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  1. I am pretty sure traditional MDR early seating is at 5:30 and 2nd seating is at 8:00. Not sure where you received the 5:15 time because that is when MTD begins. Traditional early/late seating and MTD are for the most part in different dining rooms. BTW jamon we would be happy to have you join us on our on our 9/22 thread.
  2. I can't think of any location other than a table at the entrance of the MDR to be avoided if possible.. One of the first things we do after boarding is check our SeaPass card for our table number and go to the MDR to see where we are seated. On a rare occasion we have asked for a change. Since we are a party of two it usually is not a problem. Your group of seven could have some difficulty making a change. But by all means asked if you are unhappy and they will accommodate your group if possible. Boarding will begin by 11:30. The first to board will be Suite Guest and than by Crown & Anchor status. There is no one checking to tell you that you are to early and refuse to check you in. (check-in is first come first check-in) So arrive as early as your group wants to. Just remember your staterooms will not be available until 1:00 PM and you have to drag all your carry-on with you until then..
  3. Thank you. This is exactly the helpful response I had hope for. Reminds me of the good old days.
  4. I have seen information that said RCI was dropping Dream Works in April 2019. Does this information have any truth to it or is it a hoax? I have seen nothing on these forums to support or suggest there is going to be separation. I am not trying to start a panic. It's that I don't like being hoodwink and I am trying to get clarity.
  5. There is only 1 Broadway production show. It is put on at different times about 3 days a week. See planner 90 days prior to your sail date . When on board your daily planner will give times of shows. Reservations are strongly suggested to get the best seats. Ten minutes prior to all shows the standby line is released to enter the theater. What other types of entertainment is offered during a 7 night cruise? In the Main Theater there is 1 other production show and a Headliner show. Again offered different times several days a week. There are 2 production shows in the Aqua Theater and 2 production shows in the Ice Skating Studio B. There are multiple dance lounges, On-Air for karaoke and a Piano Bar for sing a long. There is the Love and Marriage, Battle of the Sexes and the Quest. There is live music in Central Park, by the Pool and at the Pub on Promenade. Other sport and game activities. A Merry go round, Zip Line and Flow riding and golf . There is a street party and parades in the Promenade. Also a Comedy Club with 2 comedians. Because of limited seating in this lounge it is a must to have reservations. Their show is basically the same every night all week.
  6. Breakfast and lunch are free. Dinner is a charge. See daily compass for times.
  7. I don't think RCI will build any future ships smaller than the Anthem, Freedom and Oasis class ships. Their Celebrity and Azamara class will be marketed to cruisers that prefer a smaller ship.
  8. Thanks for asking for feedback IMHO Marion_MOM's Post #27 covers the best ideas. 10 to 10:30 AM on a sea day is best but there needs to be at least 1 hr difference before the top tier event. Some suggestions for additional prizes: Ben & Jerry coupons Johnny Rockets coupons Popcorn coupons Voucher for a free picture Many have mention name tags with screen names. I like the idea but honestly in the pass when they were made available many people chose to ignore them and not put them on. The host needs to provide some insider information about our cruise, ship and/or cruise line. Ex. entertainment staff current changes. Any kind of breaking news. Who has traveled the farthest to be on the cruise? Who started the CC thread for this cruise? Who is on the ship for the first time? Love it when members are asked to introduced themselves. Screen name, real name, where you are from, how many cruises have you been on.
  9. OP needs to go to their RCI account and look under Crown & Anchor information which will have a drop down menu to check cruise history.
  10. Embarkation will begin sometime after 11:00 AM. It begins with suite guest first followed by Crown and Anchor status of waiting guests. Staterooms are always available at 1;00
  11. Don't know if it is true but I have read that Carnival has suspended escargot due to supplier shortage. Going on the Allure in September and hoping I can get escargot every night.
  12. As stated 90 days out after final payment. That's also will show and dinning reservations should be available. My advice to you is do not try to bring one on. If detected it will be confiscated. It will be a hassle to get it back after debarkation. You go to one place at the terminal if detected in your carry on and another place if detected in checked luggage.(also you will have to go to the naughty room to get your luggage) A huge wast of time and inconvenience the first and last day of your cruise. It is easier just to ask your stateroom attendant for any item you need. It is a must to make reservations for the comedy club the venue is small and only 100+ people can attend a show. If you want specific preferred seats in the theater than reservations are a must and even with those you need to arrive about 30 minutes early.. Ten minutes before show time everyone is allowed in. Generally there are still seats somewhere available. One last tip the shows in the Aqua theater should be booked early in the week. Many of the shows are canceled due to weather. (wind & rain & semi-rough seas) If you were doing early or late dining you would not need reservations. So I have to assume you are planning on doing MTD. Since you require a table for 6 I recommend you make reservations to reduce your wait time.for a table I know from personal experience they a very diligent. But it is possible. The worst thing that happens is that you have to go to the naughty room to get your luggage and you will have your booze delivered to your room the last night of your cruise. Don't forget you can take 2 bottles of wine with you. Warning take your wine on board as a carry-on. Also don't put your booze in luggage that has large bottles of liquid.(ex2-liters of pop) One more tip if you are successful in getting the booze on board do not openly display it in your stateroom. I was sloppy and overconfident leaving my bottle visible. I had security come to my door inquiring about my booze.and took it.
  13. Well it looked like I could create my count down clock but now I am stuck because I can't find where to go to get to edit my signature. The only thing I can figure out how to do is change my personal Profile information. Can anybody help me? This new format is not very user friendly. Also is there anyway to preview a post before submitted it??
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