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  1. Wasn't our experience. Quite a bit changed here on CC, some better, some not so much. Some will also say that HAL isn't what it was in 2017 but we're going out on 8/3 and looking forward to it. I suspect things are what you make of them. Glad to see you back and hope you enjoy K'dam as much as we did.
  2. Have you ever used a personal trainer in a gym at home? I think that PT's can help you figure out an exercise routine that is going to be helpful for you to achieve specific goals and it is certainly helpful if you're working on new exercise to ensure that you've got the correct form. I don't know that engaging a PT for 10 sea days of exercise is going to be any better than just going to the gym and doing 45 minutes on a treadmill. If your primary goal is to maintain your weight - eat like you do at home (or at a minimum don't binge on bread, alcohol and desserts). Of course not binge eating on a cruise could be problematic. This coming cruise will be my first since altering my diet and exercise following my heart stent in December. I've dropped 35 pounds and I'm not anxious to gain any of that back on this cruise. I worked with a personal trainer from late March until early June and doing so helped me develop a strength training routine that I can maintain on my own. PT's are usually not cheap - I've never looked into what they might cost on a cruise. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. Tamarind. We first enjoyed Tamarind on Eurodam and subsequently ate there the next time we went out on her. We then ate there on Koningsdam when we were in Norway last summer. The atmosphere is very elegant and the food suits us as we both enjoy seafood and many of the pan-Asian dishes feature seafood. We haven't eaten at any of K'dam's other restaurants - tired of the Pinnacle Grill and didn't feel that the food/atmosphere of the Canaletto warranted the surcharge. My 2 cents...
  4. The US CBP says that you need a "consent letter" and they say that it doesn't HAVE to be notarized. Does anyone have any recent experience with this? My son and his wife both have custody of their children from prior marriages and we're going to AK in a few weeks. Both ex-spouses are fine with doing the letter. Does the letter need to be notarized? Wondering if anyone has dealt with this in the past six months. TIA.
  5. This one is on my "to-do-once-retired" list and could be as soon as 2020.
  6. We liked the K'dam when we sailed her to Norway. We stopped by the spa on our walk around to see the ship (1st time on this class) and we booked DW for the week. They are quite happy to attempt to upsell you while showing you all of their amenities but the spa is pretty nice. Enjoy.
  7. Me either, but DW is worried that smoke will be an issue. Thanks! - G
  8. John - Is there any smoke evident from any of the fires burning in Canada?
  9. We've cruised those and we've cruise Alaska 3x in the past but are going there again in 4 weeks and looking forward to seeing the beauty of Alaska and a relaxing week. Enjoy your cruise and keep your eyes open, who knows what you'll see?
  10. The ones via snail mail seem to be winter and summer. So, I have a Winter 2018 and a Summer 2018 but nothing that says 2019. Could be that summer = late summer?
  11. I can't say that I'd be any help on your first question. With regard to the rest: a summer cruise will likely have some younger folks aboard. I would suspect that your teens would love to cruise so if it's a new experience for them I don't know that HAL would be better or worse than any other line. Norwegian would likely have more on-ship activities but you probably won't be on the ship all that much. YES - you can always eat in the Lido with no reservations, many do. HAL is a mid-level line they aren't top of the line but they do seem to cater to an older, more traditional clientele. You'll get a ton of replies...
  12. We've had macaroons on HAL ships. DW has issues with gluten and the macaroons are a treat for her. They are usually available in the Explorations Cafe. Its been a while since we were on the O but I'm pretty sure they had them when we were (as well as having them on the K'dam last summer). BTW - we'll be a day ahead of you as we leave on the Eurodam on the 3rd. Once upon a time, I lived in Gladstone, MO and worked in downtown KC, MO.
  13. We'll be there again in August (with our kids and their kids, so there will be 10 of us) and we're taking everyone to the Lumberjack show. As mentioned above, it's silly fun - I think our grandkids will enjoy it.
  14. I can't think of any down side. We'll be on her again in August. We absolutely love Tamarind, so book that for (at least) one of your evening meals.
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