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  1. Thank you everyone for responding. Our scheduled times are 6:30 and 8:30 (I think). We're confirmed for second seating.
  2. We're taking our first cruise with MSC in the Adriatic in November (Venice, Bari, 4 stops in Greece, Kotor). We have late dinner seating. How does this work? We're used to Freestyle Dining on NCL. We've experienced fixed seating once on Royal Caribbean that didn't go all that well (table for six, two people never showed, two people who didn't speak much English and we don't speak Cantonese). How does it work on MSC? Do we have the same dining partners each night? Is it possible to get a table for two each night? Just not sure how they do it. Any insight would be appreciated. --Michael
  3. Thank you for this article. I wasn't panicked, but was just wondering what might happen. I'm just waiting to hear from MSC... --Michael
  4. Hello everyone, We're on the November 24, 2019, cruise out of Venice to Italy, Greece, and Montenegro on the MSC Magnifica. With the announcement in the press that ships will be transferred for embarkation/disembarkation to other locations in Venice, has anyone heard anything about when the transfer for MSC ships might occur? I know that "by 2020" was mentioned, but just not sure for our cruise. We haven't heard anything directly from the cruise line; we were just wondering if anyone else had. --Michael
  5. Yeah, I realized after I posted that people were discussing the Latitudes discount. So my post wasn't as much of a revelation as I thought it'd be. --Michael
  6. Called the 800 number. --Michael
  7. Didn't lose, didn't gain. We only have one perk (inside). --Michael
  8. Hey everyone! We just noticed that our distant upcoming cruise (June 14, 2020 cruise to Norway and the Arctic: Summer Solstice) now costs $440 less pp than it did a couple months ago. So we called expecting an offer of onboard credit or an upgrade. Nope, nothing doing. All we did was ask what the customer service rep could do for us. And all she did was change the price, and now we owe $880 less. No muss, no fuss. I love NCL. That is all. --Michael
  9. Yes, very tricky way to get people to read your post. "Did s/he misspell it, or is a cute headline intended to get excited readers?" Guess we'll never know... --Michael
  10. I submitted mine on April 21 and got a response on April 23, so one business day (I'm in the US). It might have been sped up by the fact that my husband did the match a week earlier, but we hadn't booked the cruise yet, so I think not. Got a 2-for-1 cruise that had had a price drop in one week, so we got a 7-day cruise out of Venice in November for $459 each, and that included Fantastica level benefits. I level-matched from NCL Platinum to Gold. Now for a whole new experience... --Michael
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