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  1. Looks like either: 1) they broke whatever was allowing the countdowns to work or 2) the intentionally killed CD clocks. Maybe POA can figure it out? I took the code out of my signature,,, I know it's 74 days until I cruise...
  2. hmmm, looks like the signature/countdown clock thing is either broken or completely disabled (again).
  3. Congrats! Have a great cruise!! We'll be sailing on E'dam again this August.
  4. We were in 4111 last summer in Norway and heard nothing from the elevator (same location just on deck 4).
  5. I didn't feel crowded on K'dam and generally I don't like crowds.
  6. I've seen whales between us and the shore at 5:30 in the morning sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee. We might have been 100 yards from shore and we were moving pretty slow as we timed our arrival (not sure where we were - I have it written down somewhere).
  7. We always take Bonine in the morning and neither of us has ever had a problem. I would be inclined to think maybe your illness that evening wasn't seasickness.
  8. We've also had Tlingit tribal representatives on board with educational talks.
  9. I've been wondering about them as I recently read an article about one of their ships (Viking Ocean). After reading a smattering of threads on their CC board, I was left with mixed feelings.
  10. Only you can decide that. Sitting on my balcony at 5:30am watching whales between the ship and shore (which was less than 100 yards) as we slowly cruised into port one morning is one of my favorite memories of a previous Alaska cruise.
  11. Boy, your hotel is really close - but I hear what you're saying about schlepping your luggage. We were just there last summer and walked in about 10 minutes from where your hotel is to our hotel (Mövenpick) several times prior to our cruise - but no luggage. To take the train to the ship you'd have to go back to Central Station and then go 1 stop. The walk back to the station would be about as long as the walk to the ship.
  12. Me too, but I guess I like to dress up (or feel like I'm still getting my money's worth out of the purchase).
  13. We have always dressed. After renting a dinner jacket for my 1st HAL cruise I bought a tux and have worn it every cruise since. That said, I've decided that on the Alaska cruise this August (our 4th) I'm going to leave it behind. We're taking the kids and grandkids and it could be time to relax.
  14. Is HAL in AK this early? I know when we drove up to Victoria a couple of weeks ago there was a (Celebrity I think) ship in port and that surprised me 2 weeks ago.
  15. I agree that what HAL has on their web site sounds different from my recollection of how it worked when we were out last June. It does suggest that there is an actual downloadable app - which is not how it worked previously. It also sounded as if there was functionality that didn't require you to be onboard but maybe what they've posted is their long-term plan and not the current reality.
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