it was spotless. I thought the outside of the ship looked good too. Service was good in the restaurants. Getting a drink was awful. During the day there would be one bartender and 10 people in line for a drink. We would finally just give up. Bar service in the show room, however, was excellent. We were in Aqua class. I have send a letter to Celebrity telling about the bugs. I have not heard back yet. I'll keep you informed what they say.
  10. Umbarger

    Vancouver flight time

    We just got off a cruise in Vancouver. The taxi ride to the airport took us only 30 minutes but it was very light traffic. In heavy traffic it can take up to an hour. It took us an hour and a half just to get to our gate after checking in for our flight. Luggage machine, Immigration and security lines were awfully long.
  11. Umbarger

    Solstice Hawaii 4-29-2018 Warm and cool

    I was also on this cruise. I have not written my review yet. We had a wonderful time but had a major problem in our cabin....bugs! We were on the ship at the time of the earthquake. The whole ship shook. We had never felt anything like it. I talked to many people on this cruise. Most were happy with it. Some were very disappointed. The disappointed ones were the people in suites.
  12. Umbarger

    Suite perks

    Now that I like. 4 starts here I come.
  13. Umbarger

    Suite perks

    Those are perks I could do without. I guess I am just getting a larger cabin. Thank you!
  14. Umbarger

    Suite perks

    I booked an SS cabin on the Prinsendam. What are the suite perks? Thank you, Linda
  15. Umbarger

    Concierge ammenities

    Thank you all. I think I will upgrade. It is a 12 day cruise for $500.