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  1. I'm a relatively intelligent person, but have to admit that my eyes glaze over when trying to decipher insurance information. My husband and I both have AmEx Platinum cards. Some friends have Chase Sapphire Reserve cards, and believe the travel insurance benefits of the Chase card are better than the AmEx Platinum. To confuse things further, apparently AmEx Platinum recently made some changes to their travel insurance benefits. We travel several times a year, mixed between cruises and land trips. I'd appreciate any input on the differences between the travel benefits of the two cards which would make one card better than the other. Since the annual fees seem to be comparable, if the Chase card has better benefits, I would consider cancelling one of our Platinum cards and replacing it with the Chase card.
  2. I'm asking because depending on the itinerary, I like to fly in a week earlier. For example, I'm taking a 2-week London/Ireland/Iceland cruise in May, and am flying in a week early to spend additional time in London.
  3. Are there any restrictions on dates, i.e. can you book flights a week ahead or after a cruise, or does it have to be within a few days of the sailing?
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